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Jet 2 Recruitment!

Old 13th Apr 2013, 16:11
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Fair enough although my friend stated he took home <2500 pm. I don't think that is a good wage for many jobs let alone en experienced pilot!

To be honest, I don't think 2500pm after tax is too bad for a couple of years, if you are living at home. Yes you can earn a lot more with other airlines, but it would be hard to beat a 30min drive to work, and back home to your own bed each night. I have spent the last five years away from home, yes I earn more, but I spend the extra for rent and living expenses abroad. Every other night is spent in a different hotel, for a short nightstop ( usually about five hours), with calls from 90% of standby duties. Maybe I am getting old or just homesick, but if I got offered 2500 pm to work from home, you know what my answer would be
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Old 13th Apr 2013, 17:29
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So from what I read here Jet2 are subbing in several aircraft because they are not able to crew their operation, yet many crew seem to enjoy 2 sector days and 500hrs a year? That's either inefficient rostering or things are about to change!
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Old 13th Apr 2013, 18:37
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Busy summer and very quiet winter is why we do 500 hours a year.

How many 5 hour sectors can you do in a day?
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Old 13th Apr 2013, 19:09
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Its not so much to do with crew availability or rostering, its the fact that Jet2 have not managed to source the required airframes in time for the summer season. Also the ridiculous EU 261 that has caused some 3 or 4 airframes to be on the ground with crews on SBY ready to rescue any tech or airfield delays has not helped. The damp lease aircraft will be replaced by Jet2s own aircraft in time for summer 2014 plus expansion creating more jobs for those that want it.

Jet2 has be inundated with applications to join, many thousands of applicants, plus with the arrival of its own simulator facilities soon will be training non type rated for next season I am sure.

BTW spoke to an F/O, his average take home is about 3300. Also bare in mind the unlike some LCC (Jet2 is now a leisure airline not low cost) all uniforms, car par passes, medicals, licence renewals, simulator accom, passport renewals, airside passes etc are paid for, plus a company pension scheme etc, all adds up.

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Old 13th Apr 2013, 20:37
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Blue pilot

That sounds a bit better!! Glad to hear its not as bad as I thought then!
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Old 14th Apr 2013, 04:04
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Out of interest, what is the projected (best guess) time to command at Jet2 for a new joiner?
Going by the looks of the number of stages in the new command selection process....I'd guess about 20 years !!
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Old 14th Apr 2013, 10:50
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Expect around 2800 in the winter months and about 3300 in the summer if it's an exceptional month. Its nowhere near BA take home on a good month. At BA you can easily clear 4000. At Jet2 no night flying but early starts. Charter work expect 3 star hotels and of course no allowances....the 2 odd an hour doesn't really add to much on top of basic salary. Don't forget the extra money spent on your own sarnies for up to a possible 12 hour day depending on fleet. You'll get a small amount towards medical but nothing for dry cleaning. All adds up. Granted you wont work many (flying) hours in the year but the pay certainly reflects this. I've been living in the North for many years, it isn't really any cheaper any more.
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Old 14th Apr 2013, 11:03
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Is the company pension contribution still only 6% for FOs?

Do Jet2 pay sector pay as well as duty pay?

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Old 14th Apr 2013, 11:18
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Do Jet2 pay sector pay as well as duty pay?
- Yes, they pay both sector and duty pay.

You'll get a small amount towards medical
- They do pay for medicals as far as I know (they certainly paid for it a month ago) They have accounts with several AME's so no cheque book even required.

Baron Blue's figures are correct with what to expect re salary in summer / winter.

Out of interest, what is the projected (best guess) time to command at Jet2 for a new joiner?
Time to command is difficult to predict, and is largely based on individual circumstances. There is no seniority in Jet2, so once you tick the required boxes, you can apply for command. Bam Thwok is referring to the recent change to the command selection process, which is now a more defined and involved affair. Nobody knows how long the actual process will take, as no one has yet been through the new system.

