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A319 11th May 2019 22:56

Meester proach 12th May 2019 07:38

Originally Posted by A319 (Post 10469262)

Thanks.like it says though the winter programme is not finalised yet. Some of the reported LGW routes are seasonal anyway I think.

Capt Flinstone 19th May 2019 10:54

your Soursce is confirmed TRUE

lansen 26th May 2019 13:22

Originally Posted by Capt Flinstone (Post 10474819)
your Soursce is confirmed TRUE

Judging your recent posts, unemployment (or ever getting that first airline job :p) must be hard, Capt Flinstone :}

Right Engine 26th May 2019 13:57

Come to BA. Were short of 787 copilots! So much so, weve got a few 3 crew trips using heavy Captains.

Meester proach 26th May 2019 15:03

A solution has been found to the slight overcrewing, which is favourable .

Smooth Airperator 26th May 2019 18:11

And when do you think they might communicate this? So far it's been a mishmash of changes for some people people and not others with no option to accept or reject. A really bizarre way to handle someone's employment.

BluSdUp 2nd Jun 2019 13:01

Any update on the situation?
Stocks going down a tad lately and no Max this side of Xmass.
Are the 787 RR flying again, and if not how many grounded?

Meester proach 2nd Jun 2019 18:11

I dont think anyone will answer that as its rather sensitive information.

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