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Air Mauritius - 2013

African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

Air Mauritius - 2013

Old 14th Dec 2013, 23:15
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There are a number of airlines that use the DLR for pilot selection, not just Lufthansa. The aim is to select the most suitable guys/girls according to a well defined profile on which extensive research has been conducted. It is not a question of finding the pilot with the best flying skills, the highest IQ, the best reaction times, the best grades in high school or the one with the most experience and things like that. It is about the people who offer the best all-rounder characteristics required from an airline pilot. It is about finding the potential/ability to perform and deliver without major deviation from a defined profile. The criteria established are based on a wide range of figures (a lot of statistics involved) and research done on thousands and thousands of people.

Because of the mean values used and ranges applied, one will find that there is actually very little one can do to prepare for the tests other than to go through the material the DLR supply for preparation. They test very stable traits within the personality of any given individual.

Like I mentioned before, only 8-9% of people pass the test. Because of the difficulty of the test, differences in terms of aptitude/potential between a pilot and a guy who has no experience whatsoever in aviation will be minimal if they both pass the test. The only difference between the 2 is that the pilot is some way ahead towards realising his potential whilst the other one has everything to do!

Once through selection, it is upto the individual and the company to make sure the conditions are favourable for the individual to achieve the said potential. Quality of training, quality of life are the factors that determine the outcome.

I hope it makes sense..!
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Old 15th Dec 2013, 09:15
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Bul: Maybe you should do some research on the training standards at 43. Maybe that's a good indication of why people fail. Also, maybe ask around what it is like to be out there in Port Alfred. If you can afford it, maybe visit down there. See for yourself what it is like. See what conditions one has to live with when heading out there for 12-24 months of their young lives. If you have enough time maybe get a feel for how one is treated on site as well!

I have my thoughts on the subject.

Also open door policy for daddy's boy/girl where daddy has the connections to get you in no longer apply. That's also another significant factor in determining whether one gets through training or not.

MK has given the wrong impression that 43 is the place for Mauritians to study aviation for too long. Worse, MK have turned it into a self-sponsored programme so you're actually paying for something that is not really good value for money. Just my opinion.

The guys who set this whole thing up were trained in Europe. We are talking l'ENAC here. Why is it that today Mauritians have to train in a hole in Africa at some self proclaimed excellence school? Who are 43? What is their training record? First time pass rates in ground school? First time pass rates in general? Number of drop outs? Quality of instructors? What can one realistically expect from a training school where the average age of instructors is less than 25? Are the 25 year old instructors really focused on their jobs? Do they have sufficient background/experience in aviation to instruct/teach? Can they really share an airline environment experience? Are they patient enough knowing that progression rates vary from individual to individual? Or are they going through consolidation themselves?

What treatment do non south african people get at Port Alfred? This could go on and on.. Maybe we need another thread on the topic!

Mind you, this is not to say that 43 doesn't produce quality pilots.
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Old 15th Dec 2013, 10:57
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Airman07 you are totally right. 43 isnt what it used to be and there are much better schools around in SA that cost a lot less. Nearly half what you would spend at 43 and im not even exaggerating. It will cost you a lot less to go self sponsored. I just feel sorry for all those Mauritian CPL holders out there with little to no chance of getting hired. One can only hope they change recruitment policies but then that opens the door to foul play again. Bit of a double edged sword.

@bul as i said you might not know it but you might be one of the lucky ones not to get called and who will get their chance next year. Keep pushing and dont give up.
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Old 15th Dec 2013, 11:03
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At FL 999, I was not called at all. I'm not 32, couple of thousand of hours and I have a 3 years diploma on top of that but unfortunately not in the Maths/Physics fields.

I strongly beleive I have all what it takes to fly with Mk. I'm a mauritian, I love my country and I just want to be able to live there. And considering my experience and background, I think I totally deserve it. Or at least, deserve to have a chance to do a selection.

When I see all those pilots who can't fly properly, all those foreigners flying for MK and meanwhile most of us Mauritian pilos we are out of jobs or flying in tough countries, it just makes me sick..

At Airman07, I know some airlines request similar school requirement, but usually for ab initio or fresh CPL. Not quite often for experience pilots.

My main issue again is that Mk is not giving a chance to all the mauritian pilots to attempt the selectionj ust because of schools subjects. I'm not the same today as I was 14 years ago.. It's not because I did not do advanced Math/Physics when I was a kid that I can't do Maths/Physics applicable to aviation now.

Anyway guys I beleive one day it will change. It can't get any worst anyway.
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Old 15th Dec 2013, 13:15
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We now have a new DFO at MK. Maybe he will make the selection process more fair. Maybe guys with experience will get a chance at some point or maybe not. However, I feel this is a good chance here for Mauritian wannabees to learn something right now. The last thing we want is the next generation of Mauritian pilots going down the same path as the old ones who are now struggling with their careers.

I think going for a selection to check suitability for an airline position would be a good first step. Taking a DLR test would be a good way forward since LT are set to handle the upcoming selections but that's just one way. There are loads of selection tests out there. I think it is the logical step to make sure you are suitable for a career in the first place before splashing the cash.

Second thing is make sure you have the Maths/Physics bit!! Don't pretend like you didn't know it because no one will be sorry for you later and no one will be able to help you either. You have been warned.

Training is expensive. Go for the right stuff. Go for truly high standards. Not some organisation where the marketing team is the only part of the setup with high standards. Don't let any school sell you something you don't want. You are paying for the training, you decide. Always read in between the lines with training schools. They are all excellent with hundreds and thousands of years experience if you listen to them.

Check for employment beyond training, see how the school is doing. Visit them. Check their amenities. Accessibility to operations room, crew room/planning room. Ease of access to flight planning tools. See if you will be well fed on campus if you're going for full board accommodation. Because of our multi-cultural society food can be a big issue for many of us abroad. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of you being well fed during training. It is a very demanding phase that shapes the rest of your career. Think about it logically.. You didn't suddenly decide to starve yourself to death when you were about the take HSC exams, did you? Check the distance to the nearest supermarket and how to get there. If it's Africa you're considering, then above all that you have hygiene, water supply issues you need to address before hand.

Make a shortlist of training schools and visit them. Know where you will be going. Select a school where you will enjoy the training, where you will truly grow/develop as a pilot.

By doing the above you will already be putting the odds in your favour whether it is MK who employ you or some other company.

And after you have done all that, now that you have your frozen ATPL and shiny new wings feeling as good and proud as ever, be prepared for it to be a long tough path to a right hand seat in any company. You may have to wait anything from months to years before you get a chance. If you have the passion and dedication, you will eventually find your way. But there will be no guarantees ever. MK will not owe you a job ever, nor will any other airline. As a Mauritian it is much harder than for South Africans, Australians, Europeans, Americans and all. We are a tiny dot on the map after all.

Get your parents to read all the stuff on here too. They are in general your best allies!!

If by 2016-17, we start having a pool of the highest standards and people meeting all the basic requirements, MK will never be able to do to you what they have done for so long to fellow Mauritians.

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Old 9th Jan 2014, 23:45
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Does Mk still hire first officers on the Airbus A330/340 Fleet ?
If so, does the requirements remain the same as here: http://www.airmauritius.com/aboutus/...pilotDec12.pdf

I'm a foreigner.

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Old 10th Jan 2014, 08:45
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On their vacancies website, the "Pilot" link is still active and it points to the same pdf file you have in your link. It seems that the requirements are the same.
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Old 15th Jan 2014, 14:04
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Hey there!
What is happening with the February batch? Anybody there knows? When are the tests scheduled?
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