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Johnny [email protected] Pants 23rd Jan 2018 10:40

Believe me, I am aware it's not the best there is, there is always room for further improvement, but there have been some significant gains over the past few years.

Have you ever flown long haul
You know that I haven't.

How much comparison material do you have Johnny?
I merely have to use the anecdotes of the not insignificant numbers of people that have joined from LH airlines detailing their jet lagged states during their days off to realise that there is a detrimental effect of the LH lifestyle.

But please stop peddling that it is the best around
Where have I stated that it is the best around? I just get fed up of people that don't really know running their often misguided judgements that we are treated so badly and attempt to put some positivity into why there are so many people who enjoy working for Jet2, after all we don't seem to have any trouble finding high quality people willing to leave other airlines (both of high and low repute) to join.

zeddb 25th Jan 2018 09:03

I did longhaul for a number of airlines for nearly 15 years. I'm glad I did it, had lots of fun and saw places that I would otherwise never have seen.

I am also glad that I now fly to AGP and ALC (and TFS) because for all the good times and they used to be very good indeed, once you hit the 50 mark it just becomes exhausting and rather than getting into your gladrags after landing and painting the town red in Las Vegas or sitting on a Caribbean beach until daft O'clock drinking redstripe all you feel like doing is collapsing into bed and staying there for as long as possible. When the timeshift gets you up at 5.30am and you stagger down for breakfast you come to the horrible realisation that checkout is only a few hours away followed by a night sector back to Blighty where the biggest challenge is trying to keep your eyes open until the sun rages through the windscreen at 20 West and you end up sitting there like one of the Blues brothers wearing shades at 4 in the morning, with yesterdays papers plastered across the inadequate Boeing sunscreens to stop your eyes from watering. Even more glamorous is crawling out of the crew rest after 3 hours of fitful sleep, broken by a desperate need to pee, into the same sunrise and trying to gather sufficient mental capacity to talk on the HF or even land the sodding thing.

Its all great fun in your 30's and even 40's but once into your 6th decade you hit a brick wall physically and possibly emotionally since your constant absences mean that your other half no longer knows you, has become totally independent over the years and your presence at home is nothing more than a nuisance. Ditto the kids. You start to wonder how on earth you are going to get along when your rapidly approaching retirement finally happens. Many relationships do not survive that, even if they get that far.

Long haul is great, a must have experience for anyone in this game and although not everybody wants to do it, most probably want to give it a try. I would say do it and make sure you do it when you are still young enough to enjoy all that it can offer. The days of long stopovers in the sun might be fading but its a big world out there and you might as well see it and get paid for doing so if the opportunity arises. There are some who slog on around the globe until 65 but they must have the constitution of a Jedi, I'm pretty good for my age but I'm damned if I want to do it again, I don't think I could.

So, fill your boots with the big jets. The clouds look the same out of the windscreen of a 747 as they do out of a Cessna, as previous posters have said, its all lifestyle. The best option is to be in an airline that offers both and to those that are, good for you, for those of us who have been less fortunate in life's lottery and are in the twilight of our careers, there are a lot worse places to be than J2. Twenty minutes from work, no horrible commute, own bed most of the time, getting to know the wife again and discovering that we did in fact get hitched because we liked one another and still have things in common, being paid a fair whack on time every month, not having to look over our shoulders as the next redundancy hovers and having a life/interests outside of flying.

Shorthaul - maybe boring in your 30's/40's but great in your 50/60's as many ex longhaulers will testify.

Just my 2 bobs worth.

Redbird1 25th Jan 2018 10:08

An interesting thread , the whole LH v SH debate .
After flying SH for many many years and now in the LH game ( Iím 52 ) 3 different airlines , I can safely say that I MUCH prefer LH ,
Just thinking of those long summer months of slot delays , French strikes etc .....
Pretty standard to have a run of 5 earlies with the odd TFS and ACE chucked in for good measure , dragging yourself out of bed at 03:30 knowing that you will most definitely be late and it will probably be nearing a 13hr day !
Whilst now the longest sector is 11hrs and I can get off the AC and have a few beers with the crew ( some times a few nights down route but mostly bullets ) return home and have 4 days off with my family

Swings and roundabouts.....

Chesty Morgan 25th Jan 2018 10:37

So, in conclusion, pilots choose what best suits them individually and only the sad egoists have a constant need to hype their own and denigrate the others.

Odins Raven 25th Jan 2018 12:17


Which long-haul outfit did you manage to get a DEC gig at, if you don’t mind me asking? Or did you choose to downgrade for lifestyle and he chance to try long-haul. I don’t think many Skippers will give up a command in their 50s unless they were fortunate enough to get in to BA long-haul at such a late stage in their careers. Glad it works for you though, as stated previously this thread only highlights the egos of individuals rather than the intention of the thread which was info on Jet2.

