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South Asia and Far East Wannabes A forum for those applying to Cathay Pacific, Dragonair or any other Hong Kong-based airline or operator. Use this area for both Direct Entry Pilot and Cadet-scheme queries.

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Old 13th Jan 2013, 23:08   #4901 (permalink)
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Give them a call, email them or even see if you can do another application. Main thing is to 'remind' them that you are still there and still interested in getting an interview.

Sometimes they don't update your file even if you send them an update, it might just be a note next to your file.

Also, what place did you put as your preferred interview location, that might have something to do with it.
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Old 14th Jan 2013, 00:09   #4902 (permalink)
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I have as much right to comment on a public forum offering an opposing or different point of view as those supporting or defending C-Scale.

I find it hard to believe that a then 39 or 40, now 41 year old with the military/flying experience Boxer seems to have shoves him into a polarised position where CX C-Scale is the best option. If that is your true experience then it's a true sad state of affairs that you did not explore the many, many, many other better options that would put you into the RHS of a jet far closer to the UK offering a better salary, better experience, better career progression and hours that actually count toward your (global) future.

How's the contract gig going - GREAT? Still flying a beautiful aircraft all around the globe, getting a tax free salary well and truly in line with the task I perform, great time off and great capacity to retire financially secure. (Keep guessing where though..... The username refers to the CX situation. Nice try but no cigar, not close).

Boxer, those before the iCadetship and C-Scale could also boast of first hand experience of Vmca, Vmcg, torque roll, aft vs forward CoG performance, deep stall, night affect, scalloping, stick fixed or stick free longitudinal stability....even Mach Tuck, and so on, and so on, and so on.... That was no claim to fame back then and shouldn't now. Sad that you're now by far and wide the great exception in your experience and knowledge as opposed to your fellow C-Scalers. During your 3 months in Adelaide (as opposed to the former 4 weeks for DESO's) the lessons on the 1:60 rule must of been enthralling! I can imagine the iCadets ooo'ing and ahhh'ing as they sit around your feet with their warm milk at bed time as you read aloud the pages of your log book.

This thread still has the same theme: those who know about CX and the international airline scene argue against it, those who haven't a clue or seek C-Scale as a good thing & argue to defend their ignorance, those so immature and ignorant ask the same questions (When will CX reply to my application? Does anyone have any tips for my study? What was A or B Scale? How much does it cost to rent in HK? What's an aeroplane? I'm just so passionate but forgot I even applied!!...) But now there's a new stream coming through of those who are living the C-Scale iCadet issue and speaking out after experiencing the truths that have been forewarned by so many for so long.

But then the old theme comes back - shut up if you don't blindly & ignorantly agree with C-Scale and speak out against the lowering of of the profession by way of standards, training and remuneration.

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Old 14th Jan 2013, 00:26   #4903 (permalink)
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Transition courses are back to 4 weeks. No need to take HK ATPL and back to cadets. iCadets are pretty much closed if u have zero hours due to immigration issues. Hiring pretty much a standstill for 2013 for advanced and transition guys as training slots in 777 and Airbus is set aside for 744 guys coming across.
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Old 14th Jan 2013, 00:45   #4904 (permalink)
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Guys who are up for interviews soon just drop me a PM and I will send stuff out to you. Just paying it forward from previous guys that helped out as well. Back to making this thread actually useful
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Old 14th Jan 2013, 01:50   #4905 (permalink)
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Back to making this thread actually useful
...by letting folks know how woefully inadequate the contract is for new joiners, not just for the first few years but for their career.
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Old 14th Jan 2013, 04:29   #4906 (permalink)
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Updating the application

Thanks orange. What is the number to call to ask for an update?
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Old 14th Jan 2013, 06:05   #4907 (permalink)
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Its on the application page, next to the contact email.
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Old 14th Jan 2013, 07:17   #4908 (permalink)
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This thread still has the same theme: those who know about CX and the international airline scene argue against it, those who haven't a clue or seek C-Scale as a good thing & argue to defend their ignorance, those so immature and ignorant ask the same questions
Not exactly true is it China? When you posted something on the main fragrant harbour page plenty of pilots wrote about their understanding of the cadet program as a good opportunity for young people who have an interest in aviation to follow their dreams, to be honest it's only Cpt Underpants and Dan Buster that post in here, not really a broad opinion is it? Boxerpilot has made his choice and seems to be enjoying it, PPRuNe has a reputation of being a place to vent your frustration about Cathay which is why most of the pilots here (cadets included) are not very pro-cathay. Talk to some cadets and pilots in real life and you'll find out that yes, there are some that are not happy with the company because they have done something to them in the past but the vast majority of them are quite happy with the company and their jobs. Sure there are people on here that really do not deserve to even apply because they are so uninterested/lazy but there are also those who deserve to get into a program that is one of the best in the world for realising a dream and getting a pilots job, there are so many pilots that even after their training do not have jobs and when your training is paid for and you get a guaranteed job at the end, who is going to say no?
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Old 14th Jan 2013, 07:57   #4909 (permalink)
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There are 248 pages of this thread and there are far more people criticising the iCadetship and C-Scale scheme than the 2 (or 3 if you count me). So if you and Gen Y bothered to read the 248 pages (very few pictures, I know) then you'll find far more than 3. Again, it'll take reading, comprehension and perhaps even an open mind to accept another's point of view that is based on experience, knowledge, and credentials.

