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Old 24th Sep 2012, 14:36   #261 (permalink)
Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: Brighton uk
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The only new route confirmed at the moment for next summer is Tunisia with Thomson Holidays every Sunday
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Old 24th Sep 2012, 17:10   #262 (permalink)
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Old 24th Sep 2012, 21:46   #263 (permalink)
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Now that the Arab Spring has sprung, it should have decent loads...
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Old 3rd Oct 2012, 17:23   #264 (permalink)
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Ive heard from a source in the airport that Ryanair is yet to commit to flying from Bournemouth next year...

Is that normal?
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Old 3rd Oct 2012, 17:46   #265 (permalink)
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I'm not sure. In fact I'm a little worried about Bournemouth since it doesn't even have flights from February uploaded yet. They haven't done Nov-Jan from Bournemouth for a couple of years anyway, so am certain that won't happen.

I think what usually happens is they only release Bournemouth schedules only once a year rather than twice at every other base, with flights from February right until October being released around November time. So effectively its winter timetable (Feb & Mar) comes later than other airports, but the summer (Apr-Oct) is earlier. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens!
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Old 5th Oct 2012, 13:09   #266 (permalink)
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BA Cityflyer's Embraer 190 that is being used for this weekend VCE charters for Bath travel is scheduled to arrive in BOH at 21:20 tonight, Friday and depart Sat am at 07:10.
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Old 8th Oct 2012, 17:09   #267 (permalink)
Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: Brighton uk
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Looks like Ryanair have started to load some of there summer schedules from Bournemouth with Faro , Malaga , Alicante and Fuerteventura

The worrying thing is these flights all start from very end of March 2013 , with nothing loaded at all from the start of Feb still ?

Surely Ryanair are not having a 5 month break this year as opposed to 3 months away which the airport has seen for the last few years now ?

With nothing loaded yet they are really leaving it till the last minute to even get passengers to book from Feb now .

However they no full well that its far to late to get any other airline into Bournemouth as such a late stage and get any sort of programme up and running
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Old 9th Oct 2012, 07:23   #268 (permalink)
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Bournemouth
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Ryanair have go the airport by the b---s, but MAG Cant see that, !!
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Old 9th Oct 2012, 21:55   #269 (permalink)
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: East Midlands, UK
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It would be a shame if Ryanair do take a 5 month break...its been quite nice seeing Bournemouth actually starting to look like a proper international airport this summer, especially on Mondays and Fridays!
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Old 10th Oct 2012, 08:32   #270 (permalink)
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Location: Dorset, UK
Age: 28
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Ryanair return on March 15th 2013

The seasonal staff have been told they arent required until after then

Shame, doesnt seem BOH ever has luck!!
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Old 10th Oct 2012, 15:45   #271 (permalink)
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Ryanair have go the airport by the b---s, but MAG Cant see that
Why not? It might be more of a mutual thing. Isn't it better that FR remain committed to the airport even if it means dropping services during thinner months, rather than pulling out altogether? Dont Thomson operate year round?

Not a bad situation for a small regional airport to be in IMO.
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Old 10th Oct 2012, 21:18   #272 (permalink)
Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: South
Age: 35
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It's not luck Hurn is lacking but rather a year round yeild rich customer base hence the perennial seasonal bucket and spade routes. It's simples
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Old 10th Oct 2012, 22:49   #273 (permalink)
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Location: Southampton, U.K
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They have a pretty rich customer base around Bournemouth alright! There is still demand in the winter even if only for ~2 FR flights per day but it is obviously easier/cheaper for FR to operate on a seasonal basis. We'll have to hope that some year another leisure airline (MON, TOM, TCX, JET2 among many others) has a go at filling in some of the gaps!
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Old 16th Oct 2012, 16:38   #274 (permalink)
Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: Brighton uk
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Bournemouth handled 86 , 897 pax in September up almost 14 % on last year

The Dublin route continued to do well with 2470 passengers using it making a load factor of 68 % . Although the route is continuing into the winter months Aer Lingus Regional have adjusted the schedule with most Tuesday and Wednesday now not operating during the winter months , along with no flights on Saturday .

