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RwandAir info please

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

RwandAir info please

Old 29th Mar 2018, 19:46
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What routes do the Q4s fly...what are the rosters like...how does this airline Q4 op compare to others in Africa in terms of pay...?
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Old 31st Mar 2018, 19:12
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Originally Posted by Keld View Post
What routes do the Q4s fly...what are the rosters like...how does this airline Q4 op compare to others in Africa in terms of pay...?
Look at their route map. Then look at cities within q400 economical range. Then use deductive reasoning and come to your own conclusions. Any roster in Africa is gonna to be pushing regulatory limits or even redefining them, blatantly or creatively. You may be an FO, in which case, they’re not interested.
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Old 11th Oct 2018, 15:32
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Any insider at the moment? Is it worthwhile to apply?

Many thanks!!!
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Old 11th Feb 2019, 21:02
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Bumping this thread - any current info is highly appreciated. More interested in work climate and potential for upgrade than financial situation. Am looking to relocate as my fiancé could find work in Kigali.
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Old 20th May 2020, 13:49
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Rishworth and Spectrum are the two brokers working with RwandAir.

ALWAYS do your assessment with Spectrum.

Rishworth will do nothing for you after you have been hired.

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Old 4th Jun 2020, 23:02
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Originally Posted by Mike_Harrison View Post
Rishworth and Spectrum are the two brokers working with RwandAir.

ALWAYS do your assessment with Spectrum.

Rishworth will do nothing for you after you have been hired.
Mike, are you or have you gone through the interview recently? Are they even hiring?

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Old 7th Jun 2020, 17:18
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WB only operating 330 flights that are repatriating, charter or cargo.
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Old 20th Jun 2020, 16:36
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Here’s an “improvement” to suit the company. There’s a FB group called “Kigalilife” where you can see what you get for $600 housing allowance and the $200 for transport. There’s a 50-200% duty on Cars. Rumor is that the Nigerian pilots showed them an Arik contract to make themselves look good to management and get rid of the non Africans. Maybe a Rishworth contract is a better bet. They’re not operating for another 2 months too. Call the CP for any questions or concerns. He’s a nice, reasonable guy. He won’t stab you in the back or give you HIV. JK, he’ll do both. His name is Marcel.

Ammendment to contract:
1. Introduction of 45 days annual leave vs commuting.
2. The 45 days can be broken into 2 in the year.
3. To be reviewed after a year
4. Facilitated to travel within the network
5. Travel allowance for the remainder of the journey
6. Accomodation and transport allowance $600 + $200.
7. Company negotiating with car dealers to get deals to lease or buy
8. Global health insurance cover for whole WB community
9. Overtime after 100hrs
10. New pilots 50% of salary, after training and clear online full salary
11. Pilot bond
12. All instructors given a flat fee allowance
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Old 20th Jul 2020, 22:57
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This company is crap. In all aspects possible. I flew for them until the end of 2018. They have No respect for the pilots. They fly with spies (army marshals).

The schedule changes daily, they can call you 2 hours before a flight asking for you to fly.
The Management is full of idiots, from the top management (army guys), until DFO, chief pilot, and the fleet managers. There are only 2 good fleet managers, the B737 and on the CRJ.

I heard deputy ceo came to the home of one pilot, and asked the guy to fly, because he was on a day off and wasn’t answering his cellphone.
Is that normal in other companies?
No way.

There are no benefits for the family as tickets. You go to kigali to fly without knowing when you will come home for your commute. Now without the commuting I bet they gonna lose 60% of the pilots as soon as the covid crises finish.
Nobody wants to live in Kigali.
Ok, it is clean, and organized, but it is a expensive city, with nothing to do.

And again, the company is very badly organized, they dont consider day off as day off. They will call you to fly for sure. No 12h of rest between flights.

