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Virgin recruiting soon...

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Virgin recruiting soon...

Old 25th Sep 2016, 14:06
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Year 1 FO, which airline pays more? I am surprised anyone ever leaves EasyJet. Just out of interest if you are an FO with 2500 hours what kind of salary would Easy or Ryan offer as a new entrant? It's a big world out there not everyone works at EasyJet! I agree the decision to go to virgin is not black and white and lots of people won't want a long haul life style or won't want to be an FO for ten years. But the fact still remains nobody is paying higher starting salaries for FOs.
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Old 25th Sep 2016, 14:50
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Most the guys I work with in easy who went said it was a pay cut even from the RHS. Life's full of compromises - if you want long haul life then you'll put up with the money. The main problem is the perception of the A330. The same guys are telling me they are fleeced.. but if that's going to change then maybe it's a shrewd move. What ever happened to their holding pool? They ran a 330 course in July but that didn't account for all those in the 3 yr pool. Did the rest get binned?
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Old 25th Sep 2016, 14:54
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Mr Broombastick. No one was talking about potential, or captains. The statement was about year 1 FO salary and Enzo is absolutely right.
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Old 25th Sep 2016, 16:20
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What is the roster like on the 747? How many trips a month are you talking?
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Old 25th Sep 2016, 19:12
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The package early on is significantly more generous than BA. It evens out if you think about the breadth of staff travel and fleet opportunities in BA. They're both pretty good jobs really.

If all you look at is your current salary compared to Y1 salary at VS/BA you will be making some bum decisions.
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Old 25th Sep 2016, 20:43
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Champagne anyone...?
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Good company, great people to work with, decent T&Cs, 750hr a year, good pay, 15% pension, good lifestyle, staff travel etc etc and just an all round nice place to work.

Everything else is just white noise. Life is too short.
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Old 25th Sep 2016, 21:10
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Anyone have the number for the recruitment team by any chance please?
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Old 25th Sep 2016, 22:09
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About you
We are looking for First Officers who are A320/321 rated with a minimum experience of 2,500 hours total flying time and 500 hours on type, who have flown the aircraft within the last six months. You would then undertake an A330 CCQ course with us.

You must hold a current UK Class one Medical and a full EASA ATPL licence (UK issue) at date of application.
You should be able to demonstrate a high level of fluency in English (certified as ICAO level 6 English Proficiency at date of application). You will also have the unrestricted right to live and work in the UK.
They clearly want monarch or thomas cook guys, nothing else
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Old 25th Sep 2016, 23:15
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VS is best airline I've worked for and there have been several - here are the things that sets it apart:-

750hrs per year is 100pc full time. You can ask for 85/75/67/50pc part time on first come first served basis. Only block time (including 100pc of bunk time) counts towards this but there isn't much positioning these days although there has been in the past.

A trip with less than 10h flight time will have 24hr min down route and 2 days off after the trip not including landing day - these will generally be 2 man trips. Some of these trips can be 5 days in Caribbean with an island shuttle on one of the days. They only get 2 off afterwards though as per the flight time rule.

A trip with > 10h flight time will have 48h min down route and 3 days off after the trip not including landing day. So if you land off a HKG at 6am and your next flight takes off for JNB at 2200 you have landing day off, then 3 off then most of the departure day as normal rostered days off.

So if you were say 75pc part time you would get 8 part time days off a month in a row in a fixed rolling 22/8 pattern. So after any long trip you'd get 3 days off, not including landing day plus 8 days part time = minimum of 11 days off in a row every month. If you add a few days leave into that you can easily be off half a month for 6 months of the year. Of course you still get the 2 or 3 days off after trips that you do in the 2 weeks you're working.

Rosters are super stable, your rostered days off cannot be changed without your agreement. I've only had one change to a trip in many years and that was on report due to an a/c going tech and my days off were not affected - only the destination.

Destinations are pretty much all primary business / leisure destinations you're happy to go to - Caribbean, Vegas, Cancun, HKG, Shanghai, NYC, Boston

Colleagues and crew are all friendly and sociable and get along. Most Captains did 7 to 12 years RHS and have good CRM and are nice blokes / gals. If you are leaving a command behind though, bring your command skills but don't bring the ego. There are some seriously accomplished aviators in both seats in VS so you're unlikely to be Ace of the Base and just being a good bloke / gal and doing your job and being a laugh to be around is the way to go.

