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clearedfortaxi 15th May 2014 03:14

This thread is BA DIRECT ENTRY PILOT...Though everyone is welcome here, please take your cadet bickering to the appropriate section.:ok:

PENKO 15th May 2014 07:00

If it is your ambition to fly for BA, to fly long haul, or to fly the flag, then BA is the place to be and I wish you all the luck in applying.

Don't leave easyJet because it is such hard work. If you think five earlies are though, then crossing twelve time zones a week will definitely kill you. If you moan about all those night stops in LGW, well...you ain't seen nothing yet!

Don't leave easyJet for a better career. Career wise in BA you'll be in the same position as you are now, only 10-15 years later, flying the same short haul from the same left seat, in the same aircraft, through the same European skies. You'll be much older though.

JB007 15th May 2014 07:26

Don't leave easyJet for a better career.
What a very strange comment!

PENKO 15th May 2014 07:57

What a very strange comment!
Why? Care to explain? I think I very clearly made my point.

Wirbelsturm 15th May 2014 08:42

Don't leave easyJet because it is such hard work. If you think five earlies are though, then crossing twelve time zones a week will definitely kill you. If you moan about all those night stops in LGW, well...you ain't seen nothing yet!
This is the classic quote of someone who has never done Long Haul. The work is very 'person' dependent, some like it (me) some find it a bit tough. Adequate provision is made down route for rest and recuperation in some fantastic hotels in some fantastic locations. The difference being that the bidding system allows you to choose your destinations thus avoiding UK-USA-Uk then UK-NRT-UK which can be a killer! EASA regs are also tightening up on these patterns as the can be fatiguing.

If you don't like night stops then don't bid for them. It will take a year or two to get to a position where you can take only day trips but it does come. As for Gatwick they don't night stop any more. Only 3 on the route structure now as I seem to remember and they are quite popular.

Don't leave easyJet for a better career.
Is an odd comment as, generally, any workforce is mobile for the prospect of improving their career paths and choices. If you want to fly the same patterns in the same aircraft to the same destinations there and back for 45 years then please enjoy. If you want variety then perhaps the Easy Jet career path is not for you.

Financial - It wasn't that long ago that everyone at BA was asked to work "for free" because of the financial problems. Its not clear they are quite there yet in regards the deficit and profit targets.
Well into the procurement of A380's, 787's and awaiting the A350. Rumours of rotating the aging 777-200 to 777X in the future. Operating profits on track to cover capital investments. Workforce expectations for 'costs flat' being maintained. (for how long is anyones guess but that goes for any company)

Culture - I might be a victim of the press here, but it seems every month or so you hear about BA pilots in the press. Ie not doing ground checks properly, reading charts, sending inappropriate photos, murdering their wife, rude messages on ecam, suicide. Is this a problem at BA because the culture says your the best of the best and can get away with things? I really hope not and I appreciate that this is a tiny minority.
4000+ pilots now, you will get a cross section of society in that despite the best efforts of HR. There is historical evidence that shows that those who want to operate outside of the law in their private lives are extremely adept at doing so and very good at hiding it.

The ground checks is a tricky one, pressure from managers to reduce turnaround times at Heathrow led to the cowl checks moving from a walkround item ( one that was already and still is done by most flight crew) to a counter signed engineering function. The engineers made a sad mistake that day.

Competition - Emirates has hundreds of wide bodies on order, which can't all go into Dubai. If it decided to buy its way into Heathrow or Gatwick and setup a hub, how long could BA compete given the efficiency of the fleet and other overheads?
Operating out of the sand pit is highly efficient for the Gulf Carriers. They call the shots, they run the slots and they supply the fuel. Once operating a 'hub' out of LHR they will be as constrained by the lunacy of the UK system at Heathrow as the rest of us. They generally won't be able to tanker return fuel into LHR and they will have to compete for slots and stands like the rest of us.

Relations with crew - Still can't quite believe that BA asked pilots to fill in for striking crew and some actually did it. This one will take a while to get over!
99% of that has disappeared. You needed to follow what was happening behind the headlines to appreciate the actions taken by some. It was not as black and white as many would have you believe. Due to that the relations between the crews and the flight crews has been on the up for a long time and I for one would say that it is a very pleasant place to work at the moment.

A long post but summed up by saying that it is always easier to stay where you feel safe and established. Changing employer in our industry is a difficult and time consuming affair. BA is definitely not for everyone but it is a great place to work despite the occasional 'wart'. All companies have them.

BA intends to grow its presence at Heathrow even if only through SH to LH slot transfer. The routes are great, the hotels are lovely, the people are (barring the occasional one or two) fantastic, well trained and competent.

