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Virgin recruiting soon...

Terms and Endearment The forum the bean counters hoped would never happen. Your news on pay, rostering, allowances, extras and negotiations where you work - scheduled, charter or contract.

Virgin recruiting soon...

Old 26th Nov 2010, 13:15
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Excellent, thanks for that...Doesn't sound bad at all! Cheers..
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Old 3rd Dec 2010, 18:00
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Just wondered if anybody has heard anything from Virgin yet? Any idea when candidates will be contacted with the outcome of the assessment?

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Old 4th Dec 2010, 14:20
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I hear that interviews have been postponed and due to start again around 15th Dec.... Sometime near Xmas looks likely!??
Good luck..How was the interview anyways??
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Old 4th Dec 2010, 16:37
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At least I can pick and choose whether I give up my Command. I can always be an FO again. Any time. But, it's not so easy to go the other way.
Nail on the head there. I have been interested in VS for quite some time but admittedly less so during the past year or two.

There is a point that one can reach when it becomes very difficult to join the likes of BA, VS etc etc. I have been in the LHS for over four years now and with a TRI course penciled in along with the chance of a mixture of long and short haul flying in the LHS in the next couple of years, I have realised I would have more to loose should I move on despite still being on the 'good' side of 30.

I have been on a few VS trips as a 'hanger on' with a friend of mine who is a skipper. I always got the impression that the time down route is what you made it but that is the same if you are airline/corporate or short/long haul. The happier guys were the ones that always seemed to keep busy when downroute and got involved in various activities i.e. cycling or sailing etc etc. Many who have been in VS for 10 years plus may come across as being slightly disillusioned and will probably say that the company is not the same as it used to be, however this could probably be said for most companies both in and out of aviation. VS is not the best out there but it is far from being the worst and if you can make the lifestyle work for you then that is the main thing to consider.

Good luck to those who apply!
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Old 7th Dec 2010, 12:13
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Got a job offer this morning via email. Anyone else heard yet? Off down the pub to celebrate!!
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Old 7th Dec 2010, 12:27
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Yes the offers have gone out - good news for me so I am off down the pub to celebrate to!
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Old 7th Dec 2010, 23:38
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Nice to get a good news e-mail......
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Old 8th Dec 2010, 13:15
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Hi Guys,

can anyone who recently attended the assessment day shed any light, whats going on there?
Psychometric test, group exercise,...

how do these tests look in practise?

I heard the sim assessment is done on a B737 300 FFS, is that correct?
whats the profile like?

any infos will be greatly appreciated.

I have an interview date in Jan.

in case anyone is interested: I have 4800TT, A330, A320 rated.

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Old 8th Dec 2010, 18:44
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Does anybody know if they will re-open application process anytime soon or is that it for now?
thanx a lot
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Old 10th Dec 2010, 22:46
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hello everybody,
I'm very interested on this thread too, I am type rated with a few thousands hours of experience on A330, anybody (mabe from inside the company) knows if they still need pilots or if they will in the next months??
Thank you guys!
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Old 13th Dec 2010, 13:53
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Nobody have a clue then?
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Old 14th Dec 2010, 18:28
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Anyone had a start date yet, other then pilots coming back from redundancy?
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Old 15th Dec 2010, 11:32
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according to todays news looks like you may up working for Delta!

Virgin Atlantic Receives A String Of Approaches Over Possible Tie-Up Or Merger | Business | Sky News
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Old 15th Dec 2010, 16:51
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Boeing 744 Recruitment

Virgin are now accepting applications for FO's on the 744.

Must have 744 TR with 1000 hours on type and 3000 hours in total.

It states that people will be interviewed for a holding pool only.

Closing date 29 DEC 2010.
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Old 15th Dec 2010, 17:39
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Agree Topslide !
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Old 15th Dec 2010, 20:23
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Dreams. Nightmares. Same thing.
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Old 15th Dec 2010, 20:32
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That's funny, my dream kept me awake too......
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Old 16th Dec 2010, 03:41
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I expect they hope to poach from GSS or other 744 operators who pay peanuts. There are quite a few around since 744 BCFs are now the freighter of choice. VS have always taken experienced crews only onto the 744 as they don't base train on it. ZFT only. Seems like they're upping the requirements.

Interestingly, GSS have just advertised in Flight. Perhaps they're anticipating an exodus!
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Old 17th Dec 2010, 16:43
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maybe we are getting some more 400's!!!!!!!!!

it is Virgin so you never know!!
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Old 17th Dec 2010, 17:25
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or ramping up for the B747-800 !!!....................
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