Staff travel is maybe the best there is. You can put all your close family on and 1 friend. You can bring any 2 randoms on a trip with you (sub-load of course)

Pension is 15% from company, 6% from you

Medical and Dental insurance (with contribution) / Uniforms / All CAA licence costs covered

If you live commuting distance from LGW and like the beach, go Airbus

If you live further out and like the Far East go 787. Whatever you get, you'll be able to bid for the fleet you want and it'll come round in seniority order.

I hear time to command might be as low as 9 years for new joiners due the retirement demographic, it's currently at around year 12. That seems long but it's not compared to BA, AF etc. And you have to remember it's because hardly no-one ever leaves - see above. The time to command is the only real drawback but, after a few years of increments, your total package is about the same as most short-haul command jobs anyway - and even some widebody jobs (NAS). If you divide that number by hours spent behind the wheel, the hourly rate is probably a good deal better.

My advice would be to think carefully about the path in front of you which is hard to do when you're younger. Ask yourself where you want to be when you're 55-60 and chart your path backwards from there. Quick command can be seductive but the thrill of that may wear off at some point on a week of 5am starts.

Whether or not we can hold onto these terms in the face of threats from Wow / NAS / EK etc who knows but the new Management Team have trimmed a lot of the fat and things seem well placed for the future. Good luck to all - hope this helps.

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Old 26th Sep 2016, 12:20
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Hi. Great to hear Virgin recruiting again. Would anybody be able to give a lowdown on the 747 fleet. Route info? Typical roster etc?
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Old 26th Sep 2016, 13:10
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Does somebody have an idea about the salary range with Virgin Atlantic (new First officer)? Do they take into account the amount of hours when you start?

also, any idea about the time to upgrade in command?

thanks for your reply.
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Old 26th Sep 2016, 18:01
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FO Year 1 is 70k
FO Year 13 is 90k

(15k of that is flying pay and the balance is basic pay)

It goes up roughly 1400 a year

Plus around 9000 in allowances for down-route sustenance per year
Plus 15% of Basic Pay paid by the company to pension fund if you pay the minimum contribution of 6%

So year 1 FO should gross around 85k for 750 hours. Could make a bit more by voluntarily helping out on days off or doing some extra trips.
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Old 27th Sep 2016, 11:12
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Saying a year 1 FO will gross around 85k is imo misleading. Yes by the time you add pension contributions & downroute subsistence allowances it will get to that amount but you won't see the pension money until you retire! Incidentally if you're on about a total package yr1 must be approaching a six figure sum by the time loss of licence, private medical cover(for the family), car parking, uniform, yearly class 1 medical etc etc is taken into the mix.

Year 1 gross pay is currently a shade over 69k rising yearly in line with the salary scales. Which from what I remember was about 36/3700 net monthly. Do not count on the allowances as income. They vary each month depending on your flights & by their very description are not meant to be thought of as income but subsistence money!

Virgin is a great place to work, I for one am very happy. If you're looking to get rich flying though I'd suggest you look elsewhere like the sandpit or Far East. If however you're looking for a decent UK based lifestyle, good luck with your application!
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Old 27th Sep 2016, 11:15
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Hey guys!

How about EU citizens (non-UK nationals) working for Virgin? Can you find much of that? Would it be possible to live in a EU capital and commute, say to LHR, for duties?

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Old 27th Sep 2016, 13:13
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Yes to EU nationals and commuting. So long as you don't mention our football team at all...
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Old 27th Sep 2016, 16:41
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Be nice if they would recognise and appreciate those who have more experience and time in left seat.
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Old 27th Sep 2016, 17:57
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You might find that's what helps get you the job.....
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Old 27th Sep 2016, 18:16
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Originally Posted by TolTol View Post
Be nice if they would recognise and appreciate those who have more experience and time in left seat.
How would like them to do that then??

I had over 12000hrs when I got my command in Virgin and that's probably on the low side as I was very lucky and joined at a good time.
There isn't a shortage of experience here!!
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Old 27th Sep 2016, 19:23
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Yep absolutely agree with both replies.
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Old 27th Sep 2016, 21:31
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Lots of new joiners over the last five years have given up commands to join VS, plus the odd few who claimed to have commands but didn't.

Like what has been said before; leave your ego to one side. Regardless of what you've done before, you'll wear two stripes on your shoulder and be bottom of the seniority list. If you can get over that, then you're probably well-suited to the position. If not, maybe rethink about applying.
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