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Monarch Anyone?

Old 9th Aug 2012, 10:40
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I've been offered a 757 spot.
Congrats. When is your start date? Spring '13?
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Old 9th Aug 2012, 14:20
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Thank you spiderman! It's for jan 13
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Old 9th Aug 2012, 15:50
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I have also been offered a start date of April '13 on the 320. I'm very happy and have found the whole process extremely professional. I am so happy that there are a few airlines still willing to give full time perm contracts.

I wish everyone luck and can assure you that the selection process was extremely fair and straight talking. Much as has been stated on here before the interview was about yourself, then some competency questions and also some tech questions.

Off to celebrate for the second night!
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Old 10th Aug 2012, 14:54
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hi all
got two emails also....hold to interview

i'm 2300TT....1800 Biz jet

Fingers crossed

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Old 10th Aug 2012, 20:05
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Frozen Pilot
You mean the sort of questions that should be asked at interview?
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Old 11th Aug 2012, 11:03
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No Mr Angry, the questions were all asked at interview. But you won't get a more realistic idea of life on the line than asking a current 757 pilot will you?
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Old 12th Aug 2012, 13:54
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Just received the two emails, application status now says hold.
B737 classic & NG
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Old 12th Aug 2012, 18:16
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Was a difference between 'hold' and 'hold for interview' ever determined?
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Old 15th Aug 2012, 10:58
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What's the average length of time to hear the outcome of the interview?
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Old 15th Aug 2012, 11:43
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At the interview, to day later, to couple of weeks......depends upon which course you are on and your own circumstances

As an aside out of those given the nod so far 1/3 rd are type rated the other 2/3 ds are either CTC, military or other which I think is a great endorsement of the Monarch way!
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Old 15th Aug 2012, 12:47
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Thanks Mesh
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Old 15th Aug 2012, 15:42
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Also still waiting, I dont want to call as I know others are in same boat re 'active application' but nothing else. Just gonna have to be patient as really would like to work for Monarch. 3600TT, 2000 B737 (EFIS, mainly NG), 1400 on another jet (non Boeing/Airbus), early 30s male
Well done to those who got the nod, and good luck to those in the waiting boat!

And please lets keep this to just Monarch recruiting please,

If you want to discuss other matters then why not create a new thread like:
1) I dont like Monarch
2) Monarch vs Easyjet
3) I dont like Easyjet

But for the guys on here we clearly want to work for Monarch, and just like to discuss the thread in question
Safe flying guys!
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Old 15th Aug 2012, 19:50
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It appears that all the courses up to April have been filled, 10 new FO's every month starting from September and as mesh said, a third a320 rated, a third non rated and a third cadets, as well as 4 onto the 757.

Not sure how many places are left on the April/may courses but I wouldn't imagine too many as I know we've been interviewing a lot in the last couple weeks.

Nice to see so much enthusiasm for our little airline, it really is a top place to work.

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Old 15th Aug 2012, 21:11
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I Have Control
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Troll alert

Mr Angry from Purley is just an EMA-spotter. Disregard his trolling.
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Old 16th Aug 2012, 13:04
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Many thanks Alpha-Charlie, I shall sit and wait! Yes it is promising that at last non rated are considered! It's obvious an airline would favour rated as less cost and less time, also potentially no training risk, one would like to think! And low houred guys, well they may be a training risk, but once qualified they would do the same job for less money (so they should as they have less experience)... But it looks like a common sense approach to recruitment can't argue with that!
Well done Monarch, now put me out my misery!! Yay or Nay!!
Good luck guys
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Old 16th Aug 2012, 13:18
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I actually just spoke to someone at Monarch, very helpful lady, they are about half way through the applications. Some are being held for holding pool, places still available for courses this year, and more available from spring 2013. Could take a month or so for responses. So if your in the 'active application' stage will all just have to hope and wait
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 12:23
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Hi Chums

Has anyone had any trouble opening these automated replies from Monarch, I have two where the links fail to work and I can no longer access my online application?
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 14:46
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Hello Everybody!! is it possible to be hired with only A320 TR and 250TT hours? Who's may contact for futher informations? Cheers!!
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Old 18th Aug 2012, 19:26
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Anybody know if they will open up the application process again? I was stupid and didn't apply on the last run, rather regret it now.

Probably missed my chance for a year or so?

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Old 18th Aug 2012, 21:13
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People jumping from a relatively safe ship really do need to make themselves aware of the pension situation before making the leap.
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