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Virgin Atlantic FO payscale

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Virgin Atlantic FO payscale

Old 7th Jan 2018, 19:21
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Wow, must be an absolute blast on the flight deck when a PPU guy is crewed up with a BALPA proponent. The silence across the Atlantic would be deafening.

Having been in 2 airlines without union representation, I find it depressing that Virgin pilots managed to generate a situation where they are effectively doing the management’s job for them, namely dividing themselves into opposing groups. The pikey management at Ryanair expend a lot of effort to achieve that goal and Virgin pilots do it for free. Like herding cats - we are our own worst enemies.
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Old 7th Jan 2018, 22:04
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Champagne anyone...?
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Adolf - genuinely the “issue” never really rears its head at work. You get the odd tub-thumper but nobody lets union matters interfere with professionalism and general civility whilst working. There’s some good-natured banter in the bars downroute but I’d suggest it’s pretty fair to say that most people are just bored of it now. There are a few internet/keyboard warriors who’ll froth and foam about it on here or on the company forums but realistically the vociferous diehards are few and far between nowadays.

Still a great company with great people and great Ts & Cs and long may it remain so.
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Old 19th Jan 2018, 19:51
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Busta Level and Nearly Man

How is your splinter group going. Just got a news break from some of your VA chums. Sounds like your splinter group has splintered again. A small % of the splinter union members voted to reject a pay deal that as eh, been accepted and implemented. Brilliant. What's your next move, return the pay increase back to the airline?

Meanwhile the tiny little union that I belong as just announced further improvements for our cadets on the back of a pretty good pay deal.

I really do not see your logic but a dying to know what your next move will be?

Anyway, its not a peeing contest so lets measure success on achievements?

Postage stamp anyone?
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Old 20th Jan 2018, 00:33
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recruitment news for 2018? is it worth saying hello at fleming way and handing over the application personally? Im there in some weeks for a screening for another company and thought maybe give it a try. but im young, just 320 rating and just below 1000h on type
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Old 20th Jan 2018, 08:11
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If you were that keen on joining then you would do the research yourself , it took me literally 30 seconds to find out that you require 3000hrs total and 1000 on type to join VA
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Old 20th Jan 2018, 18:04
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Who are the Judean People's Front and who are the People's Front Of Judea again?
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Old 20th Jan 2018, 18:40
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Originally Posted by Snapper5 View Post
If you were that keen on joining then you would do the research yourself , it took me literally 30 seconds to find out that you require 3000hrs total and 1000 on type to join VA
you really refer to pilotjobsnetwork with an entry from 2012?
guy, go home. On VA´s homepage i can find 2500/500h on type. But I don't know how old these news are, thats why im asking.
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Old 20th Jan 2018, 18:54
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Just offer to work for half the salary they will soon drop their hour requirement then! I understand these limits were “fudged” slightly for recent joiners so you never know, keep on trying.
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Old 20th Jan 2018, 19:29
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You really do come across as a very smug, self centred, rather nasty individual.

Until the very last moments of your previous employer (until 5th October 2017), you sang their praises and ignored all the obvious - just like Canute.

You got lucky. Virgin took you on and not for the first time you’re spouting off from the inside.

I genuinely feel sorry for your colleagues. The recruitment process failed them.
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Old 20th Jan 2018, 20:19
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Given the trail of Snappers tone regarding this thread (and many others for the matter), nothing pleases me more than to see him corrected.

I echo the sympathies above to your new colleagues.
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Old 30th Sep 2019, 15:43
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Does anybody have an up to date FO payscale?

If anybody has a typical FO roster that would also be much appreciated!
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