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Heston Airlines

Old 28th Oct 2020, 03:39
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Heston Airlines

Heston Airlines is a new proposed ACMI carrier in Lithuania, run by the former Chief Commercial Officer of GetJet, another Lithuanian ACMI

It would be easy to label this as a company run by somebody who doesn't know what else to do with their career, but I'm wondering what a new ACMI airline can do post Covid that other ACMI competitors cannot do. Is there really much of an advantage in being a new company with few liabilities anf all the inherent risk around being a startup compared to being an existing company known to other airline customers ? The fact that so many A320 / B737 aircraft are grounded makes me think demand for ACMI will be weak for a long time
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Old 28th Oct 2020, 09:53
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I couldn't help but wonder if they might have a Captain called Charlton just to fully authenticate the brand...
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Old 28th Oct 2020, 10:28
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I always try to avoid Heston Services where I possibly can, due to the blumenthal-backs in the food queue.
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Old 28th Oct 2020, 11:29
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Perhaps they just have a sense of history with heston being Londons first proper airport and the site of the famous 'Peace for our time' pronouncement by Neville Chamberlain
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Old 6th Nov 2020, 03:05
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I couldn't help but wonder if they might have a Captain called Charlton just to fully authenticate the brand...
Funnily enough there is a village called Charlton down the road from Heston.......

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Old 6th Nov 2020, 23:18
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Might be a smart move. Word within the industry is that we may see a lot more ACMI use as the recovery from covid begins. Personally, I wouldn't want to put a timescale on that just yet.
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Old 14th May 2022, 14:52
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Hesston airlines linked to Heston MRO. Be very careful with any dealings with this business and in particular the owners.
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Old 16th Jun 2022, 13:11
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Could you please elaborate to the degree that you could that is ? Thanks.
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Old 19th Nov 2022, 10:34
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Psychometric and cognitive test Heston Airlines

Good morning
Somebody know how is the psychometric and cognitive tests for Heston Airlines?
what kind of tests they have?
i have this test to do and I would like to practice .
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Old 19th Nov 2022, 11:08
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Blumenthal ?
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Old 19th Nov 2022, 15:49
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Originally Posted by CabinCrewe
Blumenthal ?
A more positive response might be to suggest that the OP is more likely to get a response in the 'Terms and Endearment' Forum

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Old 10th Dec 2022, 14:44
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Originally Posted by CaptainSea
Good morning
Somebody know how is the psychometric and cognitive tests for Heston Airlines?
what kind of tests they have?
i have this test to do and I would like to practice .
Did you find out the kind of psychometric and cognitive tests they use?
many thanks
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Old 4th Apr 2023, 08:44
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Heston Airline, the very definition of the Dunning Kruger effect at its core. Not an airline:rather an entertainment from a jester!
Self entitlement , faking credentials or purchasing cheap ratings, upgrades and instructorships on amazon is usually never enough to belong to the business.
Does the “ boss “ know that the moonies are in the office and that goons , lunatics inbreeds and mongrels have taken over the asylum? No.. I guess not..and the best is yet to come. Enjoy the circus!

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Old 19th Apr 2023, 08:25
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Avoid at all costs ,if you have another opportunity…

Loads of contractual promises non maintained and lost contracts for inability of fulfilling client requirements and authorities certifications.
Salaries and conditions inequality among fleets and individuals .
Fligth time limitations and duty adherence are not respected .
It is a a pseudo company, made of a conglomerate scum of scoundrels and bumpkins, of two specific ethnical group amidst the “chosen locals”. Very low hours and experience everywhere from top management to the last cabin crew.
Fake credentials, self entitlement , ignorance and loads of arrogance with lack of education.
Trying to make things work taking shortcuts with authorities and clients ,with very marginal safety record. Youngsters in the office with zero experience and qualifications in all departments . A circus of incompetence and ineptitude.
With the “tall guy on top”, loads of young lousy self appointed captains coming from “ nowhere “ with upgrade course made in one week and bought off type ratings and certifications on Amazon.
Safety department is a pathetic parody of servilism . Management non existent and delegated to a mob of preposterous and prepotent group of kids.
avoid if you can, at allo cost.
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Old 23rd Apr 2023, 19:58
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Be fun if they fly to Greece or Cyprus. Heston sounds like the Greek word meaning to sh*t on someone.... I kid you not.