In the 737, the simulator is a joke. Each 4 hours of sim, they spend 3:30 for the captain, and 00:30 for the FO. I was feeling terrible for my FO at the sim section.
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Old 21st Jul 2020, 23:22
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I can confirm the above. It USED to be a good job until the Thpanith under DFO Ricardo Naval ruined it. It was further destroyed by current flight ops management. CEO used to have an open door policy and built what you have today. He’s gone and been replaced by “yes Men/Women”. Air Marshals do report to government. Crew have been arrested upon landing in Kigali for “infractions” that occurred while outside Rwanda. Infractions have been noise complaint from hotel. Jail. Ditto on the 737 Fleet Manager. He’s one of ze best. In the world. He keeps the airline going. The Chief Pilot will call in “sick”. The company will show up unannounced to pick you up on your 12th day of duty, on your day off, 6 hours after you land from the night before for a “surprise” flight that the CP called in sick for. The CP’s car is suspiciously at the club at 0600 as you are driven to work on day 12 of no off days. The fight you’re operating was the CP, Marcel’s...
“Crew Scheduling” is one girl that is bitter, resentful and will purposely schedule you to fly, last minute on days off you requested If she knows you have plans. You’ll never be able to go anywhere in Africa. If you want to travel non-rev, you’ll have to spend a day in the office getting “permission” and multiple forms signed. If you’re Rwandan, this is easy. Foreigners always had issues as staff would make problems, refuse to sign or disappear. In 3 years, I was able to use my flight benefits once. The other time, I bought a ticket on kenya airways.
It’s probably ok if you need a job and sign with a contractor. Like I said in previous posts, it was a great job, great company and great country. Too bad they ruined it.
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Old 22nd Jul 2020, 01:24
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With the corona crises, I heard fleet managers disappeared.

The company changed the contract to their liking and put the pilots on unpaid leave until further notice.
Basically, Rwandair pilots are the cheapest on the planet.

They cost the company zero dollars, because they are not paying anything. Even the house allowance was thrashed to zero.

People have been paying rent in kigali since March from their own pocket. There is Zero support from the company.

Someone from the management sent an e-mail with “a solution” for the pilots that were on their commute when the flights came to a stop.

He requested the pilot to make an inventory of the belongings that were in their Kigali home, to then send a total stranger to collect everything to be supposedly kept in a storage somewhere.

You can imagine an unknown person collecting your personal belongings.

I have never heard any proposal as ridiculous and disrespectful as this from any another company in the world. This is crazy.

From the time that I spent there, the only thing that I like to remember was the salary, and other expats.
The flight crew were very rude. Normally they would come in to the cockpit, and stay speaking in local language (kiniarwanda), which isn’t very safe.

If is there were to be any problem in the airplane you will not understand nothing.

Rwanda Air is a very complicated company to fly for, because it is still young (compared with other companies) but they don’t seek excellence.

A lot of important things are not in the books. The manuals are just copy paste from another companies manuals. There are no authentic ideas.

Guys there are praying for Qatar to come as soon as possible to kick out the managers and solve the persisting problems.

The per diems are paid 2 months after. The guys on 330 normally do 2 weeks rotation in China/India paying themselves for the food at the hotel. You can burn 1.000 dollars to eat 2 full meals in the hotel for 2 weeks. Not normal.

The 737 has a virtual base in Cotonou. 2 weeks there, in an apartment rented by the company. Not even a hotel. We dont need a luxury place to sleep, but dont put the crew in an apartment somewhere. Not nice.
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Old 22nd Jul 2020, 18:37
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the apartment and hotels in west Africa had their deals “negotiated” by handshakes including dollar bills. The president of the country needs to run this company. He’s solid.
the house owners are keeping cars and belongings hostage until rents are paid. Most house contracts require an employment contract. The manuals were originally written by the Greeks. Then the Spanish cut and pasted from some defunct Spanish charter airline. Then they didn’t tell anyone that SOP’s and call outs changed. Then they line checked everyone they didn’t like and failed them. It might be interesting to see how this plays out.

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Old 30th Jul 2020, 00:58
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The time that I spent there, was a authentic mess. The 737 is a good and solid airplane, and this is the unique reason because I think you never heard a crash report in Rwandair, because the training was so poor. You dont need to put all the pilots like machines, but at least help to all the guys to be in the same page. That is not hard.