I did short-haul in my twenties, got bored and flew some big stuff then came back for lifestyle. Jet2 suits Captains who want regional bases and to be home most nights. Not sure about short-haul FOs as that’s not my field.

Redbird1 25th Jan 2018 17:36

I gave up Command and I am now in Virgin , been here for around 5 years now . Hopefully I wonít bump into Snapper he doesnít sound very pleasant.

DrinkGirls 25th Jan 2018 20:20

Back on thread, can I ask a bit of a bone question please?
Approximately of course, what is the success rate of Jet2 NTR candidates who make it to interview/sim?
It’s costs the company a lot of cash for assessment.

whitemonk 26th Jan 2018 13:52

While I don't have a success rate percentage for you I gather it is quite high. I myself was NTR and passed the assessment a few years ago on the same day some TR candidates did not. I have met plenty of guys who have joined from Flybe/Eastern/Loganair and on the flip side I personally know two NTR candidates who admitted to me they became overwhelmed in the sim and did not get through. It is not a difficult assessment in my opinion but the usual things like showing an ability to learn and improve is the key I think.

Johnny [email protected] Pants 26th Jan 2018 16:48

Throwaway - have you kept in touch with the recruitment team? I only ask as I know plenty of people that have completed the recruitment assessment considerably more recently than that and are now type rated and done and dusted.

Graybulls 27th Jan 2018 12:48


I wish there was a 'like' button!

There's so much cr*p posted here these days, to find one that isn't is quite a feat, but this is one!
We're obviously of a similar age, I had 20+ years of a wonderful long and short haul lifestyle with Monarch before the bubble burst, I'd recommend it to anyone, but would I want to do it again now?........No way, home every night and with no worries about impending ATOL licences for me these days!

Sirijus 13th May 2018 16:57

Hello there! I'm interested in applying as a Non Type-Rated FO, does one have to pay for the TR or is it bonded and how?

Also, I'd greatly appreciate if someone could PM me some example schedules.

Thanks very much!

Flocks 31st May 2018 10:50

Hello all.

I saw on latest pilot job network an ad for a jet2 open day in Stansted the 07th June.

I didn't find anything on the jet2 website...

Can someone confirm if there is an open day the 7th?


rudolf 31st May 2018 13:31

Jet2 Pilot Careers

Scroll down the page, '7 June 2018 - London Stansted Airport Pilot Roadhshow, Raddison Blu Hotel, London Stansted Airport, 10:00 - 17:30'

We Tu Lo 8th Jun 2018 10:34

Out of interest, has anyone been given a start date for this years intake yet? I've seen a few posts on Linkedin of late implying peeps are joining.

blueskiesup 9th Jun 2018 12:02

Has anyone done the new online tests?

Johnny [email protected] Pants 12th Jun 2018 09:03

The salary at ppjn is gross or net?
Net??? You wish, that's gross.

Lifestyle - 737 line pilots are fairly quiet in the winter months but there are some exceptions, and in the summer expect to work hard. Days off per month is 10-12. Standby duties per month depend on the month in question, in the winter quite a lot, in the summer much fewer, 1 or 2 ish.

ScouseGeordie 12th Jun 2018 10:05

Fewer stanby duties in the summer? Surely that’s when you need the cover - for when things start going wrong like ATC delays and so on. Without stanby’s how does the company recover the service?

GKOC41 12th Jun 2018 15:37

Originally Posted by ScouseGeordie (Post 10171204)
Fewer stanby duties in the summer? Surely thatís when you need the cover - for when things start going wrong like ATC delays and so on. Without stanbyís how does the company recover the service?

ScouseGeordie - Aircrew are expensive assets so you can never have enough standby cover. These days Airlines in general have more standby's than "the good old days" because of the EU Comp rules. The best way to manage it however is give crews a big wad of cash to fly on their days off (which is cheaper than subchartering an aircraft)
Switched on Airlines like Thomson worked out many many years ago that a Pilot who sells his day off can cover morning, afternoon and night flights whereas if not you need 3 crew on standby then a few more to cover every "what if" scenario that the Airlines Commercial and Ops folk will come up with. #justsaying if Phil Ward is reading this...

Johnny [email protected] Pants 13th Jun 2018 15:04

The only night stops that have just started are 3 sector days out of STN where they might stop in PMI.

In the winter there are ad hoc charters that sometimes involve nights away.

Other than that, there are no planned nightstops.

Deano777 3rd Jul 2018 10:49

Agree, you might want to delete that comment as they monitor this forum quite alot. I've found jet2 to be nothing but professional, infact very professional, they are up there with the best of them.

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