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Al Murdoch 3rd Jun 2014 13:33

"I, and everyone I know, refuse to speak to flight crew unless they speak to me. They get what they are entitled to from the tech trolley and nothing else, I NEVER go out with them down route". Quote from a Eurofleet cabin crew member that I was chatting to recently. That's what you're up against I'm afraid - these folks have long memories it seems.

SinBin 3rd Jun 2014 13:47

Yes I do! But I ignore all the shit and rumour, and have worked elsewhere, where BA comes out on top, for me! Living in the BA bubble, you forget the realities of outside sometimes. I have no regrets. What people miss with the stagnation at BA, is that although people are now going to 65, many won't retain their medicals that far! Bid line won't disappear, it will change, but is the current bid line incumbent the best solution for lifestyle or is there a better version? I put my faith in those that represent me from BALPA, and will vote accordingly.

My career at BA will be more interesting and varied over the next 28 years, than had I had stayed at EasyJet. It's not all about the money and pension, at EasyJet you'll probably by dead at 66, then what?

Thompson and Thomas Cook are struggling companies in the current airline and travel industry, and having worked for a struggling airline once before, I'd rather give that a miss thank you. There is little threat of losing one's job at BA, and we aren't about to sign onto another company that is short haul. According to management we are competitive from a cost base, other areas have the spotlight on them.

As has been said above, apply, jump through the hoops and then make the decision when the phone call comes.

I always have a pleasant time down route, yes some crew don't come out, but who cares! 'Oneteam' which is part of the review may change this, and those people who spout this rubbish of 'talking to me first' are in the minority and not worth socialising with anyway!

wiggy 3rd Jun 2014 13:57

Do people actually enjoy working there?
Personally very much yes, but I'm senior'ish on a Longhaul Fleet. Short hauler might quite understandably give you a different answer.

Al M

"these folks have long memories it seems."

Well Eurofleet are under a bit of pressure from management at the moment so needless to say I expect the gripes aimed at pilots will go on from that quarter for a while.

Across the crews there are some who will never come to terms with past events and then again others who just want to get on with life and are good company on and off the aircraft. Usually with a Long haul crew you can filter out/ignore any embittered individuals and still be left with a reasonable number to socialise with.

SinBin 3rd Jun 2014 13:58

Those with crystal balls, :rolleyes: it could all change in that time, I'd say that is length of time for long haul command, that's all some want. Command isn't the be all and end all at BA. It's not why I joined.

go around flaps15 3rd Jun 2014 14:03

I dont think Thomson are struggling to be quite frank. According to the 25 or so ex colleagues of mine that have joined recently they are actually doing quite well.

However the charter industry is fickle so I do see your point.

Someone made a point about Norwegian using the 787 out of LGW and how it might be a threat to long haul at BA. I think the 787 for Norwegian is only in LGW to get the short haul name known.

The major expansion for Norwegian will be short haul out of LGW.

I still think BA is the safest bet in town and if your under the age of 27 the best one as well.

What a pity us Boeing guys arent getting a look in this time.

NigelOnDraft 3rd Jun 2014 14:56

What a pity us Boeing guys arent getting a look in this time
And a good chance that will remain the case I'm afraid :{

With both "junior / SH" fleets now Airbus, stagnation, and the SH "lifestyle" I doubt BA will recruit other than onto the Airbus. Unless the supply of suitable Airbus rated pilots dries up, not sure we'd look elsewhere?


Three Lions 3rd Jun 2014 15:22

So where on earth are BA going to find a number of young A320 FOs to fill these positions?

It has to be a potential option for any FO rated on the A320 series

It does look, to the uninitiated, that DEP recruitment for BA does look likely to be SH A320 for the forseeable future

It is however positive news, hopefully for all. And if not successful at BA, hopefully then it does provide opportunities at the Airlines that have lost FOs to BA for pilots from all the career streams. The operators further down the pecking order will have to find replacement pilots to operate their own flights

Hopefully positive news for all quarters, historically a legacy carrier is usually good news for all. Best of british to all those thinking of applying and those not sure, my advice, go for it anyway see how it develops.

Narrow Runway 3rd Jun 2014 15:29

"So where on earth are BA going to find a number of young A320 FOs to fill these positions?"

easyJet, Wizz Air, Aer Lingus, Vueling, Thomas Cook.......

