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rjay259 15th Aug 2014 12:33

Thomson recruitment.
Hi all

Thomson are opening up their recruitment for type rated B757 and B737 pilots.

Check out tuitraveljobs.com will be on there soon, opens 18/8/2014.

Closing is on the 22/8/2014 1700L.


Aluminium shuffler 15th Aug 2014 13:43

Presumably new entrants would all join as FOs, no DEC?

More lookout 15th Aug 2014 16:26

No DECs.

Best of luck

Harry palmer 15th Aug 2014 16:53

Any possibility of Non rated experienced people at any point?

seven3 15th Aug 2014 17:27

Originally Posted by rjay259 (Post 8609462)
Hi all

Thomson are opening up their recruitment for type rated B757 and B737 pilots.

Check out tuitraveljobs.com will be on there soon, opens 18/8/2014.

Closing is on the 22/8/2014 1700L.


thanks a lot !

pickers 15th Aug 2014 18:01

Internal mail today

For your information we will be opening our recruitment for 737 NG Type Rated Pilots and 757 Type Rated Pilots on Monday 18th August on our Careers web site. The positions will close at 1700L on Friday 22nd August.

If you have friends who want to apply they should use the following links:

737 Type rated
External link - https://tuijobs-uk.mobolt.com/show_j...9213&aid=11697

757 Type rated
External Link - https://tuijobs-uk.mobolt.com/show_j...9219&aid=11697

At the moment we will not be opening any recruitment for cadet entry pilots or for non-type rated. Should this situation change I will advise you.

Matey 15th Aug 2014 18:20

Thomson recruitment.
Council Van

Historically the positions have been for permanent part year contracts working full time in the summer and part time in the winter for , off the top of my head, circa 80% of full time pay. There have also been some temporary contracts offered which, in the main, have turned into permanent positions. The exact nature of this recruitment round has not been released, but will be detailed in the above links when they become active. There are no current plans for cadet or non type rated entries.

Pin Head 15th Aug 2014 19:34

I would only be interested in full time

Good luck then. Do it part time for a summer then wait to get the full time position.

FLAPS RUNNING 15th Aug 2014 19:37

Where are the 75's based?

WISH2FLY 15th Aug 2014 23:23

Thomson recruitment.
75's LGW and LTN I believe

Requirements for 73 last time were current and minimum 500 hours on type - guess it will be the same this time.

More details on Monday when it opens

Matey 15th Aug 2014 23:53

John Smith,

Joining TOM as a career move at 30 would imply a 35 year career. Chances are you would achieve command in that time scale! Seriously though, there have not been many command opportunities in recent years, although a group recently achieved commands initially temporarily, which have just been made permanent. The company is regarded by many who join as a "career airline", so turnover is low, and times to command have exceeded 10 years. Who knows what the future holds, but hopes of a quick command would not be a good reason to choose Thomson.

Council Van,

I guess that depends on whether 80% of full time represents a pay cut on your present scales, with the prospect of a 20% pay rise in the future. (80% of current new join FO scale is roughly 44500). On top of that would be company loss of licence of 50000, 8.95 an hour duty rig, 164000 death in service benefit, 450 for working on a day off, medical paid for, uniform provided, private health cover etc etc. These are all subject to current negotiations between BALPA and the company as part of ongoing pay negotiations, the pilots having recently rejected the original RPI offer. Sometimes it's about more than a headline salary figure.

beamer 16th Aug 2014 05:00

757 based at MAN/GLA/BHX/LGW/BRS. Bristol may change to 737 but the old bird will be around for some years yet elsewhere.

WhyByFlier 16th Aug 2014 11:10

Great, so all you need to do is lose your licence or die and the company give you a pitiful, short term amount of money that gives you not a lot for anything! In easyJet for example we get a lot more than that. Private health cover is good though - nice perk!

rotafix 16th Aug 2014 11:21

Does anybody know anything about numbers and potential start dates?

FLAPS RUNNING 16th Aug 2014 13:48

Thanks beamer

Matey 18th Aug 2014 00:04

Fine...stay at EZY then. All I can say is that recent new joiners from other carriers have found the experience a positive one. Each to their own.
I am afraid no details have been released regarding numbers. As far as start date is concerned, again no detail at present, maybe the ad will give more information, but you could expect at the latest to be up and running for the start of the summer 15 season in May.

rjay259 18th Aug 2014 08:36

For those on a 756
Type rated on B757?
Have a minimum of 300 hours on B757?
Have a minimum of 100 hours B757 in 12 months prior to application.
For those on a 737
Type rated on B737NG (600, 700, 800, 900,)?.
Have a minimum of 300 hours on B737NG (600, 700, 800, 900,?.
Have a minimum of 100 hours B737 300-900 in 12 months prior to application.


Detailed info on the job site. Links are in a post above.

FlyingTinCans 18th Aug 2014 09:13

Where would new 737 guys likely be based?

rjay259 18th Aug 2014 09:44

Honestly no idea but expect it to be places like Cardiff Doncaster Newcastle and alike.
Don't expect Gatwick, as a few pilots recently moved in.

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