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Scott_T 31st Oct 2014 09:43

Just got the rejection e-mail despite being promised an interview...

ProFly 31st Oct 2014 11:05



ITFC1 6th Nov 2014 14:38

Just got my PFO.

3000 TT
1000 jet
1200 turbine
UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA experience.

Stabalised737 7th Nov 2014 12:39

Applied on day one. Still haven't heard a word. Does anybody know if you can join and go directly onto the SFO pay scale and what the requirements are. I've got over 1500 hours

heliusac 11th Nov 2014 14:13

Also, unlike some other airlines, SFO is an not an automatic upgrade after 6 months regardless of previous experience. Even as a time served FO you have to apply for SFO when you have the relevent experience within Jet 2 and then be assessed. Direct SFO doesn't normally happen.

mikehammer 11th Nov 2014 20:48

Good thread this. I've heard nowt so I'm thinking no news leaves hope. Been here before though and once again I'm up against many with far better qualifications and experience than I have. 3000 hrs no jet time 500 pic on single eng only (survey stuff no instructor qualifications), rest just turbo prop co pilot. Gis a job man! Please!

Firestorm 13th Nov 2014 18:15

PFO e-mail received today. If it was a letter at least I cold use it to light the fire....

mikehammer 22nd Nov 2014 16:39

Spoke to soon. PFO received today. Gutted.

Honiley 23rd Nov 2014 18:32

From what I hear, the amount of resignations inbound in the New Year, quite a few things will change, if you're that desperate!

homerj 24th Nov 2014 10:55

Hi, does anyone know what the simcheck is like.is it done on a 737 300.? Any info appreciated.

Lord Spandex Masher 24th Nov 2014 10:57

It's been on the 800 recently, no idea what the profile is these days though.

Station_Calling 24th Nov 2014 23:03

From what I hear, the amount of resignations inbound in the New Year, quite a few things will change, if you're that desperate!
Yep. Those rumours have been going on for 3 years now from a select few. Never materialised in any great defections though.

Big Tudor 25th Nov 2014 09:02

Honiley seems to have a massive chip on the shoulder about Jet2. Fair enough it is not for everyone, but to spread your bitterness does you no favours. Time to move on I think.

Global_Global 25th Nov 2014 09:59

7 oct 2010:

I too have been invited for an "assessment" on the 14th..

I'm type-rated with lots of jet time and to put it simply, I don'y have a 70% mortgage...so won't be able to do anything other than a full-time contract...we'll see what they offer!
I guess that Honiley didnt make the "assessment " in 2010 :D

Stabalised737 28th Nov 2014 15:52

Anybody been for interview and heard any word back? Cheers

itsnotwhoyouknow 28th Nov 2014 22:10

Far from Honiley having a chip on his/her shoulder, Jet2 have a serious problem with morale across many bases. There are many with applications elsewhere, and should the mass exodus not happen then its not for the want of trying. Its a good place to be home based, but a career airline it is not.

Honiley 29th Nov 2014 00:15

It's just too easy to light the blue touch paper...
I don't actually have a chip on my shoulder, I chose not to join this company because I see it for what it is, and talking to all my ex-colleagues who joined this year, turns out I was right! Regret seems to be a common phrase, but it's hilarious to listen to all those "Jet2ers" who I hear have little airline experience and their so easy to wind up...and they just keep biting!

And in all serious (and IMHO), just to throw in the firework, those ex-colleagues are totally unconvinced about job security due to a business plan that got it started 10 years ago, hasn't evolved, backed into a corner with an ageing, inadequate fleet with no "real" cash reserves and somehow thinks it's re-invented the package holiday!

Leave it to Pilot Apprentices! I think that's all its suited for!

Mr Angry from Purley 29th Nov 2014 10:20

Grass is green job, maybe Honiley should tell us where all his ex colleagues worked..............:\

Big Tudor 29th Nov 2014 10:54


Your previous 'expert' analysis of airline business models has been proved to be less than accurate so you will have to excuse me if I take your critique of Jet2 and its future with a pinch of salt.

Secondly, you were critical of peoples comments regarding BA during their financial troubles and the impact these comments would have on employees, yourself in particular. And yet you are free and easy with your own damning comments with little regard for the impact on staff, and with apparently little knowledge of the company in question other than hearsay and speculation.

Jet2 are increasing in size and are providing employment opportunities for experienced captains and for young hopefuls starting their flying careers. Four additional B738's joining the fleet this winter, and I would guess the 300's will start to disappear in the coming years. The company is not for everyone; I challenge any airline to say that all of their pilots are totally happy and content. Read some of the threads in Fragrant Harbour about Cathay Pacific to hear how bad things can get

I have no idea if Jet2 will last 2 years or 20, but I could say the same for many airlines. The reality at the moment is they are there, they are employing, they have been giving pay rises and they are making money. Just not good enough for some though!

Facelookbovvered 29th Nov 2014 21:44

Jet2 are OK
I know plenty of people who work at Jet2 and most are happy with their lot, the issues are mainly around roster stability and that seems to be a summer issue. Its run by an individual who is hands on for better or worse and that can mean what is said one day changes the next, but thats not new either in the airlines, they still seem to have a planning issue, i know of 3 pilots (all Captains) that have been through the interview/sim loop this fall, all passed all awaiting starts dates that have heard nothing from them for weeks and have now excepted DEC with Ryanair, i think there will be a real shortage of 737 skippers this next summer, enough of s shortage to result in flight cancellations

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