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fade to grey 28th Apr 2015 16:00

Some fantastic ignorance on this thread.
Shanwick appears to be on the money.

Boeing operator 30th Apr 2015 09:43

Apparently Norwegian has today changed its recruitment tool, and they will only consider applications created in that tool.

Still you must go via Rishworth and register a profile with basic data, then click "apply" on the Norwegian job and you will be directed to another tool where you actually apply for the 787 position.

Screenings in July and August for courses later this year.

Yorkshire_Pudding 30th Apr 2015 16:53

They also changed their requirements.

If rated on B777/787 but not current on the B787 there is now a 20,000 euro "training cost bond"

1,000 hours now required on a Boeing OR Airbus glass cockpit. Still 1500TT

If not 777/787 rated bond is 40,000 euro for airbus guys and remains 30,000 for other Boeing.

victim 30th Apr 2015 16:56

A Captain at Norwegian on the 787 will net broadly the same as a 2nd yr f/o at B.A. (4800 incl all pay and benefits)
An RCA about 20% less (3900)
An FO about 3100.

All fluctuate due to the euro/sterling exchange rate.

Data correct as at 30/04/2015

CaptainProp 1st May 2015 08:05

Now accepting non rated, airbus experienced, direct entry captains. Obviously not getting that many applications.

twentyyearstoolate 1st May 2015 09:56

Well if the terms and conditions (salary) previously mentioned is true, I hope they don't get many applications. It's simply a disgraceful package for the Job involved.

This industry really has gone to the dogs. It's been very sad to see the demise of the profession, standards, and remuneration over the years. The industry has been ruled by bean counters and low cost companies, ever eroding terms and conditions. Crews working ever harder, with less and less in their pay and conditions. No job security, crap medical benefits and fatigue rife throughout the industry, yet with all the news recently with accidents they always spout the same BS, "Safety is our number one priority!" Same crap every time. Safety is a number one priority, as long as it doesn't cost money, and good conditions including Medical, Leave etc etc costs money.

Maybe a little off topic, but the Norwegian package really is a disgrace to our profession.

airwjo 1st May 2015 11:01

terms and conditions
hey guys

does anybody know the current terms and conditions
off days, net!!!! pay etc

there is so much non sense talk about this and that, nobody posted the real terms and conditions

CaptainProp 1st May 2015 11:58

Did you even read the posts here? The oldest one is from 14/3 so shouldn't be that far off...

victim 1st May 2015 15:24

Contract is 8 days off per month, 24 days leave. Norwegian FTL's (so no requirement to have a day off at home after 7 days). 20+ days away is common.

Frequent (3+ per month) roster changes.

Flight ops management generally a good bunch.

Upper management not so much.

On the whole a really good bunch of guys in the flight deck, so going to work is fun and a happy experience.

Everything else sucks!

airwjo 2nd May 2015 07:05

Thank you very much for the honest reply

Was looking for a window, to go to Europe, looks like no chance

And captain prop, I read all, this is the only interesting reply.

Good luck to all


polax52 2nd May 2015 08:59

I can see the reasons for some guys choosing this option e.g. after a period of expat work, returning home. However this does otherwise strongly appear to be a back door P2F. You pay your 30k/40k bond get yourself 500 hours on a widebody at half the normal salary and then double or triple that salary going expat, losing the bond.

I guess there's nothing wrong with that but I hate to see this kind of management exploitation.

Cliff Secord 2nd May 2015 09:26

This is a jaw droppingly bad pay and terms. This really is less than driving a freight train for likes of DB Schenker. We have hit that embarrassing watershed point.

Less time off at home, less pension, less stability, more stress, you even have to give the bloody company an interest free loan to do the job. I can hear the barreling Norwegian laughter from here. They must be pissing their pants.

:mad: disgusting

Boeing operator 2nd May 2015 10:39

It is minimum 8 days off in the contract. If it helps, the average is more. Now close to 11 days and climbing, and they are rostered so not only 8 rostered and the rest standby. But, yes, the contract is still 8 days.

28 days annual leave, not 24 days (that was for BKK base which is not available anymore).

EUR9000 for CPT, EUR7000 for RCA and EUR5000 for FO. All positions another EUR1000 per diem.

Travel for free to and from work on Norwegian network if you commute. ID tickets on long haul only for you and family.

Hotels are very bad. Also transport to hotels.

Vacation rare. Roster changes frequent. Can earn some extra money to sell days off (10% of basic salary) when they change your roster. You must always agree when an off day is affected.

Great bunch of people working there, fun to go to work. People that leave, leave for the desert and some 787 operators in China, as well as Turkish. People come from Norwegian short haul, Ryanair, Cargolux, GSS (close of business), Jet2, Primera, Korean, the desert and many other places. Of course not from the major airlines.

The company can offert a quite fast upgrade to RCA if you have 5000 hours, and to CPT when you have some wide body experience. Upgrade on seniority.

Not for most of you guys. But for some it is an option.

Lord Spandex Masher 2nd May 2015 10:45

EUR1000 per diem?

Boeing operator 2nd May 2015 10:55

LSM, correct.

Regarding the bond, you need to provide EUR20000, EUR30000 or EUR40000 depending on which rating you have (what training the company must give you). You get EUR10000 back for each year you complete.

Or you can provide a bank guarantee if you don't have the cash.

PT6Driver 2nd May 2015 11:26

I guess that the 1000 per diem is for the whole month.

Now is that taxable?
Is that average for the whole year or just the best you can hope for during say the summer?

C_Star 2nd May 2015 11:43

@Boeing Operator

How long would an RCA with no previous widebody experience (but lots of NB PiC time) would expect to wait for an upgrade to full CA?

Yorkshire_Pudding 2nd May 2015 11:43

less pension
From what I read there's no pension.

Well, you're a contractor I guess. Still, you would have thought maybe some cash element provision for your own private fund. Still intrigued as to how the new UK employment contracts are set up. Are they paying your NI contributions for a state pension even??! According to their website you become a uk employee.

Boeing operator 2nd May 2015 11:58

@ C Star

Currently 500 hours wide body required (takes a year), and then on seniority. With the expansion to come the next few years (more than dubble the fleet to 17 aircraft within three years) it won't take long.

The Company says they want another 20 787s at least.

donpizmeov2 2nd May 2015 12:23

it's possible to have an example of roster pattern for a LAX flight?thanks

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