Make your choice but don't only ever read one side of the story. :ok:

Northern Monkey 15th May 2014 08:47

What a very strange comment!
Why? Care to explain? I think I very clearly made my point.
Your point is, don't leave easyjet because you think BA will be a better career. (I'm guessing because you think it won't be).

JB0007 meanwhile has not interpreted your quote in the same way and has assumed a very literal meaning. "Don't leave X for a better career" taken in isolation and without the subtext would be a strange comment to make. Why would anyone not want a better career if it was on offer?

If you think five earlies are tough, then crossing twelve time zones a week will definitely kill you.
That must be why the waiting list for long haul is so short then right? Why just about everyone aspires eventually to a long haul command?

JB007 15th May 2014 11:40

It's a personal thing and choice based on personal circumstance, as is this job generally, and just IMHO, BA has so much to offer a UK based pilot, at whatever stage/age, I simply wouldn't blame anyone having a very serious look at it and don't believe UK based pilots can't see that! My only comment with regards to PENKO's statement! Those I know from within, all joiners within the last few years - 1 on the B763 and 1 on the B744 - couldn't be happier.

I have a 1000 hours wide-body, and found my world-wide long haul inspiring, fun and far less tiring than any multi-sector day! Very happy to have experienced it...

As I say, it's personal and whatever drives you, be it money, lifestyle or LHS, but big picture stuff - BA is still a good choice and very best of luck to those who wish to apply.

SinBin 15th May 2014 11:57

Top post Wirbelsturm, I agree with everything you say! I feel there is a little justification from those who failed or have never gone for BA selection here, as to why you shouldn't join. It's a little pants at the mo on short haul, was fine a year ago, due to numbers primarily, which is why DEP recruitment is happening! IMHO

PENKO 15th May 2014 17:26

Northern Storm, thanks for pointing out how my comment re careers can be misunderstood. If I was at the start of my career and 15 years younger, I would grasp the opportunity to apply for a FO position within BA with both hands!

For an experienced captain, it is a different proposition, especially one based in one of easyJet's more exotic bases.

fruitbat 19th May 2014 12:26

The DEP recruitment should be advertised in the next couple of days. Good luck

Superpilot 19th May 2014 12:31

Let's hope the web server and bandwidth holds up :}

Narrow Runway 19th May 2014 15:35

"Just an aside - when it has been demonstrably shown that the likes of paedophiles and murderers can cartwheel through the BA hoops and slip through the net."

"By contrast Monarch still (as I write) do not simcheck or extend the interview past a casual chat on flying history and their motivation to join the company."

I know that my reply is off topic, but please bear with me.

I am defending BA here.

Monarch had an FO, who was jailed for 6 1/2 years in about 2006 for paedophilia and child attempted rape.

How did that interview go? What was his motivation to join Monarch? To be near his home in Northants in order to carry on his filthy predilection.

And, you wonder, how do I finish this reply? Well, I could tell you that before he fooled Monarch, he was a pilot at easyJet. And before that, a cadet at jmc Airlines, via CTC.

So, you see, not everything is as simple as it seems.

Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can slip through several nets.

FANS 19th May 2014 15:48

The merits of BA vs EZY are right for each individual to consider. Certainly if you want to fly from a regional airfield, EZY may be a much better option.

In reality, BA will always attract more candidates than it can deal with, which must reflect that it's still one of the best options, especially for those living in the SE.

PitchPitch 19th May 2014 19:08

Out of interest, will not having A levels preclude someone from being invited for assessment regardless of whether or not one may have 1500+ hours on type?


finncapt 19th May 2014 21:02

Don't know about A levels but I do remember once sitting beside a co-pilot who went to a comprehensive school.

When I told Scottish Centre of this "phenomenom" the controller replied that he, too, had been to a comprehensive school.

I let the co-pilot do the comms for the day (and the flying) whilst I sat and sulked!!

Is this derigeur for the National Airline these days!!!

I wouldn't let it stop you applying - it's the least of your worries!!!!

Don't wear brown shoes with a blue suit, as a captain once told me.

no sponsor 19th May 2014 21:19

Very amusing finncapt.

finncapt 19th May 2014 21:23


I'm sure we probably know each other but that is by the by.

I often wondered how it would go down in the pub (I don't play golf) if I say I'm a retired BA captain.

Oh dear we don't really have pubs here in Finland - they are places where vast quantities of alcohol are consumed and people fall over - bit like the six o'clock swill.

But these young whippersnappers wouldn't know aabout that.

Too many red wines, I better stop!!

Peter Chube 19th May 2014 22:26

"de rigueur" is two words. Standards chaps!

Juan Tugoh 21st May 2014 11:19

Thanks Superpilot,very helpful:yuk:

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