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Ryanair Non-Rated DEC

Terms and Endearment The forum the bean counters hoped would never happen. Your news on pay, rostering, allowances, extras and negotiations where you work - scheduled, charter or contract.

Ryanair Non-Rated DEC

Old 2nd Feb 2015, 23:11
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let's make it easier.
5/4 everywhere except ALGHERO in summer.
Contractor capt 100 hrs 12k euros floating-> 14k euros
contractor FO 100 hrs 7k euros floating > 9k euros

Direct FR contract capt ITALY 100 hrs 7500 euros
Spain 7000-7500 euros
UK 5000-6000k pounds

direct Fr contract FO italy 100 hrs 5000 euros
spain 4500 euros
UK 3500 pounds

and yes 5-4 roster and the chance to change my roster as long as i find a colleague willing to fly my day 1 or 5 make me able to go to Ny or whatever I want for a weekend without any problem or an even easier 4 days in europe....
I'm based at home with 14days off per month plus 1-2-3 stby makes 17 day doing whatever I want at home with family, gf, friends..

Yes guys go to china on triple7 or go in dubai....I'll follow you after!!
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Old 3rd Feb 2015, 00:26
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How do you get to be a UK-based directly employed FR DEC?

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Old 3rd Feb 2015, 04:23
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Fulminn: numbers you gave; after tax for direct FR contract i presume?
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Old 3rd Feb 2015, 09:16
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Fulminn, I love your figures based on 100 flying hours p.m, that is very realistic
I know Contract FOs who have taken home over 7000 after tax on a normal summer months. Captain's hourly rate is 50% higher. Do the maths. I suspect they're all intelligent enough to know to put money aside for the quieter months!
How can you invest any potential extra money in a serious pension plan with such a precarious job? Banks will never trust in you. Not even Bernard Madoff would have made a deal with a Ryanair slave. Those summer months incomes are just helping to cover the hard winter season, when all Ryanair Boeings are parked 24 hours a day for a few months.

Regarding those take home figures for self employed contractors, do they really pay all the taxes that they should pay, especially after 2 years? Probably not.
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Old 3rd Feb 2015, 10:53
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Be wary about some of the numbers given here

There is no standard FR contract. All bases have different numbers. The local deals for tax/social insurance vary and will have an impact on take home pay. Recent FR contracts for FO's in mainland Europe as low as 18 000 Euro/year for FO < 1500 hrs. Even with allowance + sector pay it will be far less than fulminn's 4500-5000 !!!!!

For Contractos (Storm/Brookfield). Numbers are going down because the times are over when you could put up a company in Dubai/Malta/Isle of Man and skip out on income taxes. The times are also over when you could pay the ridiculously low Irish PRSI (Pay Related Social Insurance) of 4 %. Contractors who have been here a while can live on grandfathers rights for a few more years, but new joiners can't avoid it.

A colleague spoken to recently said she's got a retention rate of 46 % on a normal month, complying with taxes. That is, 46 % of what your company invoices Brookfield actually ends up in your wallet. Do the maths yourself; [ per hour] x [Hours per anum] x 0.46.

This is the future. What your hear today is from people that's been living the good years under dubious tax agreements. Wait 10 years and see what the average FO will say they per month.
There are still people out boasting and bragging about how awesome money they make as contractors.

So listen to salesmen like Depone and fulminn all you like, but use caution before you accept their numbers of the bat. Better ask all pilots in Ryanair, old as well as new for their facts. Everyone has a different situation.
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Old 3rd Feb 2015, 10:57
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Depone thanks for your prompt reply. Of course Ryanair is a strong company, no doubt about it but by precarious I was refering to Ryanair's terms and conditions, base unstability, irregular amount of income and possibility to get sacked with no valid reason.

20 years ago your colleagues were offered a more decent contract, especially those who came from Aer Lingus, but things are completely different now. Just until a few years ago most of Ryanair brookfield pilots were not paying any tax but the Eu and irish authority changed the rules and the game is over.

Flying 900 hours per year, 10-11 hours of non stop duty per day is really not good for your health, especially with 5 days ON in a raw, going to bed well after midnight or having to wake up at 4am depending if you are on lates or on earlies. That's why the majority of Ryanair pilots and cabin crews are under 35 years old.
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Old 3rd Feb 2015, 14:40
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Ryanair creates a great deal of fear for the current and would be future pilots of legacy and other european airlines. With a couple of exceptions (e.g. Easyjet, maybe Wizz) no one really seems to have an answer to their business model. Lufthansa, Air France and others have stated this publicly as their reason for needing to set up cheaper alternatives.

