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Rank_Ace 12th Oct 2014 10:47

Anyone from the hold pool last year hear anything new yet. Other than the we hope to let you know in 4-6 weeks email from about 6 weeks ago.

silverhawk 12th Oct 2014 14:35

I'll support JFP on what he says.

I used to work for Jet2. Really enjoyed it. 5 good years. Not perfect, but very good. You could talk to the top man openly and honestly. I did often.

You won't get rich in a hurry but you will have stability. That level of security is a valuable asset.

As for the friendly aspect, well let me tell you this. To the pax, the crew really enjoy playing host and looking after the customers. Better than that, internally, the Staff are excellent at looking after one another. There really is a great family atmosphere. That is why it hurt so much when I left in 2009. Also why there are so many tears at Blackpool now as the airfield closes.

If I was taking a job in UK and had a choice of carrier to fly for it would be Jet2.

Check Mags On 12th Oct 2014 22:45

I think you need to post that comment about "far from Friendly" in the relevant section of the airline you are talking about.
As I do not recognise it as the airline that I work for.
Jet2 is without doubt the friendliest place I have ever worked. Inside and outside of aviation. I am based at Manchester which is the largest base and the atmosphere in the crew room is always warm and friendly.

CB_dodger 13th Oct 2014 18:02

Jet 2 T&C's
Hi All.

I've got a few questions regarding Jet2 I was hoping you might be able to help me with;

● What is the average take home for a First Officer?
● What are the chances of a command upgrade?
● Are you on half salary until you've completed line training?
● How is morale in general?
● What is a average summer/winter roster in the GLA and EDI bases?
● Is it possible to progress onto the 75 from the 73?

I really appreciate your feedback guys and galls.

MrHorgy 13th Oct 2014 22:39


1) Average take home will vary with seasonality. FO takes maybe 3100 after pension and a good month, SFO maybe 3400. Winter will be less.

2) Command requirements are 3000 factorised hours, 6 months post Final Line Check and 300 hours on Jet2 aircraft. If you're coming with hours, then pretty good, however it can take time when you're only doing 550 hours a year (although seems to be more nowadays)

3) Yes. Although apparently it's been capped now so if it takes an unreasonable amount of time due to no fault of your own you will go to normal pay.

4) Good-ish. Summer is hard work, expect 6 on, 2 off. Some duties separated by less than 62 hours (quarter day off payment for your trouble - DOP for FO is 250, Capt 400 before tax). Aircraft seem to have their fair share of tech problems, meaning some work out of other bases, and the inevitable Airport Standby messing about. Otherwise a friendly place to work with a good range of experience and nice crews.

5) GLA is 800 only on the 737, EDI is 300. EDI does night mail, GLA does the longer flights, so it's 6 and 2 x 3. Longer flights mean more duty hours = can't do as many flights. However we worked hard in the more southerly bases this summer (see above)

6) Probably. Company has stated the 757 will hang around a bit, and rumour is they are leaving NCL to go to LBA and the 800's are going the other way. Long term I think the plan is to get more 800's.

Good luck to you. The recruitment gears may drive slowly, but you should get an answer eventually!

CB_dodger 13th Oct 2014 23:48

Jet 2 Rosters
Thanks MrHorgy,

Cheers for the info. I guess in the summer during 6/2 you'll have a couple of standby days? You mentioned airport standby?

Sounds like all hands on deck for summer. So how is the winter?

Serria Romeo 17th Oct 2014 08:24

LTC / TRI / TRE Increments
Can someone in the know provide the details of Jet2 increments for LTC's / TRI's and TRE's.

Serria Romeo 17th Oct 2014 11:33

They are advertising at the moment for direct entry TRI's on a fixed term contract.

Mister rigsby 17th Oct 2014 11:34

Why post a statement like that? It's not a strange question - Jet2 often take direct entry trainers, loads from bmibaby.

CB_dodger 18th Oct 2014 10:42

Bases North of the wall
Hi All,

If there is any pilots North of the wall that wouldn't mind having a quick chat with me, pls pm me.

Really appreciated.

nick14 18th Oct 2014 14:36

One assumes that they won't be interested in FO TRIs?

thrustidle74 19th Oct 2014 07:37

Jet2 non EU passport with UK residence/work visa
Hi all,

Very recently we made the decision to move to the UK (wife is Scottish), I've always heard good things about Jet2 from my colleagues who previously worked for them.

My problem at this stage is I'm on a non-EU passport with eligibility to get a work/residence visa.

I tried to email the recruitment team on the email address provided on the online application but got no response. I have a switch board number but I doubt they'll pass me to the recruitment team.

I got EASA license, lots of Boeing/medium-heavy/ Left Seat experience.

We are primarily looking for life style change, don't care what/where I fly, just need to get out of Middle East.

I appreciate any info/feedback on my passport issue (even a direct phone no for recruitment team), please feel free to reply publicly or via PM.


jpboy 21st Oct 2014 20:20


Did you attempt to apply for a Type Rated Captain/FO application on the website and encounter an issue? If not applications are still invited on the Jet2 website;

Career Search

If it lets you through the system given your unique experience and personal circumstances you will be given a candidate reference/identification number. Any dealings with HR will be much easier once you can quote that number.

Good luck.

Trossie 22nd Oct 2014 10:00

... I'm on a non-EU passport with eligibility to get a work/residence visa.
Go flat out to get that 'work/residence visa'. 'Eligibility' won't get you a job, the actual visa in you passport will be a very good start for any job.

thrustidle74 22nd Oct 2014 14:07

JP & Trossie,

Many thanks for your tips & advice.
I figured visa process takes 8 weeks or so. I'll try to get that done in my busy roster and in the mean time I've emailed a set of JET2 recruitment emails to see if I could have a chance for an interview before the whole visa process.

Wodka 27th Oct 2014 14:53

Jet2 Autumn 2014
At the risk of sounding like a old broken scratchy warn out record, does anyone know what is going on?!

Aluminium shuffler 28th Oct 2014 09:01

Before I applied, I spoke with the recruitment team to try to get some details to see if applying was going to be worthwhile. I didn't get all the details I was after, but they did give me a lot of them, and were very friendly as they did so. I don't think you'd have any problem going through the main switchboard to speak to them - that's what I did.

horsebox 28th Oct 2014 12:40

Recruitment is very fluid. A recent base closure and re-jigging of routes. Removal of 75's from Ncl and an unknown number of leavers all mean it changes day by day...

Scott_T 28th Oct 2014 18:06

I applied as soon as recruitment opened rated experienced 737 FO I have completed all the online tests,application still under review,when I initially called I was told interviews would be mid October yet I have not heard a peep, has anyone been contacted for interview? however it was the same situation last year, although I am pretty sure I had completed the first interview at this stage.

overclock25 29th Oct 2014 10:23

@Scott, the same for me, my application is still "under review" and the last update was the 21st of october. We will see....
type rated FO

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