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Thomson Recruiting

Old 5th Nov 2013, 06:10
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Quite simple, busiest year I have ever had, frequent cases of Captains flying together, endless phone calls from crewing department for extra duties and as Rjay says, 737 pilots seconded to the 757 for the winter as the baby jet not suitable for some routes.
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Old 5th Nov 2013, 07:07
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Baby jet not suitable for some routes......

I think you'll find that the reason pilots for flip-flopping back and for the handful of new type rated 757 pilots is because most of the training on to the 787 fleet this winter is made up of pilots coming from the 756. That movement combined with the current winters remaining long haul programme on the 76 and the possibilty of some 76's staying for next summer has caused this imbalance.
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Old 25th Nov 2013, 17:36
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For those who had interviews, how did they go?
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 11:41
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4 were recruited from in house and a further 20+/- a few have or will shortly get the good news. Backgrounds unknown.

Applicant numbers were slightly down on last year, I'd speculate that this is partly down to tighter application criteria and Norwegian recruiting for LGW as most TOM bases on offer are the less popular northern bases - as I say, speculation.

It is possible there will be a hold pool of those who scored outside the top 20 odd but still met the standard.

Congratulations and welcome to those successful, comiserations to those not.
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 22:17
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18 offers were made. 12 positions to start soon plus 6 for a "hold pool" to cater for changes to the establishment plan. The vast majority of those interviewed were from RYR.
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Old 2nd Dec 2013, 23:04
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Given that many Ryanair pilots were hired, fair to assume all/most were offered the 737? Any 757 slots? Also, is there a minimum seat lock before you can bid another fleet?

Congrats to all!

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Old 3rd Dec 2013, 09:58
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Starting in Feb
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Old 3rd Dec 2013, 22:58
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All positions are on the B737 fleet, and the jobs were advertised for 737NG rated pilots this time round. All pilots can submit a "standing bid" which expresses preferences for such as fleet, base, LHS/RHS or any combination. Vacancies in any category are then filled on the basis of that bid and seniority. Why one would wish to move from the 737 (modern growing "fleet of the future") to the 757 (old and shrinking, a bit like me!) I don't know....but then I am a biased 737 diehard.

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Old 12th Jan 2014, 22:03
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Base transfers?

Matey, how easy is it to get base transfers in Thomson? What are the waiting lists like? I'm guessing lgw most wanted? What about regional, ema etc?

My company is a nightmare.
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 10:02
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Base transfers vary in success from year to year. Right now, I reckon I could move to almost all other bases but expect a 737 type rating for the privilege.

Traditionally MAN & LGW have been the hardest to get into but that has changed more recently. I'd still hazard a guess at a year or two for LGW but MAN now joins all other bases and has strangely been under crewed for the past year.

The irony of the system is that we have recruited and sent all new blood to NCL and CWL as these bases are always under crewed but most moved out In the first bid round to places around the country including LGW.

I'm not sure I've really explained the system very well so I'll rephrase... We have a bid round on a regular basis, maybe every two months. At this time we can ask for a new base/fleet/command etc. Then in seniority order it is granted. If say I was at GLA which has a real short fall in FO's and wanted to move to LGW which might be 99% crewed I would still be successful in moving. A vacancy is a vacancy despite the situation at the base you have left.

On the flip side, if you are junior you could wait years for a vacancy at LGW as it matters not when he request was submitted. Even if you waited 5 years for a base move, if someone more senior to you requests what u want the day before the bid... He'll get it.

Hope that helps
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 16:51
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Ah ok, so guys on the 73 can move quite easily then? Is there any minimum time you must spend in a base before you can ask to move?
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Old 13th Jan 2014, 22:31
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I suspect the minimum time is probationary period which I think is three months but might be 6.

And yes, 73 guys (the biggest fleet now) can move around the easiest. New joiners can expect 73 for some time before 78. The average seniority on the 78 must be near 20 years
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Old 15th Jan 2014, 21:34
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interesting thanks, presumably the seniority on the 787 will reduce as you take more deliveries, and guys get upgraded and put back on 737.
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Old 15th Jan 2014, 23:15
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Currently the most junior pilot on the 787 is no 530ish out of 798, and has been with the Company 10 years. Vacancies on the fleet are only open to pilots at LGW and MAN, so not an option for those who would like to join the fleet but have overriding reasons for remaining at their current base. It is also a fairly major lifestyle decision as the fleet is purely longhaul, not an attractive option for many. The ultimate arbiter is seniority, so if two pilots bid for the same thing and a suitable vacancy arises, then the most senior pilot will be successful. As Doobler says, this means that you could have had a standing bid for say B737 FO at LGW for 2 years when a vacancy arises, but be unsuccessful because a more senior pilot submits the same bid only the day before. Nevertheless, the golden rule is to bid for what you want rather than trying to second guess the situation. People have missed out on Commands because they had not submitted a Left seat bid as they didn't think it likely to be satisfied any time soon. In a nutshell, a senior pilot's bid for a move to 737 FO CWL will probably succeed, whereas a junior FO bidding for a 787 Command at MAN will have a bit of a wait! He would make that his no 1 bid though and follow up with any number of different permutations. The bid form is not one single bid but allows you to put different bids in rank order.
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Old 16th Jan 2014, 02:30
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Also be prepared for occasional bid anomalies.

People jumping in from other bases because they have 'special' positions. I think personaLy that this is totally unacceptable and in my opinion throws out the merit of the whole seniority issue.
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Old 16th Jan 2014, 16:45
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Pilots bid into bases on seniority when that base has a vacancy. They don't bump junior people from a type or a base that isn't allowed and has been made clear many times in the past. Our agreements protect everyone on the seniority list and long may it last.

If you feel someone has jumped seniority then let both Balpa and management know of the situation. I am unaware of the anomalies you talk of, but stand to be corrected.
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Old 16th Jan 2014, 17:22
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Is it too soon after the last intake of pilots to predict when the doors at tui may open again?
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Old 16th Jan 2014, 19:05
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Maybe this Sept if the last two years are anything to go by.. Although I hear they have a hold pool at the moment...
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Old 17th Jan 2014, 02:08
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PinHead, I'm not aware of any bid anomolies. Id be interested to know what they were if you could PM me. No worries if not.

Recruitment is expected to be an annual event purely to correct natural wasteage. Not many leave though so don't expect record recruitment campaigns. I'd guess at 10/year until retirements kicks in, 2016 onwards.

Lead, correct, commands will be on the 73, starting 2015 I believe. However, some folk might gamble and wait for seniority for a 787 command. Its quite risky though at our company as plans change so often.
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Old 19th Jan 2014, 13:54
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Everything Matey, DC and Pin say, with two exceptions.

I am not aware of any anomalies and if you are, please tell me so I can investigate. Secondly, a week is a lifetime in aviation and it can all turn on a sixpence. Keep your ear to the ground!

To those about to join us, congratulations, see you on Day 1. You'll recognise me, I'm 6'4", incredibly handsome, look like I've had the kicked out of me and am the TOM Chair of the Association That Must Not Be Named On PPRuNe which is why I look like etc.

Lots of Love
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