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Old 14th Apr 2013, 11:27
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Jet2.com pilot jobs, payscales and entry requirements.
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Old 14th Apr 2013, 11:56
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PPJN needs updating. Everyone got a 3% uplift on salary + 5% on Sector Pay & FDP as of 01 Apr 2013.
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Old 14th Apr 2013, 14:26
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Does anyone on the inside know what the likely non-type min requirements would be?
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Old 14th Apr 2013, 19:00
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Something missing from the PPJN info. is the flexibility of contracts once on 100%.

You can reduce to 80% salary & take from 01 Nov - 31 Mar. (7 months on/5months off). Or...

66% salary to operate 6 days on/8 days off for 12 months of the year.

These 2 schemes are very popular with people who have additional incomes.
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Old 15th Apr 2013, 06:52
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......which of course you'll need to have working for jet2 under current conditions.
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Old 15th Apr 2013, 07:55
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People harp on about the wages not being very competitive. We've got to face the facts that the golden age of aviation where pilots were paid a ridiculous amount are long past. Even BA is having to change pay scales.
Writing as a pilot who has only been in the aviation game for a few years, taking home £50k before tax as a SFO on 100% works out fine for me. I guess because I'm living within my means and don't know of anything different.
I can understand if you are coming from other airlines or the middle east that it may not be viewed as a very competitive salary, but I'm happy. Combined with my wife's salary we are definitely bringing in more than the average family.
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Old 15th Apr 2013, 09:20
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I have to agree that sadly the good old days are indeed long gone! That said it is not the fault of the guys who have been in the industry a long time but more to do with the cancerous spread of people more than willing to prostitute themselves at any cost coming in at the bottom. Show me any other comparative professional who pays 150 k for his own training and then works for less than 50 % of the comparative salary , I don't know of one! BA aren't adjusting their scales because they have to, more because they can do.
When my family fly I want them to be sitting behind the best trained best paid and highly motivated crew possible. The constant dilution of this industries professional status is only leading one way. Perhaps the situation that is happening at Jet2 now is an indication that pilots are maybe not happy to be rolled over and shafted, rather they would pay the sacrifice of UK life and earn a decent living else where.
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Old 15th Apr 2013, 09:28
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Unfortunately nitefiter the best paid aren't always the most highly trained or motivated. The best trained aren't always the best paid and the most motivated are probably the ones not being paid at all.

Who you going to fly with now?!
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Old 15th Apr 2013, 10:11
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I don't think it's nonsense, there's only so much you can do in situ to stop the kind of recruiting practices we've seen. Ultimately the buck has to stop with the very people who accept shitty contracts & T&Cs just to get ahead of the game. If things are that bad in the industry (which they are) then why even do the training? There isn't a job on this planet that's worth spending 120k + for to go onto a 6 month shitty flexi contract. It is quite a simple equation really, if people didn't accept the shitty contracts, they wouldn't exist. Don't blame the airlines, I'd offer the same if I was a CEO etc and then laugh all the way to the bank as I pay in my massive bonus.

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The salary is very reasonable for the hours worked once firmly established as a SFO. What makes the difference is the attitude of the company to squeeze every last penny from desperate pilots willing to get on the ladder to further their careers. Putting them on 70% deals, summer only contracts, paying TR in the past, half pay while training etc etc. and unethical policies that treat different pilot groups differently, and a guise of meritocracy. All of which are just lowly tactics to exploit the market forces. The strategy is one that has served the company well, albeit in the short term but causes disloyalty in the long term. Jet2 is a great starter outfit to build hours and a great way for those to finish their careers with the flexible working hours on offer, but a career airline at present it is not. The only hope is Balpa and the workforce manage to change things before the market picks up more.
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BB, there are pilots at Jet2 who'd beg to differ. I don't think your all encompassing statement is wholly accurate.

I certainly don't feel exploited so can you expand on your unethical policies comment?
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