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Smokie 16th Apr 2016 23:48

WOW Airlines
Anyone got any info on this airline, based in KEF ?
Ts & Cs the usual. Seems a mix of Short, Medium and Long haul.

CaptainProp 17th Apr 2016 18:15

20/10 schedule.

Cpt €7700 + €145 per diem, in other words, €10600 per month.
FO €4250 + €100 per diem, €6250 per month.

Accommodation is "subsidized at base" so I guess that means you will end up paying most of that cost.

Not exactly the best deal around but they are supposed to be a friendly bunch of people.

oceancrosser 19th Apr 2016 12:37

Apparently the accomodation, will be at the former US base at KEF airport. WOW's owner has bought some housing there which apparently is for this use. Not exactly an exciting area...

LZ-DOC 19th Apr 2016 21:57

Been There Done That
A few words about WOW.
Read the small print. Iceland has taxes as high as Belgium.
Being an island, food and restaurants are about 2 times more expensive than EU.
Booze is 3 times more expensive than EU.
Crews have special allowances for DF, but... if you lapse and get caught, the fine is minimum 200 EUR.
One alcohol store per town/village.
Normal supermarkets sell only mild beer - 2.5/3.0 %.
Winter starts mid August ends mid June.
BIKF is a beloved test-flight airport for x-wind.
Also all NATO AFs love to exercise and transit through there. Imagine just falling asleep after a night duty and a ****** Typhoon screams past your window!
Yeah. Past your window. Because the so called "accommodation" is a refurbished ex-officers quarters in the former USAF base!
Same refurbished place has vent lids that clatter like mad in any wind above 25 knots - a light breeze by Iceland standards where 70 knots winds are quite common. Have a good night!
And WOW operation is one of the most difficult I have ever had in my career.
Winter time closest alternate is Glasgow, about 2 hours away...
Have a look, by the way, at your main alternate BIAR...
Iceland/WOW is not a place for faint hearted people or hour builders!
Only good pass-time is fishing.
Cod and mackerel are abundant and great fun.
Any local woman can drink you to death. If you survive, you stand a slim chance of a ****. And they don't like us foreigners. Because we stand out like sore thumb. And when we are gone, they still need to find someone to keep them warm for 10 months...
You can buy me some virtual beers...

Smokie 20th Apr 2016 00:23

LZ, love that post :ok:
What is DF though?

Not a newbie, been around the block, with several Thousand hours under the belt and was looking for somewhere different. I hear the skiing is good which also is an attraction :)⛷

Is long haul a realistic upgrade option too? Are the salaries the same?

Currently Rated 320/321

Thanks :cool::ok:

LZ-DOC 20th Apr 2016 05:23

Crew Duty Free allowance is 0.5 l of liquor or 1.5 l of wine or 3 l of beer per 72 hours, counting from the last purchase.

C_Star 20th Apr 2016 12:40

That's barely enough... :E

tomuchwork 20th Apr 2016 13:37

@ C Star

Absolutely right especially after that what LZ-DOC wrote ;-) . It seems you need a lot of booze to make life there colourfull ^^

Smokie 20th Apr 2016 23:06

OK got it now :( Where on earth are you going to get 0.5 L as most are sold in 0.7L and 1L bottles..... :confused:

C_Star 21st Apr 2016 02:37

Originally Posted by tomuchwork (Post 9350328)
@ C Star

Absolutely right especially after that what LZ-DOC wrote ;-) . It seems you need a lot of booze to make life there colourfull ^^

I am an Eastern European, so I need double that, just to survive ...:} On the brighter side, I should be able to drink with local women and live to tell the tale... Where do I apply?

CaptainProp 21st Apr 2016 10:18

Contract is directly with agency so Icelandic taxes not applicable.

Weather is same as you'll find in many parts of Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Russia, northern UK etc.

As far as I understand, moving to 330 from 320 involves pay deductions for CCQ until paid off. 330 probably means some night stops depending on how the network will develop and therefore some time off the island while being on duty.

Captain_Hook 25th Apr 2016 11:56

What is a typical roster during the 20 days on?

totto70 26th Apr 2016 16:34

I am considering the contract. Has anyone of you attended the assessment? if so what can I expect in terms of interview and simulator.
Many thanks in advance.

Mr Angry from Purley 26th Apr 2016 17:48

What is a typical roster during the 20 days on?
Work your nuts off

oceancrosser 26th Apr 2016 20:19

Apparently WOW employees were told today that the A330s are late. Like really late.
The first one to be registered TF-GAY (and when painted was thoroughly photographed and advertised in certain circles) has not been registered at all.

Aircraft Registry Lookup | Register | Aircraft | Aviation | Icelandic Transport Authority

Planespotters lists it as "stored". Wonder how this will work out.

EDDT 26th Apr 2016 21:49

funny guys in the licensing department

Smokie 30th Apr 2016 20:36

Is there an age limit for these guys?

HurryUp&Retire 3rd May 2016 11:45

so whos the agency that is doing the hiring?

Smokie 6th May 2016 17:13

The agency is Confair.

Inoppy 20th May 2016 03:19

Any idea of what to expect in the interview and Sim? Any roster examples?

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