The entire CX cadetship was set up to promote aviation and a career opportunity in HK for the local HK nationals and residents. Not my words but from the father of the present day scam himself. Go back and read his updates and reports but for perhaps 2 years ago. Since then it has been unashamedly raped into the present day status - but for the Immigration Dept of HK stepping in. Now the new low is accepted by the new low.

My points about the pros and cons of a (for example) 19 year old joining the iCadetship as opposed to going his/her own path and building his/her own loggable hours and therefore in charge of his/her own destiny has been mentioned many times. In fact I received a PM (the last of 3 such people) who thanked me for the time to correspond via PM's with him, which along with others cemented his decision to turn down the CX scam and as a result he is building hours in the RHS of a FAR 25 turboprop. He'll be in the LHS quicker than a kid with a CPL only to his/her name but for sandwich hours in a CX aircraft, and then a better salary, better career and better long term prospect. Not just my words but actual proof.

Others have also taken the time to PM to disagree with my point of view and swap decent conversions. I've been proven wrong on a few occasions regarding the some facts as I saw them at the time and each time accepted the correction. (I think that was somewhere back around page 170 ish of this thread.... But of course, you took the time to read all of them before lampooning an argument as if you had?)

Each person has their own decision to make - I never denied that. What I find laughable is the quick fire response against anyone disagreeing with the C-Scale, mostly from those who are seeking it and little from those doing it. (Once more, read the entire 248 pages, not just the last few.....) Also comical is those who ask for information yet act like a brat who's xBox has failed when the answer is not what he/she wishes to hear.

I can see how the iCadetship can appeal to a wannabe. I do not agree with it for the long term affect it has on one's own career, the pressures it puts on their colleagues' contracts at CX, for the lowest of low standards CX has succumb to due those with experience largely turning down and running away from the insulting offer, and of course the contribution to the lowering of the profession overall. But again, others defend this C-Scale as a good thing and an "opportunity" while those responsible for it are laughing all the way to the bank with their bonuses at your expense.

No, the majority ARE NOT happy with their jobs at CX. Go take some time away from the comic books and read (careful! Not all those who post are iCadets and have taken off the rose coloured glasses!!):
Merry Christmas!
Changes Needed in the HKAOA
GC votes needed
FAU instead of AOA

There's 6 pages to this one so don't over do it:

Without discussion of the iCadetship (much) you still believe that there only 2 or 3 people not happy at CX? Go and have a beer with any group of CX pilots who've been at the airline for longer than 6 years.

There's also a book that went on the best sellers list by a fella called John Warham that also outlines the warm and fuzzy feeling all get who work for CX.... Again, lots of pages, lots of words but a few pictures also! But again, he has "experience, "credentials", and "knowledge" so you are warned - he will have an opinion perhaps not in line with the average head-in-the-sand Cathay-is-so-gosh-darn-it-super-cool C-Scale defender.

So JA, "it's not exactly true, is it?"

PS: Can anyone tell what to study for an interview? I applied to CX last week and they haven't even offered me a Command on a Space Shuttle yet!!

PPS: How many Space Shuttles does CX have, how many engines does it have and what sort are they?

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Old 15th Jan 2013, 01:57   #4910 (permalink)

Probationary PPRuNer
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China beached, I think I honestly speak for the majority of people who read this thread - please stop the rhetoric. You may have been on a CX short list once upon a time, but you have never worked here, and thus have only a limited idea to what the job entails.

Please take your anger elsewhere, because this just isn't healthy.
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Old 15th Jan 2013, 06:22   #4911 (permalink)
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from what i heard, there is no more cadetship for international applicants(those without a hkid), isnt it??
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Old 15th Jan 2013, 17:28   #4912 (permalink)
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And that's just it.... Anyone not agreeing to the consensus that C-Scale is a good thing, let alone an "opportunity" are told to shut up & go away. My point was challenged & I replied. You seem to think that you're owed an apology from me for that?

