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EasyJet Salaries for F/O's

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EasyJet Salaries for F/O's

Old 13th Jul 2013, 14:25
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EasyJet Salaries for F/O's?


I've recently been at the Academy for the assesment. Everything fine, just the sim to go. During the interview I was asked which base I have chosen and what kind of contract I would like to get.
I said I was there for an assesment and at the moment I know nothing about my future job (in case i get it) so I have no ideea...

I asked about the salary and they showed me a A3 piece of paper with a million figures on it and after about 5 seconds I asked for a copy and they said it is confidential )

Here is my stats: 4000Hrs total, 1700 A320F/O, 1700 turboprop F/o and CPT plus some 600 military A/C. I applied directly on the EasyJet website for a A320 typerated F/O job.

So would you guys be so kind to help me with a few questions?

1. Can anyone give me examples of the income/month, AFTER tax and in Euro? I understand it varies from base to base but I really need to know what to expect. I'll have to move my family on the other side of Europe and I'll do that for a better life only
2. Is there any chance I can get a SFO contract? It looks like there is quite a difference between a SFO ond FO regarding the salary...
3. Do I get medical insurance, loss of licence insurance?
4. Anyting you might consider important so I can understand my future life as an EasyJet pilot at least in terms of income.....

Thank you very much!

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Old 13th Jul 2013, 15:21
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So...what exactly did you take away from this assessment in terms of whether you want/can actually accept the job?!?

All very odd! Sorry, can't answer your questions but hope you get to keep living in Vienna - cool place!
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Old 13th Jul 2013, 15:55
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That is exactly why I started this topic! I thought the purpose of the assesment was to determine if I am the right person for the job...

It was odd they asked me about the base I have chosen. It was odd hey also asked about when can I start... since the jobs were advertised as SUMMER 2014.

Since they asked serious questions and I was unable to answer I thought I should do some research just in case I'll face the same questions after the sim.

I still have the option of emailing them but if the data was confidential two weeks ago and they wouldn't give me a copy, I'll get the same answer... via email.

Anyway if my post is in the wrong area or if it is aginst the forum rules please feel free to delete it.
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Old 13th Jul 2013, 21:57
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Hello Radeonus,

same situation here, having a good paying job, but with no career.

Some info about the actual take home pay for FO's and SFO's in the different local contracts would very appreciated....I can't afford to join on a temporary deal with no minimum hours guaranteed unfortunately....
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Old 14th Jul 2013, 02:09
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I can give you approximate take home pay for the different European bases and UK, but it won't make any sense, for no one knows which contract you are offered. So, although you started the thread, you probably know more than most which contract they will offer. It was much easier when everyone just got the standard contracts here.
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Old 14th Jul 2013, 04:45
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So are you offered the base of your choice anywhere on the network? Or are they asking you to pick your preference out of a selection of available bases?
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Old 14th Jul 2013, 07:51
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All bases were available. I'm not sure about the Swiss ones though.....

Again IF I'm offered a job.... I'll take a PERMANENT contract only.
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Old 14th Jul 2013, 08:06
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All contracts are very accurately described on Pilot Jobs Network - Recruitment news for airline pilots - look on there.

With the strongest recommendation I advise your first priority to be to take the contract that puts you closest to home.
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Old 14th Jul 2013, 10:35
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All base are available, this is what they told me, and contract as they said will be FO contract not SFO.

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Old 14th Jul 2013, 11:26
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What's the formula for calculating a factored easy hour?
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Old 14th Jul 2013, 13:32
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Out of interest, which uk bases generally have a long wait list and which are currently available without delay?
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Old 14th Jul 2013, 18:22
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With that in mind, how desirable is Luton? (Stop laughing at the back!)

Being a Midlander, that would be closest to home.
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Old 14th Jul 2013, 20:43
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Yes it would seem unfair if direct entry people are getting sought after regional bases ahead of those already flying eJ aircraft. But who knows!
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Old 14th Jul 2013, 22:44
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I can tell you already that not all bases are available at the moment. There are people with permanent contracts starting in December this year in MXP and many of the flexi guys who are now offered a permanent contract are still waiting for a start date in the base. MXP/FCO/NCE/TLS/LYS are bases that are not available at the moment. It might include CDG/ORLY/SXF as well, but not sure about those.