The last straw for me, was the schedule, the lady is a nice lady, but competence is not her thing. She was a flight attendants, nothing against the flight attendants, but to work with roster you need to be qualified like that. I cant say I am a soccer coach, if I am not one.
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Old 1st Dec 2020, 20:27
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My friend from Uganda told there are 15 pilots coming from Kigali. 10 for the CRJ and 5 for A330NEO. Rwandair losing pilots for not respecting contracts. The crew is not getting even per diem because the deputy CEO decide is not necessary. Terrible.
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Old 23rd May 2022, 00:50
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A bunch of pilot leaving Rwandair.
As usual nobody respect contracts, and the company is managed by a short military dictator, that still thinks he is on army.
Pilots are facing hard times to go home, on the 737 a lot of guys flying 100/110 hours per month. Wife's are asking divorce. Those that were brave enough to bring family to kigali are not spending time at home. Those with family outside are going home each 5 or 6 months. Some pilots on 330 went home after 11 months.
This company is a shame. Completely
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Old 23rd May 2022, 19:52
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The Chief Pilot was invited to resign from the position. He was one of the most rude CP I ever saw in my life. Very unfair, and all the time asking people to do ilegal stuffs.

The company right now is a truck uncontrolled coming down a hill. No management, no training, I mean really no training. The simulator as usual is just to tick boxes, some instructors dont know the airplane and confuse SOP’s from CRJ to 737, and 737 to A330.
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Old 23rd May 2022, 23:28
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what illegal stuff he asked people to do ? Who is the new management?
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Old 24th May 2022, 18:13
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I heard he asks pilots to fly far over the limit journey hours per day regulary.

The CRJ over run last march is a perfect example of it. The crew arrived and was requested to do two more legs nairobi entebbe (illegally) and were fatigued, over the journey time regulamentar.

But in our continent everything is allowed, we are not professionals enough to say no, I will not do something ilegal.

The problem with Rwandair, is related with lack of knowledge, a lot of ego, lack of professionalism and people without brains on the management. They are very amateurs.

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Old 10th Jun 2022, 03:09
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The big issue in Rwandair is how they deal with people. There is no respect. They are not prepared for the normal situation, you can imagine with abnormal. As any flag carrier 99% of the workers are public employees, and they dont care if the airplane dont has charts to do a flight to Rome, or if one airplane is grounded in Cotonu because somebody in the company didnt paid the fuel. If its weekend or after 5pm you are by yourself. The company only works from 9am to 5pm monday to friday. Its a office from the government. One indication of that is the military in the top management, taking decisions like nowhere. You will not see any military in the head office of emirates or air france. Once I was on a flight to Lagos and my FO (local) told me that on the management way of thinking, there is no day off or vacation, you are available (reserve and stand by) 30 days per month, 365 days on the year, and for the locals if you refuse to do a flight on your day off they will put you in the jail. During the covid crises, 2 of the Airbus pilots got covid, the police came to their home to put gps bracelets on their legs, like criminals. Its crazy.

Local people need authorization to do a passport and travel abroad, basically you need a visa to leave the country. For expats is very comum when you are traveling the immigrations guys in Kigali asking where are you going, the reason of your trip, and when you gonna come back. A Greek friend from UN once got a hot discussion with the immigration guy, because this is personal details. I dont need to inform the reason why I will leave any country. Its my life. My 2 cents.

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Old 12th Jun 2022, 15:17
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Originally Posted by Ghost_Rider737 View Post
Kigali is comparable to most European cities in terms of cleanliness. In my opinion it out-strips any city in the U.S. you would have to look hard to find a piece of paper or plastic bottle in the streets.

Kigali is clean and safe. Have no idea about Rwandair though.
I am sorry, but where have you been in Europe to compare Kigali to any European Capital?

There is nothing to do in Kigali.
The biggest shopping mall is representative of what the city has now to offer, which is not much.

The city is clean, it is very safe, but besides that, was is there to do there?

I can tell you: nothing!

Not even the Africans from neighbouring countries are willing to live there without the commuting contract.
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