The obvious benefits with Ryanair are that they are likely to survive and continue growing. So your job security (insovency related) and opportunities for F/Os to become a captain are a given. The down side is that Ryanair's out and out Taylorist (think Ford conveyor belt) approach makes you a small cog in a very big wheel. It is not difficult to think of reasons to dislike them and their business practices. But unless you win the lottery and get taken on directly by a legacy carrier there are sadly a lot worse places to be.
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Old 3rd Feb 2015, 20:07
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Depone, fair point!

Just the number you've mentioned are in the high range, in my experience.
5000 net pcm, is not that far from reality in some bases. 7000 pcm for FO, whilst true, doesn't happen often and certainly not for the normal 2+ year FO who is paid back 200-300 euro, tops, in expenses each month. Rest is taxed.

The reality is the FR is a great place for some people, a nightmare for others
Sums it up well, in words w/o the numbers
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Old 4th Feb 2015, 02:54
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Debating the relative salaries available is purely academic until you pass the interview. Ask your work mates who have experienced it there, most companies now have ex Ryanair guys employed.

Still no one heard from submitting their DEC application?

Do all none rated pilots have to pay the €29000 for type course? Bugg#% that !

( Not Orange, check your pm's)
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Old 18th Jul 2015, 22:22
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Microwave food? And up at 4 AM for earlies?

What a bunch of crap....... There is no Microwave oven on board, and what you bring is up to you. Try the crew meals in China........

If you start lates at 2pm you finish well before midnight. Some days long some short. You at least dont sit 4 hours waiting for pushback on every flight like in China. Stop spreading shit. And it is spelled in a ROW, not RAW. Raw is how the Japanese eat their fish.

Good luck.
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Old 19th Jul 2015, 03:42
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Time to command please for an experienced fo?
10000hrs TT
1900 on type?

Thank you
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Old 19th Jul 2015, 05:09
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The criteria for new joiners to be considered for command upgrade are 1 recurrent sim graded at good or better and having spent 1 full winter in the company. This means you can expect the command upgrade process to begin about 6-8 months after joining subject to the above.
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Old 20th Jul 2015, 14:32
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I think its 2 sims grade good or better. A sign off from Base Capt and TRE. Most people I've met had to do at least a year to learn the 'Ryanair' way !
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Old 21st Jul 2015, 16:58
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I've been offered a job with Ryanair as a DEC on a UK employment contract employed directly by Ryanair. I'm currently employed by another UK LCC and am mulling over whether to make the switch. Can anyone who's employed directly by Ryanair on a UK sterling contract answer some questions I have:

How does leave work? Is it true you only get 2 x 5 day blocks a year off on top of your month off and that you're unlikely to get any leave in the summer?

How much out of base flying do you do? And do the company arrange hotels and transport if operating away from base?

Is it correct the company matches up to 6% into a DC pension plan?

How much is the allowance to cover uniform, car parking etc?

I appreciate every base is different, but approximately how much is the basic and variable pay on a UK contract? I assume the basic is still paid on the month off?

Some of these points were covered on my assessment day but there was a lot to take in so any clarification on the above points would be appreciated. PM if you would prefer, thanks for your help.
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Old 21st Jul 2015, 19:36
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I can only answer for STN based Ryanair company Captain

10 days are on top of the calendar month and over the years have variously taken them all together giving a 22 day block, taken 5 giving 13 days off and also as ad hoc days.

Had a week off in the summer this year

In the last 12 years been sent out of base once, the company has to supply everything, taxis, hotel etc.

Company matches up to 6,000 paid into pension

6,000 allowances

38.49 gross hourly sector pay

103.45 gross holiday pay per day

396.55 gross for working day off

Basic plus 18 days payment for month off
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Old 22nd Jul 2015, 15:36
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what's the approximate take home each month Aerobat, if you don't mind me asking? Also whats the basic plus 18 days payment for month off...you mean plus an average of 18 days flight pay on top of basic?
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Old 22nd Jul 2015, 17:30
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The month off gives you basic salary plus 18 days of holiday pay.
Take home pay depends upon your personal tax code and how much you pay into the pension but basic gross is about 6,000 plus sector pay.
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Old 22nd Jul 2015, 18:20
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Gross basic at the regional UK bases is less, around 5150
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Old 30th Jul 2015, 19:37
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Penworth, is this as type rated or non type rated?
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Old 1st Aug 2015, 08:18
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In addition to the numbers given by aerobat, there is an agreement with HMRC that allows you to claim 1500 pounds a year in tax relief for expenses
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