I'm 100% sure I speak for the majority of pilots who despise seeing the disgraceful lowering of standards, terms, conditions & remuneration for pilots. The irony is that those who support C-Scale will be the same crying bloody murder very soon down the track in their career & not if but when they think their colleagues should stand up against the downward spiral of their (once) hard fought climb & career.

Many others had been far more confrontational, aggressive & condescending in their defence of C-Scale & the iCadetship yet you don't go after them? It's many months between posts, & you'd refer it were more I'm sure. Then again you still are hoping that the world is flat if it satisfied the agenda so many force to shove that round peg into the square hole to justify their decision.

(For the record, not "short listed" but "offered / asked").

I never claim to know anywhere as much about the job at CX as do those actually working there for several years. I damn-well know immensely more still than the ignorance & immaturity via questions asked on this thread ("What number should I call to reach CX?") But ironically the pilots at CX with the years of CX experience are shouting louder than most against C-Scale & the iCadetship!! But again you all force ill-gotten reasoning in an ignorant attempt to justify what you're contributing to.

I do know what it took once to be offered a job at CX & I know what a pilot's value is worth. Many don't & ignorantly don't care hence they defend the downward spiral of a once proud profession.

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S888 - where is the like button

CB - "This just isn't Healthy"

All the best.
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Old 16th Jan 2013, 01:58   #4914 (permalink)

Probationary PPRuNer
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CB - Again, you are trying to paint a picture that simply does not exist in the manner in which you are presenting it. Second Officers on local terms ( There is no such thing as C-Scale, it is B scale without an expat housing allowance, it's been around since 1988 - hardly a new pay scale ) are pilots first and foremost and who on earth are you to question their professionalism, by depicting them as starry eyed children looking to fly a space shuttle.

How is an SO joining CX via this route today any different to the entire British Airways 'cadetship' back in the Hamble and Oxford days. Many of those pilots are here at CX today - fantastic trainers, great pilots - and they took an equivalent route into the industry.

You may not agree with a lack of housing - agreed it is harder out in HK without one due to the insane rent prices. BUT this is not the lowering if standards and professionalism.

Even without a housing allowance, a first year SO is paid more by CX then a first year FO at BA, and this trend continues throughout your career at those respective airlines. Yes, the US/Europe/Aus have a cheaper cost of living, so there is more wiggle room, but I just want to put some perspective into this view you have that all new SOs are badly trained pilots, with 'shiny jet syndrome,' as you put it. From my experience they are, in fact, a credit to the industry and the airline.

You delight in telling us that you turned your back on Cathay and have moved on, yet you seem unable to do the same with a CX forum regarding the job. Please, a simple 'no thanks, it wasn't for me' would suffice, rather than giving your distorted, misinformed and downright incorrect and insulting views of Cathay, Hong Kong and low hours pilots who have also worked incredibly hard to get here. Again take your anger elsewhere, as we're all tired of it. Good day.
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Old 16th Jan 2013, 02:17   #4915 (permalink)
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Yes, yes..... It's unhealthy to have self worth & respect for a profession??

Join the sheep at selling out a profession & "colleagues" as you scamper to undercut your "fellow" pilots. That's healthy & admirable in your eyes. Go get that rubbery spine checked.

But here's the comments & replies from experienced CX guys regarding the latest C-Scale thread:

New SOs support

Not one post by me there. Go & haunt those guys: you know, the ones you're seeking, trying & hoping to undercut. Cheap is what cheap does.

You're not the best candidate for the job. You're the cheapest option. You're the result or leftovers of others refusing to apply & refusing the offer. How proud you must be.

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Old 16th Jan 2013, 06:42   #4916 (permalink)
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I think you may need to see a professional. You seem to have some unresolved issues.
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Actually CB I speak for the majority of people who read this forum (like I'd know), please don't stop posting, don't stop trying to open the eyes of those blinded by SJS.

Pilotchute, why that comment? It's a bit inflammatory


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Regarding "C-Scale", that is the PRECISE term used by the HKAOA to describe the latest severe cut in the CX pilot remuneration package. Argue against them. They defined it such. (Careful! They are also filled with “experienced” CX pilots, non pilots and independently hired directors and lawyers).

Seeing as the vast majority of head-in-the-sand critics wish to point fingers without ANY form of fact or basis, here's just a little bit of light relief regarding the "STANDARDS" that our illustrious S888 says have not dropped regarding the CX iCadet and C-Scale applicants. So, sit back, grab a beer and enjoy these "standards" that CX attract!

This is just from the first 25 pages of the thread. Consider the other 249 pages…. Here is the "credit to the industry and the airline" as you, S888, have declared them to all be:

(The “When will CX reply to me?” was asked only a few hundred times…..)

