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Thomson recruitment.

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Thomson recruitment.

Old 18th Aug 2014, 10:29
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Salary is reduced across 12 months to account for the 50% winter working, as already stated it's circa 80% of full time pay. Full time pay on joining due to the fact you start and are training during the winter season. Maximum of five years on PPY50 (Permanent Part Year) before being made full time.
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Old 18th Aug 2014, 11:48
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....and 15 years to a command! Now that Thomson Airways has lowered its cost base in the form of new contracts for new pilots to the airline that are very similar to the competition (easy, Norwegian etc) why would anyone join?

Make no mistake, there are some very well off pilots in Thomson who have been in the company many decades and who have terms and conditions which would make you blush. But new recruits will be joining a B737 operator on similar terms and conditions to other LCCs and any perceived financial gain in the beginning will be easily eroded away by the lengthy wait to command.
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Old 18th Aug 2014, 12:27
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@ Boeing7E7: better stay in RYR then ?
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Old 18th Aug 2014, 12:37
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Boeing 7E7 I appreciate it's not what it used to be. But considering a majority of the 737 rated guys will be RYR and having done time there, I would rather be in the RHS at Thomson for 15 years than anymore time in RYR...even if I could have been LHS after 4-5 years. The T&Cs still beat what's on offer elsewhere.
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Old 18th Aug 2014, 14:15
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Question Contacts @ Thomson

Does anyone have any contact details for the recruitment peeps at Thomson? I have a couple of questions I needed to ask and all of the ones I can find online (phone numbers etc) seem to be generic and of little use or not still connected. The reason for needing to ask directly is that I'm ex military and I know in the past they have been keen supporters of hiring people like myself. Please inbox me if you do. Not a fan of openly sharing this kind of info. Thanks in advance.
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Old 18th Aug 2014, 14:26
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The salary is similar to other locos but the t&c's are still excellent and let's not forget our add ons for example a level 2 SSH is worth 170 quid. Plus a 15% pension package and the chance of longhaul in the future and it's still a good deal. Time to command in an issue granted.
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Old 18th Aug 2014, 14:29
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Thanks rjay259,

How long is the list for guys wanting to move to LGW? Are we talking a year or so wait or longer?
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Old 18th Aug 2014, 16:40
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Last year a number of FOs moved in who had been in the company for less than a year however these were the first new guys into the company for some time. Those that are moving there for Summer 2015 will have been here for two years by the time they move.

It's very difficult to say. All depends on how many people they recruit this year, where you fall in seniority, fleet changes etc. But I would think you're looking at around 3-4 years minimum...but don't hold me to that and others maybe able to advise better
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Old 18th Aug 2014, 17:13
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Base moves are done on a seasonal basis and in seniority order not first come first served.
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Old 18th Aug 2014, 18:28
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Disagree with 15yrs to command. I ve done 8.5yrs and still have at least another 10 to go. Lots of fun things in between though (757.767. Canada, etc)

If you want an easy life in the uk come, if you want to live life with change go elsewhere.
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Old 18th Aug 2014, 19:33
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Why is 7k knocked off first year?
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Old 18th Aug 2014, 19:37
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PPRuNe Secret Agent!

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Thanks for posting that 2d!

Who'd have thought I'd be a lot better off at Yorkshire Airlines!

"Wipe 'tha bloody feet..."
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Old 19th Aug 2014, 09:25
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Remember that the figures quoted are basic salary, they don't included flight/duty pay and if you do any flexi working payments that is on top too.
Also if you are 737 the ability to goto Canada will aslo add in.
Duty pay is about 8.95 for fo and a flexi is worth 490ish, I think someone put the correct figures on here already but I haven't had time to search as my six week old and three year olds are giving me gip.
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Old 19th Aug 2014, 12:56
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You're also forgetting the 3.50 (approx) per hour Flight Duty Allowance. (Based on duty hours)
The 8.97 figure is duty rig which is based on flight hours and is factored for 'unsociable' hours. (x1.8 for the worst hours)
Both of these can make a sizeable part of your income.

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Old 19th Aug 2014, 13:14
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How strict will they be on the requirements? I more than enough 737 hours but I have not flown in the last 12 months... Is it still worth applying?
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Old 19th Aug 2014, 13:50
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If you don't ask, you don't get......

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Old 19th Aug 2014, 16:23
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Is it just me or are Aviation HR departments sometimes got an inflated opinion of their company?

Essentially with the restrictions, (over 300 on typed aircraft and 100 in the past year) we are looking for you to come to us (no doubt from another employer based on said restrictions) and take a reduced salary initially on a seasonal contract.

For that we offer a UK base and one of the best T&C's outwith BA/Virgin however we are doing our best to dilute that as much as possible with a company with one of the longest time to commands in the industry.

Oh yes and we want you to be current and ideally done 3 T/O's and landings in the previous 90. If you're not we'd like it if you self fund a renewal before commencement of employment however we will give you extensive SOP training and stick you in a sim before releasing you to line training, revalidating your LPC only a few weeks later. However the element of training risk is removed and you will be a couple of grand lighter in the pocket.
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Old 19th Aug 2014, 17:04
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Any idea on wait time for the 787 for new starters onto the 757

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Old 19th Aug 2014, 17:13
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What are the skippers like in TOM? Do you generally have a laugh when you go to work? Is it myth that there are a lot of stuffy old dinosaurs well past their sell-by-date?

It's an important consideration when one is contemplating spending 15 years in the RHS there.
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Old 19th Aug 2014, 17:30
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Skippers in Thomson are just ace, but then I'm biased! It's like life, take 400 ish skippers, there will probably be one or two who you might have a personality issue with (that could be from both sides of the cockpit of course). To judge the working environment, consider how many actually resign of their own accord, that's the real test of what it's like at Thomson.

Good luck
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