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Norwegian B787 - FLL based

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Norwegian B787 - FLL based

Old 27th Mar 2018, 08:06
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Originally Posted by Meester proach View Post
And, regional pilots get paid less in the US than a supermarket trolley collector here in the UK, so please explain who pays these massive CRJ salaries.
The sad irony is that in the UK, a supermarket trolley collector has more employment rights than Norwegian’s 787 pilots have with the airline. Via convoluted direct employment circumvention, Norwegian’s pilots on all fleets, have no employment relationship with the airline – their real employer.

Rishworth states on its website they are “the provider” for Norwegian’s 787 pilots and that “Pilots will be employed by Global Crew”.

Global Crew is listed by UK Companies House as an “employment placement agency” with registered offices in rural England – Link:


Interested parties and potential applicants should examine the company Filing History, in particular the accounts filed on 19 December, 2017, page 11, item 7:

“The company does not have a bank account, therefore, all income and expenditure is collected or incurred by other group companies”.

Convolution and circumvention of undefined proportions surrounds this particular atypical labour model.

There is no reference to any Norwegian 787 FLL or other US base on the Rishworth website.

Despite the facts, it is unlikely Norwegian’s sycophants will offer anything other than their usual playground personal attack.
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Old 27th Mar 2018, 09:02
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Originally Posted by Direct Bondi View Post
There is no reference to any Norwegian 787 FLL or other US base on the Rishworth website.
Why would there be any reference on the Rishworth website? They have nothing to do with FLL.
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Old 27th Mar 2018, 20:07
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Originally Posted by 4runner View Post
I speak the truth and I donít care what a non-US pilot think. Look up the number of ads for crj pilots and the bonuses. Also, crj captain pay is ok these days. Iím right and you donít know of what you speak of.
I work in the US as well and you are talking absolute hogwash. Stop trolling you idiot!!
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Old 31st Mar 2018, 15:33
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My take and American BS

Having worked both in the UK and now the USA at a 121 carrier I can say this. Some Americans distain for Norwegian is utter BS. Most in the USA will try and compare legacy American / United / Delta with Norwegian and tell you NAS will bring down the US pilot contracts. They are not comparing apples to apples.

Why are they not comparing Frontier's pay or what Spirit pilots were making which was peanuts. Why don't they ever talk about holidays which are no where near European standards. Some airlines in the USA do have bonds, they don't like to mention those either.

Regional pilots are treated like cattle, even the American wholly owned pilots who work for the dangle of " flow " to mainline taking up to 9 years.

Next they will say " but we are talking equipment they fly " Ok then lets look at Atlas cargo flying 747 and 767s .

The fact of the matter is this, supply and demand. Wages are increasing in the USA not because management values pilots but because they can't get applicants through the door unless they bring up T/C .

The one thing NAS doesn't have is pilot commuting which is HUGE in the USA. I can commute home on nearly any airline for free and get jump seat if the cabin is full. This is a huge bonus for being able to live anywhere in the country.

Overall the Norwegian contract needs work but so do many US contracts. Making NAS out to be scabs is wrong but thats how the airline is looked at here and if you want to progress your career in the USA don't work at NAS unless that will be the last airline you want to work for here.
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Old 31st Mar 2018, 15:41
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couch BS

Originally Posted by shedsd330 View Post
If you don't have a degree and are not pursuing one, your odds of a US Legacy position are paltry. Spirit or other LCC are viable options. Instead of asking for leads, why not get going on applying? And for the record, with the retention bonuses offered, first year regional pay is almost competive with OSM's 787 FO offer. Repulsive to say the least.

Unfortunately OSM prob thinks you are a perfect candidate for this horrific contract. And yes those taking these positions will be looked down upon as scum may not scab, but scum. Sorry to say but in US we have zero history of contracting out brand new WB seats for paltry pay and training bonds.
Piedmont airlines 121 wholly owned - American mainline flow in 4-5 years no interview. Same with PSA and Envoy ( 9 year flow )

soooo please don't say 'paltry' into mainline. Getting into an American wholly owned is as simple as having 2000 hours on a 172 ....

A guy with 737 time will be scooped up by Eagle and have 4 years to flow to American, all the while getting an American employee number from day 1 at Eagle , getting free passes, buddy passes, and CASS as well as pensionable time. You have to be willing to work at a commuter for 4 years learning American SOP's as they are aligned.

This is the type of misinformation I detest from people. Usually from older bitter types who never made it out of a Cessna caravan or who graduated from EMB Riddle and believe they are the dogs bollocks which they are not.

Next you will be told AA is not a legacy carrier that only applies to Delta and United. "sigh"

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Old 7th Aug 2018, 06:48
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Any updates to the FLL contract for NAS 787 pilots?
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Old 7th Aug 2018, 14:51
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Originally Posted by CW247 View Post
Desperately short, emails sent to existing pilots at the base asking them to recommend friends. This kind of gig is only attractive to guys with 2 passports or long term desires to be in Europe.
What makes you say that regarding the passports and Europe....just curious and interested t know.
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Old 8th Aug 2018, 19:11
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I'm curious too haha. I have a Spanish passport and in a couple of months I should get my American passport. Love the country but taking care of parents in Europe is my priority obviously. So why that attractive?
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Old 9th Aug 2018, 08:16
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Hi. Noted the comment that they are desperately short of pilots. Last year I saw the contract the US pilots had to sign. Unless it has changed since then, the recruitment company virtually owns your career while there and for three years after you leave, even into retirement.
After the initial three years (of no pay increases), you were on a rolling one year contract, which could be terminated at will by them. If you left, you could not work for any aviation entity, which they dealt with, for the subsequent three years. It was so broad a statement, that you could not legally work in aviation for that period of time. It was a one sided contract, which didn't recognize the skills and experience brought to the company by the pilots, and in particular, those with wide body, international experience.
There was no medical coverage for family members, and no retirement provision. I know several people who are well qualified, and who wanted to go there until that contract got passed around.
If you want to work at another airline in the US, you will need to buy yourself out of this contract. Do your research on the contract, as it is quite common in the US for companies to take legal action in these cases.
Should you wish to return to Europe, you can bid to do so after the three years has expired. However, the openings will be based on your seniority. As it stands now, LGW seems to be the most junior base, and as many FO's and Relief Captains have been hired in the interim, and will upgrade, openings may take a while.
This information is from late last year.

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Old 10th Aug 2018, 07:15
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Originally Posted by CW247 View Post
Guys do the research, it's supposed to be obvious. Most American pilots and hirers view anyone who goes to Norwegian as "scabs" (it's BS and wrong, I know). Most American pilots do not want to risk their careers so they stay well clear, unless they know their future is not in the US.
Well, it could also have something to do with the poor cotract on offer compared to what is now being offered at other carriers, including LCCs, in the US. What NAS offers a 787 captain is nothing short of an insult. The same applies to the amount of days you are expected to be on duty.
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