In answer to your question. Any of the above, but mainly easyJet.

girlpower 3rd Jun 2014 16:15

Three Lions,

The BA recruitment drive won't open up doors at the other end of the spectrum, as you say, because those doors are closed due to Cadet only recruitment from CTC.

Narrow Runway 3rd Jun 2014 16:33

John Smith,

20 years to Command in BA, 20 years to Command in TCX.

I'd have been in TCX 13 years this year if I'd have stayed and I'd be about 200 places away from my upgrade still. They just demoted skippers didn't they? Maybe about 225 away then.

BA is a better bet.

Plastic787 3rd Jun 2014 19:36

Superpilot, totally agree. I love it how people talk as if time to command is some massive issue. Ok for some people and some airlines it is. But let's face it, as a BA SFO (as it stands of course) you are hardly on the financial breadline.

Widebdy 3rd Jun 2014 20:04

Easyjet is a huge company so even if 10% are interested in BA it's enough to cover their recruitment. There will be a sizeable pot of people in easyjet who want to advance to a company which is not low cost and has potential for some variation in fleets/operation. The easyjet guys alone will be able to fill BA if nobody else applied in my opinion. I only know a few guys at easy, all under 29 and all applying. Doesn't hurt to apply and if under 30 it's financially more or less the same except BA gives you options with your life once you get a few years under your belt.

Also as mentioned before Aer Lingus closing LGW base so potentially a few airbus guys there wishing to stay in the south east.

Good news for airbus pilots but for us boeing guys I see absolutely nothing for us in Europe bar the odd vacancy at thomson where options to move between fleets are nothing like BA. Personally the fleet and lifestyle options in BA can't be beaten in Europe unless you speak German or Dutch:}

Plastic787 3rd Jun 2014 20:22

Widebdy I know it's possibly not the point that you're trying to make but, although BA will clearly take a large part of their intake from easyJet, they do like a mix and it won't be in isolation.

Callsign Kilo 3rd Jun 2014 22:21

It'll be a huge draw. When I was assessed in 2011, three out of the six in my group were from EZY. I met a girl who, on the day, had been trough the sim; she was from EZY. When I did my sim my partner was from..yeah, you guessed it. I'd say BA are pretty happy with ex easyjet guys. It is one of the biggest bus operators in Europe so numbers quantify.

I will also add that there were one or two in that group who believed they were BA pilots in waiting. Some folk still regard it as the be all and end all. You can't discard that factor, regardless of what is said here.

Officer Kite 4th Jun 2014 00:05

Hello All,

I was just wondering what people's views are on whether BA may open DEP for the 777. Like is it a likely occurence or is it so remote for the next coming 5 or so years you wouldn't even consider preparing for it with the mass short haul recruitment planned. I'm not entirely sure on when the last time BA did this but think it was about 7 yrs ago. It would seem that future long haul crewing requirements are going to be met by guys on the A320 within BA and few if any to "outsiders" so to speak.
The site at the moment for the DEP states clearly that it's only for A320 and from reading on here I get the impression that even with an A320 TR you're at a huge disadvantage if you've now gone onto the 777 or any other aircraft and so aren't current on it. I'm considering a move home in the coming years but as you may have guessed I would really like to remain on the 777. Please don't berate me, i'm aware beggars can't be choosers but i'm just interested in the likelihood of me getting my break. I'm not bothered about command for the time being either.

Thank you to all who help !

Polorutz 4th Jun 2014 06:44

john_smith, I'm a SFO for EZY and I can tell you that almost everyone I know is applying for the job.

All the new guys on the SO scale with more than 500 hours will apply.

Most of the brits that are in Europe following their European exodus to escape flexicrew will apply.

I'm sure almost every single LIS FO will apply after speaking to them and sensing their morale.

The guys who'll think twice about it will be the ones who are in the command process, even then a few of them will apply as well.

I believe that you can easily find everyone for this intake from easyjet provided they pass the assessments.

Plastic787 4th Jun 2014 07:02

And I say again, it won't be in isolation. If an airbus operator from another airline passes all the requirements and performs well at selection he (or she!) will be offered a position, regardless of whether they are employed by easyJet or not. Naturally as a demographic there will be more successful people from easyJet than anywhere else because they are the largest A320 (A319) operator in Europe. It's not rocket science.

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