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Thomson recruitment.

Terms and Endearment The forum the bean counters hoped would never happen. Your news on pay, rostering, allowances, extras and negotiations where you work - scheduled, charter or contract.

Thomson recruitment.

Old 21st Sep 2015, 14:31
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We have had an acceptance from our MD and various notices accepting that our numbers were way short this year and they are to address this in future. Hopefully this is in response and they are going to up the requirement. Either way, good for you.
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Old 21st Sep 2015, 14:41
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Is it still the ballpark figure of 60 they are looking to hire? Roughly how many have been called to the assessment days?
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Old 21st Sep 2015, 15:18
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The plan was always 60, I have no idea if that has changed, I'm just highlighting that more recently our company have admitted being short this Summer. Whether that means more is only a guess.
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Old 21st Sep 2015, 15:39
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Having spoken to some of the crews in the last few months they all seemed to think the company was desperately short. How are they fixed for winter or will all new hires be ready for next summer only?
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Old 21st Sep 2015, 21:14
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The TCX training manager and his recruitment team don't let HR get involved in the selection process. The whole process comes across as genuine and practical as a result.
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Old 24th Sep 2015, 01:03
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A majority of the recruitment team are pilots and I would say outweigh those from HR.
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Old 24th Sep 2015, 21:36
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Has anybody actually heard from "the horses mouth" what the contract is? Ie 85%? Paying for a TR?

On another note, I think the interviews start on Monday, any feedback on what they are offering and the process would be appreciated.

Good luck.
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Old 25th Sep 2015, 14:30
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Which month starts the summer flying season and which month ends it?

And while working 2 weeks on 2 weeks off during the winter, how many flights can you expect during the 2 weeks on?
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Old 27th Sep 2015, 17:02
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typically when does the new joiners groundshool start? is it over the slower winter months?
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Old 28th Sep 2015, 17:12
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Summer season 1st May - 31st Oct

Ground school courses historically have run from Feb - May. Who knows if this is the same this year, perhaps its on the recruitment site.
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Old 30th Sep 2015, 12:25
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A few assessment days taken place now...

Any kind of heads up on what to expect would be much appreciated
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Old 30th Sep 2015, 14:08
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Hi guys, I had the assessment today. There was 30 of us there. It was really relaxed. We arrived in and they gave us a presentation of the airline etc. They had Captains and First Officers all in uniform, running the show. It was actually really impressive. The first thing we did was the group exercise, we were split into groups of roughly 6. In the room we were given 5 minutes to read through a list of 13 issues to ourselves first. We had to prioritise which items were most important. Then you were given 15 mins in the group to discuss what was the most important. Once we'd all agreed on the list then we finished up and that was that. The second thing I did was the technical test. We'd 30 mins to answer 30 questions. The questions themselves weren't really difficult. They are all ATPL based. The last stage then was a case study. This one was interesting and it's what caught a few people out. You're brought to a room on your own. You're given a scenario that your are in an outstation, the Captain is outside dealing with a tech issues and you have to sort everything in the flight deck. The first part is about FDLs and how long the cabin crew and you have until
You run out of hours etc, the next part is about fuel planning. You're given 25 mins and then you have to present your plan to the Captain. Unfortunately this was it for me. They pulled us out individually and told us the news and gave feedback. Really nice people and seem like a great airline to work for.
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Old 30th Sep 2015, 14:46
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Why would you post this on a public forum?
Chances are that the process will be changed now and what people going in to expect wont be what happens now.
I imagine that you were asked at the assessment not to post what happened on PPRuNe or social media and if you weren't....do you really need someone to tell you??
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Old 30th Sep 2015, 15:06
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I guess he doesn't care since he didn't get through. A kick in the teeth for those of us who went in blind and were hoping for a level playing field for the assessment. All else being equal, it will be those following behind getting this extra info who have a better chance of a job offer. I hope you're right Aerofoil about it being changed but I doubt it, for this week of assessments at least.
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Old 30th Sep 2015, 16:42
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Its lucky I don't run recruitment, I would use my powers of deduction to figure out who N9231C is and actually offer them a job as they clearly demonstrate that just becaue they didn't succeed they have passed on as much information as possible to help others who are about to go through the process ! A bit like sharing the tips of going into some dodgy airfield wi gotchas that people only know from first hand experience.

Isn't that what being part of a team is really about, for me it says the opposite to those who are annoyed that people have shared the information if it reduces their chances. What information has N9231C actually shared that would influence what people do to prepare for the assesment, personally I would say zero.

Any other airline recruitment process is well documented on prune by those wishing to help all other candidates and give them the very best chance, it is exactly what the BALPA careers service used to do when it existed too.

Its a real shame if people aren't sharing the process if its in the hope of bettering their own chances. Even if the company said not to share the information, create a new ID and post to help your fellow pilots - I find it nuts that someone lambasts N9231C for trying to help others it isn't the apprentice and lord sugar will only take one !

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Old 30th Sep 2015, 18:49
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Aerofoil, Penworth.

There are a group of scenarios that they can pick from so no two days are the same. Also there is nothing about trying to trick anyone in the scenario section. It's about making a choice and sticking by it and your reasoning behind it.

Why not post about their individual experience on here? Also it's nothing that hasn't really been mentioned before in the thread.

N9231C, sorry to hear bud good luck for the future?
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Old 1st Oct 2015, 12:15
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Forgive me for my ignorance of the company jargon, but when people say Carmen "penalises" you for taking certain days off, in essence what penalty are you accruing?
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Old 1st Oct 2015, 13:57
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Carmen is the rostering tool that is used in Thomson. Inside of the programme there are penalties that will srop it from doing certain things to much or not enough of.

It doesn't actually penalise the individual but it sometimes feels like it does.
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Old 1st Oct 2015, 14:21
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Ah...thanks for clarifying
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Old 1st Oct 2015, 14:24
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Can you opt to stay permanent part year rather than go full time?
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