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Old 9th Nov 2017, 17:52
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Good evening,

I am looking for some reliable information about Eurowings.
If someone is accepted for the Fast track command does it mean that they start in the left seat immediately?
Furthermore is it true that the salary you take home as a captain is less than 4000EUR Net?

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Old 9th Nov 2017, 20:13
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Salary is about right yes. Problem is also that you will have Austrian Contract. Means almost no right to Strike for better conditions.
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Old 15th Nov 2017, 08:57
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What is wrong with you ?

Time for some self reflection?
Sure than you will be able to answer it all by yourself.
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Old 23rd Nov 2017, 10:38
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Guys don`t go to Eurowings if you have a loan because with 2000 after tax with a base in Vienna Palma and so on you will not be able to pay the money back. Two of my flightschool friends fly for Eurowings and they will leave to Qatar.
Calculate 600/month for a apartment 400 food 200 car 300 to get home on your off days 200 insurance phone internet so you will have 300 for a life (clothes friends fun )
Its better to go to Condor DHL and other companys
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Old 23rd Nov 2017, 18:55
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This all might be true. Yes conditions are not the best in the market, But see it like this. Fly there 2 years and you have like 1200-1600 hrs on Type ( maybe even able to unfreeze your ATPL ). This opens a lot of doors. You do not have to pay for rating. Bonded maybe 1 or 2 years. Sometimes you have to sacrifice to get higher. This aint P2F.
600 for an apartment? When you are young, just rent together with a colleague.
Food? 400? Yes when you eat every week 3 times steak at can pedro, but otherwise 250 will do. Car? 300 a month? I have an 16 yr old Audi TDI. That does not cost a fortune in maintenance or fuel.

I have to say that I am not working in EWE, but I have been MANY times in Mallorca, I know pretty much what the costs are in PMI. Vienna of course is bit more expensive, but again, just two yrs of not so fancy life and make big steps forward. Go to the ME for instance could be also an option to pay back your Loan quicker and then move back to Europe .

Why do you need to fly home every month? Besides you can fly on Standby tickets. Especially when you are young you should take your chance. Then after 2 years you leave.

Yes DHL, Condor are much better companies, but first of all you need to get invited first.

As a low timer, you should take your chance and take the job, make hrs and move on to better airlines. You can wait for the big price, but maybe that makes you missing the boat. Then another crisis hits and you are still on the ground for god knows how long.

AGAIN, the conditions are not good, but as a low timer you are not in the position to demand salaries of 5K a month. Make the hrs and move on to better Airlines. Especially with 1500 hrs on 320 opens doors to for instance Easyjet, BA or any other bigger airline where you have much better conditions.

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Old 23rd Nov 2017, 19:15
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but if you accept the low salary, there'll be a douchebag accepting half of your salary for the same job. and the salary go down down down.....
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Correct, but they will never get it.

The days of collective action is over with young generation, its every man for himself until they realize there is nothing better coming, cause they actively helped destroying the good jobs.
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Old 24th Nov 2017, 09:17
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P40warhawk I honestly can't believe what you are saying !
Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to waste 2 years of your life earning a rubbish wage when if you stuck together with other pilots you could of gone to a 5k a month job with a decent airline . As long as guys like you sell your soul then it will never end AND get much much worse (if it can )
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And now I read somewhere that Thomas Cook is starting “Thomas Cook Spain” with base in Palma with an all A320 fleet. It will be interesting to see how much lower than their UK / Scandinavian contracts they are aiming for.... The spiral continues.
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Especially with 1500 hrs on 320 opens doors to for instance Easyjet, BA or any other bigger airline where you have much better conditions.
Easy and BA have all but given up on recruiting Direct Entry type rated - BA especially have experienced, type rated people in a hold pool, ready to join at pretty much a moments notice, but are recruiting cadets from CTC and oxford instead. Why? because they are willing to be treated like second class citizens, so that at some point in the indeterminate future they "can have much better conditions".

This cadet contract / P2F cancer is everywhere. And I can't help but feel we (as a pilot group) have missed our chance to have the cure.
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Old 26th Nov 2017, 13:48
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Actually, new captains or cpts without previous experience above >19.5 tons JET are nettoing 3300/3500 euros a month. This summer many had 7 days off in a month with late finish and early start, many standbys days (they are free for the company) and up to December, 0 (zero) vacation. If you think Ryan is bad, well think again. I believe only in Indonesia you can find worst conditions. Ah, not to forget: the permanent contract in Austria has no meaning: you can be fired with 3 month notice without any reason needed
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How can they find people at 1/2 or even 1/3 the market rate for Captains? Is it just because of the home base?
I understand that one might want to sacrifice some money for being at home, but this much money?
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Even Lufthansa mainline guys are just now voting to lose 15% of their T&Cs. TUI just lowered their T&Cs as well, Condor (Thomas Cook) is in the process to get a new lower cost AOC in germany besides their new balearic arm to lower T&Cs.
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Originally Posted by Veltro View Post
Why blaming it on the young ones when you, the previous generation, failed to protect your (our) interests?
Because, despite repeated warnings, you did it anyway.

Own it. You paid for it.
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Emirates now bonding upgrades for $40K over 2 years. A sign of the times....
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EWs (that one in Austria) has pros and cons like all companies.


If you have no experience and you are a bit desperate to find your first job go for it. EW will prepare you for the entry test and the following sim. They are as desperate as you.

Brandnew aircrafts, all 320s.

Nice bunch of colleagues with few exceptions.

Its not a p2f job!

If you are a lucky one with hours, you will get your upgrade quick.


The idiots are right in the management. Few pilots wanted to leave right after flying with the Chief Pilot of the fleet. Often unnecessarily distracted, the best example of incompetence in every aspect.

Your contract can be terminated with 3 months notice, the same goes for your base.

It is eventually the worst contract in Europe.
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I wanna clear up with some of the myths with Eurowings Europe (EWEU) here. first of all i clearly want to point out that theres much room for improvement regarding pay here.
I also think the pay for new captains / fast track upgraders (btw fast track upgrade means you start as a FO, i guess around 6 months is a realistic number before starting the upgrade course) is absolutely at a very low standard but it also has to be mentioned that guys with e.g. +8000hrs PIC can get a basic pay of +135k + sectors flown. for sure its true that there are better deals out there with that experience but i just want to make clear that there is a huge range of what is offered or not offered.
its also true that many have flown only few extra sectors in the first 1.5yrs of operations due to lots of flights being used for training. but at my start here i also had months with 25 days off. i guess in the future around 20k for extra sectors is a realistic number.
actually there is a new works council installed now and its also not true that youre not allowed to go on strike in austria (even if its not common).
i have been with three other airlines in my career before (including a legacy one) and from the point of crewing/roaster/vacation planning etc. it was all more or less the same (depending one the kind of ops being operated, for sure long haul is not loco short haul).
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Taking a look around between these new ops i can only say that middle east and far east remain the only option if we want to guarantee a future to our loved ones.
Thats the price to pay.
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MXer, can you give some information on how many sectors are flown on average when based in VIE?
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Hy all,

Does any of you have updated information about the job in Vienna?
Roster, duty times, atmosphere among the crew?
Thank you
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