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WOW Airlines

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Originally Posted by 7Q Off

The 330 also helped to kill that company. To big to expensive.
too =/= to
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Originally Posted by 7Q Off

The 330 also helped to kill that company. To big to expensive.
That’s just a convenient excuse on behalf of the management, which the public seems to have naively accepted. This company has been haemorrhaging money out of every hole with, or without the A330 - I’ve been in several places before and have never ever seen such a mess of a company. It was pure ‘inmates running the asylum’ - and no, I have no axe to grind with them, just stating my, somewhat qualified, observations.

While I do feel for the workforce (having been one of them), WOW going down is actually a good riddance to the industry.

Fingers crossed, I hope you all find better jobs quickly.
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Very poor management
very poor training
very high arrogance
all already said many times and this is the natural selection.
It is time to open the books and start learning and mini icelandic captains have to think deeply. Even More deeply then the mini green pilots.
there will be no foreigners rising the standards anymore. You have to show who you are.
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Originally Posted by Krugerpark

Sorry, Í don’t quite get it: your point is...skuli is á reliable and trust worthy entrepreanur?

below is the email sent by his Staff 5 hours before declaring bankruptcy with all the termination letters signed by the Estate curator already in the póst and the aircrats seized on ground...

”Dear coworkers
WOW air is in the final stages of finalizing equity raise with a group of investors. All flights have been postponed until documentation with all parties involved have been finalized. Further information will be given at 9 am. “

28 mar 2019 0316

cheating liars....

It really wasn't my intention of giving off the impression that Skuli Mogensen is a trustworthy entrepreneur, on the contrary!
Since it was reported earlier this winter that Wow hadn't been making payments to employees pension funds, I have been expecting this downfall.
I am however amazed how he could manage to string people along, both potential investors and customers for so long.
The evening before the company went under, they were advertising on one of the largest news sites in Iceland, (with a huge banner on the top of the site mind you), a one way fare from Keflavik to London Stansted for 40$ !

If you decide to sell your product below cost, you can't expect to stay in business very long.....
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Just a wee tip but when your potential employer offers you an old airforce base to live in I wouldn't give them the time of day. The warnings were there from the get go.
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