The rest of the summer schedule showed continued good growth with most of the Ryanair routes in the 90 % loads which is fantastic

Thomson flights went out virtually full on nearly all of there services , shame they cant be a bit more adventurous and start a few more new routes or extra services next year or even this winter given Ryanair not back till mid March now

All goes horribly wrong though from November again !
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Old 16th Oct 2012, 22:37   #275 (permalink)
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If Ryanair are parking aircraft at Stansted anyway, you'd think they'd find of way of parking one at Bournemouth. That way they could at least operate it enough to occupy one set of flight/cabin crew. Surely the marginal profit from some winter sun/weekend break flights would be better than suffering the fixed aircraft costs with no revenue at all?
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Old 19th Oct 2012, 15:22   #276 (permalink)
Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: Brighton uk
Posts: 519
Ryanair have started to add a few more flights from Bournemouth , the majority now starting in April and seem to be a mirror image of this years flights so hard to tell if any increase yet

Very disappointing that Feb is now not happening a 5 month gap is a long time with only a few Thomson flights

Noticed that Exeter has a massive increase on flights next year with Balkan re starting to Bulgaria . Atlantic Holidays to Funchal and a big increase in Thomson flights .
Norwich also has had similar luck in obtaining extra flights , while it looks like nothing for Bournemouth , was hoping that Olympic may re start Heraklion but looks unlikely
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Old 19th Oct 2012, 16:36   #277 (permalink)
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Location: South Coast
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Understand that Atlantic Holidays will also return to Bournemouth next year with the normal 2 departures to Madeira
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Old 19th Oct 2012, 19:17   #278 (permalink)
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Location: East Midlands, UK
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It is a shame to see no new routes from Bournemouth yet! My landlord operates an airport parking scheme and in the summer it seems to be quite a popular airport with people in South, I think helped out by Ryanair and their cheaper fares. This summer we've had people parking here from as far down as Plymouth and Falmouth and quite a few from Exeter. Whilst I realise the cheap fares don't always mean the flight is profitable or the airport make much from the passengers, especially Ryanair passengers, if it helps to fill up the flights, it can only mean good things for future years, these people just need to support the new services when they come!
Lets hope someone adds a another new destination and that people support it, so more get added in the future!
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Old 20th Oct 2012, 12:50   #279 (permalink)
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It's a mystery that BOH cannot attract a few more flights. If Exeter can BOH can surely? Passenger numbers growing, load factors good etc. Are yields poor? Are MAG hard to deal with? Has FR such a grip its keeping others away?

There are a few unrealistic ideas put forward on this thread about routes but am sure BOH could do better...
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Old 22nd Oct 2012, 11:16   #280 (permalink)
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Location: Bournemouth
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Bournemouth Airport


Yes I am concerned with the lack of activity at Bournemouth Airport,i am no expert and please don't shoot me down in flames with my post,I just want to be able to have an Airport on my doorstep with a whole range of flights and holiday destinations.these are my thoughts.
I'm not sure if the management at BOH really want a busy airport with different airlines and are just happy to have Ryanair as the monopoly.I totally understand the yield side of things but take the Olympic Holiday charter to Heraklion,this is a tour operator flight with the majority of people on package holidays paying good money and the flight was very popular with high loads,this flight has now gone and why?Were BOH management charging them too high fees and they found out Ryanair were paying less?Were they fed up of landing on time then 2 Ryanair aircraft landed and were offloaded and loaded before the Heraklion flight leaving them to depart late?this happened on numerous occasions.so now around 180 people are travelling to other airports to get a flight to Heraklion.Its the same with the Innsbruck charter in the Winter ,this flight once again was very popular with the large skiing community in Bournemouth ,Poole and surrounding areas.its now disappeared and so once again people are travelling to other Airports to fly to Innsbruck. Was this down to cost as well?Barbados fly-cruises had 12 flights but one this year and last one next year why?These flights are still going from London,Manchester,Glasgow,East Midlands etc so what is going on?These kind of people who use these flights will not suddenly decide not to go they will be forced to go to London instead.
Another thing which annoys me is the incoming tourist trade which BOH management does not seem to get.Germans and Austrians love the south coast and and regularly come over on charter flights. Exeter Airport has flights in the Summer but what gets me is that the first stop on the tour is Bournemouth then they travel to points of interest around the South,Why on earth are BOH airport not in contact with this tour operator to get it into BOH especially if the Tour start in Bournemouth?The Airport should be in talks with holiday companies abroad and our local Tourist Boards trying to attract people to our area which would bring in loads of money. Newquay,Exeter,Cardiff and Inverness,Jersey and Guernsey all have these charter flights but they have better management and foresight,yes its hard work attracting this kind of trade but they have done it.It seems to me that BOH management are looking at the easy option of Ryanair all the time.Don't get me wrong I am not against Ryanair and its brilliant that BOH does have a much busier Airport than in the past but It does need to think outside the box a bit more.Newmarket Holidays are doing well as well so it can be done.I would love to know how many people are travelling from BOH to other airports to catch flights this Winter and which destinations as I'm sure there would be enough which would warrant an airline or tour operator flying from BOH in the period Nov-Mar.I certainly know of people who want to fly from BOH but have to go to LGW.

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