Most bases in the UK are available, but the smaller bases are harder to get into.
And being offered a permanent contract straight away.....you must be having a laugh!
There are FO's who have been with ezy for 2,5 years and are still on CTC/Parc contracts and I personally know one person that didn't get through the interview for the NEC. The NEC will get you a 75% part-time contract with the ability to bid for 90% salary on fixed 5354 roster, or 100% salary which will get you on a 12 month FRV roster.

The salary as a FO vary quite a lot in the network and depends on base/rank/contract etc. In Italy for instance we have an additional rank (Second Officer) which we don't have in any of the other bases. And (on the old contracts) you became SFO with 1500hrs in France and Germany, 2000hrs in UK and 2500hrs in Italy so lots of variety going on. Now we also have the flexi contracts and NEC's so giving you figures withh regards to salary wouldn't make much sense. But for your info in MXP a SO would take home about 4200, FO 4800 and SFO about 5400. This is based on fulltime "old" Italian contract, after tax but remember that in MXP we generally fly about 54 sectors a month (I have 58 in July).....
On a permanent UK contract SFO used to take home about 3400 I think, maybe someone else can confirm that?
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Old 15th Jul 2013, 07:21
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@ LorenzoH

maybe you are just arrived in aviation, if 23 is your age, I can tell you that everything is possible, permanent contract from the first day will be available for the direct entry with EZY FO depending on the base chosen, and believe me, above everything they do what they need, trying to be polite with the old guys already in the company.
And the same for base, you will see that someone will arrive in the base you mentioned unavailable.

That's aviations
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Old 15th Jul 2013, 10:03
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I know everything is possible (especially with ezy) since I've been with them for nearly three years and yes age 23 is correct

It's rather strange though that people are being send to bases that I thought were unavailable. Simply because new entrants should start on NEC according to written offers by ezy, and for all those bases there are waiting lists with loads of FO's on it, so seems unfair that DEP get those bases ahead of the people already on a list....but as you mentioned nothing is impossible I guess.

I personally was offered a transfer to SXF in September, two weeks after the offer someone changed his mind and I received an email along with about 8 other FO's that all transfers to SXF were cancelled again....

But back on topic, the question was how much FO's take home not what contract or base they get. So maybe someone else from another base can share their knowledge with us?
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Old 15th Jul 2013, 11:55
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Luton base.

Flying camel. I have been based LTN, EMA, LGW and back to LTN and while EMA was the best LTN is a good compromise between a varied route structure and being small enough to get to know people. It does have the added bonus that if you need to resolve an issue you can walk upstairs and see someone. Just watch out for a long commute, it's not sustainable long term.
Good luck
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Old 15th Jul 2013, 18:14
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You might want to watch that arrogance
I really hope you are right, for me doesn't change anything one or another base, I'm only saying that in 10 years of airlines I was expecting a lot, also from flag carrier, and I been disappointed more than one time, maybe EZY is really correct with everybody, hope so.

Probably as you said, by the summer 2014 more bases will be available.

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Old 17th Jul 2013, 14:51
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Hi guys,

Been in Luton couple of weeks ago, passed everything and now waiting for their offer Can anyone confirm that the figures from http://www.pilotjobsnetwork.com/jobs/easyJet_(UK_Contract) are correct figures, and whether they are after tax or before
Any other information will be highly appreciated
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Old 18th Jul 2013, 00:37
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You think an easyJet Captain is on 90'000 AFTER tax? That would be a basic of 150'000+.

It's before tax of course.

SO/NEC SO: 1250 factored hrs required to be eligible for permanent contract (will be NEC contract as above) although perm. contracts on the continent may be offered with lower eligibility criteria dependent on requirements. (Recent TR/NON-TR recruitment may possibly involve pilots coming straight onto permanent contracts as opposed to flexicrew - this being the case, permanent contract will be 90% basic for first 6 months during 'probation' of the pay scale relevant to previous experience and factored hours)
Is correct as well. Make sure you understand the implications.
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