“And if selected are you allowed to bring your wife to AUST. and she can be in her own place.”

Rahul.majithia (great use of the English language):
“i have completed faa cpl n have 235 hrs of flyin with multi rating
cleared dgca papers n ready for my conversion
going to fly my recency in sept
m i eligible for cathay pacific cadet pilot programme??”

“Does CP send you an email to set up a phone interview?”

“Its been 10 weeks for me. Ive nearly lost all hope.”

Flying Hamster (what’s this “google” thing let alone phone book about then??)
“Does anybody have an email address on which to contact the HR/Recruitment team at Cathay?”

“I am currently a Canadian Citizen and only legally allowed to work in Canada. Am I eligible for the cadet program?”

Blue_side-up: (from Nov 2009… And no drop in recuirtment standards????)
“Flight experience is not required (see website!)”

rahulpereira: (yep – ask a “rumour” forum for facts….?)
“just want to make sure thru you guys if I am eligible for the program. thanks”

“I ve been going thro the thread, u guys r doin a gr8 job here! I m one amongst u guys who applied recently! My ques is whts wit the website??? Has thr been any movement out thr?”

Swine Facipic (this guy actually got an interview):
“IN MY CASE - "Initial Application done in April 2009" That is 9 Months , PHUKIN HELL, Still no answer ... I don't know what the hell is going on there at Cathay City (Flight Recruitment).”

“can you tell me which CX aircraft have Winglet?”

nick185 (the reply):
“I think so - have a look on airliners.net and see if you can find any 777 with winglets”

“I am wondering what this the different between Airbus and Boeing? Is there any website or post i can read here@@?”

nick185 (reply, yep – that’s it!)
“Airbuss = European Boeing = US”

“I applied a few days ago after I finally realized that engineering job is so boring (something I didn't realize back in the uni) and I need to pursue my childhood dream. I hope my PPL isn't going to be a disadvantage in selection process.”

Happyguy99 (sharing some actual interview questions asked):
“1) if you are heading 135 degrees and wish to fly a reciprocal heading, what new heading do you need to fly?
2) if you're at 33,000 ft and intend to descend to sea level at a rate of 3,000 feet per minute, how long will the descent take?”

first_officer (Feb 2010):
“can any one please tell me when will cathy pacific start their cadetpilot programme.i am so much confused...”

nicky7789 (become a brain surgeon, but only if that is your true “passion”!?):
“wat is the most common jobs ppl will do when they didnt get accepted in the CX cadet pilot program interview?”

“How should I write for the oral presentation topic?”
“7R and 7L(do we read L or left?R or right?)”

“Wuts going on……I'm from Florida……. Applied back in August and sort of forgot about it.”

“i am from US and i got in trouble with law and have misdameanour on my record, will that affect me.”

Happyguy99 (sharing actual interview questions asked – post _#419 pg 21):
“What do my parents think of me being here at the interview?
What did my parents think when I decided to become a pilot?”

“if you have 0 flying hours do they normally ask you echnical questions as well doring the interviews?”

“Cool so they give you a type rating? because I'm not sure if I'm getting it right seems like SO's fly one type on day and then another the next?”

So, S888, my argument against C-Scale and the severe lowering of industry standards, terms, conditions and remuneration is "distorted, misinformed and downright incorrect"? You are welcome to your opinion (unlike you of mine). I back mine up with facts. You have sticks and stones.

These guys and their ilk "worked incredibly hard to get there"? How "incredibly hard" can it possibly be to have zero hours (as it was originally)? How "incredibly hard" is it to write basic English syntax? How "incredibly hard" was or is it to undercut the workforce so severely and accept what others refused? How "incredibly hard" was or is it to force pressure on the present CX pilots' terms, conditions and remuneration packages? You contribute willingly and proudly to the downward spiral of the industry. How many high fives a day do you throw at yourself??

Pilotchute - I placed you as a guy who could have a civil discussion and agree to disagree with reason and respect. Obviously the bandwagon was too "incredibly hard" to not jump on. Pity.

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Is anyone in the process of applying at the moment?

Apparently there has been a system error for a week now that says:
"The online application system is currently unavailable, please update your application information later.
If you need further assistance, please contact our eService Centre at +852 2747 2200 or send an email to eservice@cathaypacific.com. (1099)"

How long is it usually down for?
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Old 16th Jan 2013, 16:54   #4920 (permalink)
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The icadet is dead in the water, but there are starry eyed hopefuls still clinging to the forlorn hope they will be called up 'sometime soon'.

Notice the recent call-backs are most;y from HK.
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