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ANISEC Level Vienna

Old 13th Dec 2018, 21:07
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FYI, for those of you who missed it, there has been an update in the job posting today. Apparently, in addition to Vienna, Anisec is now also looking for pilots for their Amsterdam base. Great news
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Old 14th Dec 2018, 00:26
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Is Vueling going to be rebranded LEVEL in AMS?
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Old 20th Dec 2018, 19:11
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how strongly do they hold to university entry level? I match al DEC non rated requirements (+ LTC on my type). But just miss this one. My high school is bachelor level..
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Old 20th Dec 2018, 20:40
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How could we know? You should ask them upfront.

I think they are flexible about that, because it's no legal requirement whatsoever.

Good luck!
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Old 21st Dec 2018, 17:57
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With that salary they pay they should be happy if anybody applies ;(
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Old 22nd Dec 2018, 20:34
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Yes. For new young pilots this is what they find when looking for a job. Eager and keen and hopefull of
a good type rating and hours on a Jet.
Salary when you are young is secundair. But this is their first pilot salary. They never saw any real salary in their life.
Than life goes on. And your costs in life. House, family, bills.....Over time new airlines emerge again and again.

These Amsterdam Level Job openings come from current BA slots, current Vueling slots, current Iberia (express) slots,
Aer Lingus slots. There is no slot capacity left in AMS. So they exchange these slots for cheaper crew flying their first
job for Level. With the same Airbus. Same landing fees, same fuel burn etc. Only cheaper crew.
They will increase profit margine and the other have to follow. Simple because money talks. Passengers want to go cheap
with this new cheap Airline. Not knowing it is IAG. And not a totaly new indipendant Airline. Same for Lufthansa. They have 14 Airlines under their belt.
you think you have a choice what to fly? Ryr now as well in Poland and with Lauda Motion. To divide and rule.
I would worry if I was in Lufthansa mainline shorthaul. In time they wil be to expensive with their package.
Only because the other are getting cheaper. It is not them getting more expensive. It is relative.
Flightschools are gearing up. But as long the salaries decline and you have to pay for a rating via what ever construction is
wrong. Boeing and Airbus like to sell their toys. But you need batteries for these toys. So they create a mind set that
the world needs thousends of pilots. Cheap pilots means a lot of new jobless pilots. More than truelly needed. But that way they keep the price of batteries down in order to sell their toys.

So that helps,

Good Luck

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Old 21st Jan 2019, 11:53
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Someone asked me about BQ, it is the same for as for EW or SE, I have prepared myself with skytest, no surprises exactly the same stuff
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Old 24th Jan 2019, 12:38
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Wonder why they do not accept EW if it is the same tests....

I am thinking of applying. Has anybody been at the sim already?
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Old 29th Jan 2019, 09:56
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Hello guys!
I'm facing soon a BQ with Anisec in Hamburg.
I was wondering if they focus more on some ATPL subjects than in others in the "Aeronautical basic knowledge" test?

For the rest of BQ, I'm using Skytest. The point is that the examples that Interpersonal gives you to get in touch with the tests are ridiculously easy compared with the SkyTest app ones. Are they similar to those examples given by them? Or more like the SkyTest ones?

Thanks in advance. I will give you feedback as soon as possible (and as much they will allow me).
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Old 29th Jan 2019, 15:35
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Is there someone who can tell me some infor regarding contracts with Level> duty time pay for 66-140 hrs etc>? PB is fine for me, would like to know more before I decide to go for it.

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Old 5th Feb 2019, 18:27
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Hi all,

I did the BQ and the Sim stage last two weeks and was successfull! CQ on march 8th.

I cannot go into detail but what I can tell you is if you practise SkyTest on medium difficulty you should be fine, the tests to focus on are already mentioned before in this thread. ATPL questions are not that hard either. Mainly POF, OPS and PERF.

For the Simulator, for me FNPTII in Hamburg, just try to take one or two sim sessions if you can beforehand to train yourself in basic IFR flying. Get your RT right and make use of Schools SOP's if you have them. Take a good look at the download section on Career.aero, 90% accurate in my opinion.

Good luck to everyone here!
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Old 5th Feb 2019, 18:29
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Hi Hurdle,

I applied with a Bachelor's degree as well, no questions asked untill this point.
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Old 6th Feb 2019, 06:54
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Hey guys!
I know that you can't say basically anything. But please, could anybody tell me what is a Corporate Qualification? I mean, is it an interview? Is it an ATPL oral exam? Is it a psicological exam?
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Old 17th Feb 2019, 08:02
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Does anybody have the salary info for me aswell please?
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Old 20th Feb 2019, 07:07
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Originally Posted by tom.enge View Post
Does anybody have the salary info for me aswell please?
Anisec Luftfahrt Gmbh (Level Austria) pilot jobs, payscales and entry requirements.

But I don't have more precise information than that.


Any ideas on roster pattern ?
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Old 11th Apr 2019, 13:01
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What is the approximate time to command when you join as an experienced F/O? Is there a long list of already suitable guys waiting ?
At the moment, Wizz is asking for 300hrs company time. Same sort of time scale?
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Old 19th Apr 2019, 16:42
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Any recruitment going at the moment? Anybody in the holding pool?
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Old 19th Aug 2019, 08:19
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I believe no recruitment at IP going on at the moment but not sure. There is a group of pilots who succeeded the selection process which are now in a holding pool for a TR date end of this year.
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Old 3rd Dec 2019, 09:22
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Any update on the Terms&Conditions of Anisec (AMS/VIE based) ?
Salary (take home pay), promotions, etc...
Are they on 900h/year as per the rest of the low costs? What are the rosters like?
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Old 4th Dec 2019, 15:25
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Eiffel I don't know any TC other than on pilotjobsnetwork. But why are you interested at this particular moment may I ask?
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