Down here, Charlton Heston is credited as Charlton Easton in his movies.

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Old 25th Apr 2023, 08:54
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An accident waiting to happen

Getting ready to leave . Been here shortly but non even shortly enough: an accident waiting to happen in my opinion. No wonder the good or experienced people leave or are forced to leave. “Never place someone better then you in your organisation “.
Scoundrels and mongrels : that is my definition of the Heston’s “ gotha”. Don’t know who is worse: the self entitled giraffe whose nose is so deep in the COO ass that is not even brown anymore? a @true “gentleman” @ recoiling from leaps and bounces in potatoes nation, landed on a chair..or may be the married weasel and cabin crew shagger who likes so much to use the megaphone to communicate his disappointment to ground staff and sneakly changes the roster to always be in charge? He Should learn how to fly first ….Or May be the “red bull pilot of the poor people” , spy of the management, who has hard time controlling his temper in normal ops with the crew , with the same capacity to be in charge of a toddler.? Should learn how to read first and change his bib and diaper, poor little thing… Or the salted yes men , “commanders wannabe” who never commanded anything in their life, but a doctored logbook ? They should take seriously into consideration changing career path to greengrocery sale.. or “the best”: the chubby, bearded big boss , the know-it-all expert whom no one has ever actually met in any existing establishment doing something relevant or even flying.. a racist : stating “ in Germany we hire some nationalities because they are hard worker and don’t complain “.. dispensing directive, and regulations..what a sad display of ignorance, arrogance, emptiness and pool leadership…
the list is so long..
9000 euro a month they said.. until we have a contract.. 20/10 they said.. but i need you to be flexible.. minimum sectors line-training , but if you are a “potato eater “you don’t even need to know how how to fly: training is for the sons of a lesser god, not for the chosen breed…
good bye .. I am out of this ridiculous outfit.. you are warned: beware!
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Old 26th Apr 2023, 18:04
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Sadly , it is all true!

I read a lot of animosity up here in the thread. One wonders where is it all coming from.
Let’s just say that the “ best and brightest “ ideal has gone by the wayside long ago in Heston.
To be completely honest, historically almost no one in the Lithuanian airline acmi/charter operators, from Small planet onwards , ever got there on merit, least of all the newest kids in the block . Apple does not fall far from the tree.
It is safe to assume that every single hire pulled some strings or “ tongued some buttocks “.
That generally doesn’t matter, as long as some sort of substance and professionalism is preserved in the decadent process of appointing friends and elementary school snack buddies, in Airline key positions.
In Heston the situation is snowballing downhill at warp speed and unfortunately someone will get hurt and burned.
My advise to my fellow colleagues above is to keep your head down and your mouth shut, because the “little shits “ are evil, raging and filled with vicious vengeance sentiments, as the recent history has proved. Just stay as long as it suits you with the lowest profile possible.
A ridiculous “code of conduct” exists in the airline while racism, gossiping, mobbing, bullying, discrimination of cultural background and sexual orientation freely co- exists with a healthy backstabbing habit among peers. All is just a pathetic facade.
It is never a fantastic workplace , one in which everyone smiles just to get the wage at the end of the month while waiting for a better opportunity. Sadly it is all true.
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I couldn’t agree more. Working with some of the people here , I have been astonished by the complete lack of any clue about operations.
The standard state in inputting pilots ( selected for being a connection with the “big Kahuna” ) is : if you could fog a mirror and you didn’t drool on the keyboard making the application , you are Heston prime material.
Some people I doubt they even successfully went trough middle school, given the cognitive level.
What is odd is that regardless the continuous shortcomings and failures and embarrassments, these dudes are promoted .. must be a requirement to be an idiot to step up the ladder in this amusing establishment.
I left after not even 3 months: found a much better job, less paid but in which you are not led by such incompetent nullities .

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Old 2nd May 2023, 11:48
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Anyone kind enough to share this?
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Old 4th May 2023, 15:31
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psychometric and cognitive tests for Heston Airlines?

[QUOTE=CaptainSea;11333370]Good morning
Somebody know how is the psychometric and cognitive tests for Heston Airlines?
what kind of tests they have?
i have this test to do and I would like to practice .

I read on the forum you were looking for about the Heston Airlines psychometric and cognitive tests, I’m looking for this too, I’m looking into it too, could you please tell me more about his tests if you’ve passed them, lot of thanks in advance🙏
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