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Jet2 Recruiting now

Old 7th Dec 2012, 14:09
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I agree Nearly, having been out in the ME for 3 years, being home in the UK with family and friends each night is priceless.
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Old 8th Dec 2012, 09:11
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I agree Nearly, having been out in the ME for 3 years, being home in the UK with family and friends each night is priceless.
Just completed a B2B with AUH and DXB and, whilst nice to visit occasionally, I certainly wouldn't entertain living there!!!

Emirates has a nice gaff though in DXB, especially the really cheesy building at the training school that looks like an airliner!!!
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Old 9th Dec 2012, 11:10
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Does anyone out there know what the plans are going forward at Jet2 for the next 12-24 months in terms of crew recruitment? Slightly out of phase question considering there seem to be people waiting interviews / dates right now I know, but still, any offerings?
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Old 9th Dec 2012, 12:25
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Jet2 will need people every year, it will mainly by low houred FO's for the B737, with a few experienced FO's & type rated FO's for both B737 & 757 fleets, in addition to a very occasional DEC probably on a short-term Summer Only contract, but the number of DEC's recruited is reducing every year.

PM me if you need any more info.
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Old 9th Dec 2012, 14:15
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Daddy-oh - do you think anyone without a Type Rating and time on the type or jets would be invited to apply too? Or would the experienced Criteria demand a T/R and time on line?

Sadly, I think I know which one it is more likely to be.
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Old 9th Dec 2012, 20:33
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I don't work in Jet2 Recruitment so I don't know the workings of current policy. However I think it's fair to say Jet2 don't go for a singular profile of candidate pilot. They take ex-military aircrew, experienced Capts & FO's from regional turboprop operators, people from corporate & general aviation backgrounds right down to newly qualifieds straight from flying college, and it's a blended intake for the following reasons:

1) Type rated crews need minimal training & can be on line very quickly.

2) Non type rated yet experienced crews, both ex-mil & turboprop carrier, will need to sign a bond for the cost of the type training but bring experience to replace the recently internally promoted FO's.

3) Non type rated candidates will cost more to train but in exchange for much needed employment, Jet2 will offer the candidates bonded or part funded training & a reduced salary (usually 70%), tied in for a pre-determined period.

This strategy means Jet2 can keep their experience levels up, while minimalising & reducing training costs & salary. What any candidate should bare in mind is that the number of type rated B757 pilots on the market may be about to increase as TCX consider releasing crews as part of their contraction & most of the B737 type rated crews come from BMI & RYR. However, most of these crews will also have applications in with major airlines & may not take up offered positions at Jet2. I wish you all success, Jet2 is a cracking little company with sound financial footing & savvy management.

Please feel free to PM me.

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Old 10th Jan 2013, 17:43
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Any jobs offered?

So did anyone who went for recruitment in Dec 2012 actually get offered a position?
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Old 11th Jan 2013, 14:20
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Nope, PFO'ed
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Old 15th Jan 2013, 15:36
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Pay rise

Jet2 pilots to get 3% increase in basic pay and 5% increase in sector pay :-)

Thats on top if the 8.7% for captains and 6% for F/Os last year.

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Old 16th Jan 2013, 01:11
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bluepilot - What's your source for this? I start this year, wondered if it'd apply
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Old 16th Jan 2013, 02:51
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I'm sure it will as its the basic for all the crew. When is your start date?
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Old 16th Jan 2013, 11:18
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Such as shame it's turned into a bun-fight.

I went a couple of years ago, Tea & Biscuits, 25 mins company induction chat, 25 mins 1 to 1 interview with a pilot - done.

Some lame CBT tests before hand, sent to your email - but know a couple of guys who failed those and still got offered jobs .....all down to supply/demand.

You'd think with the amount of applications/paperwork they generate, HR would have enough to do
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Old 17th Jan 2013, 22:08
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Jet 2 was much the same when I did the recruitment day, interview with the pilot went well and then I had some tests for the HR department, with 6000 hours on the B737 and 13000 TT I was sure that this was just a formality but they seemed to take the tests that I had not seen since School (a long time ago) very seriously.......... Apparently so seriously that they failed to offer me a job.

At this point you might think that I would be dissatisfied, but NO ! I would like to thank the HR people for their decision, the result was that I went to the other job that had been in the offing, it turned out to have better equipment to fly, after a short wait a base on my doorstep (not in the frozen north) and better pay.

For me the Jet2 recruting system was a total success.
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Old 17th Jan 2013, 23:12
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Jet 2 Compass Testing!

I couldn't agree with you more.
I was polling my airbus into Skiathos one night with the full 38kt crosswind and gusting thinking "If I could divide by fractions" I might not be here right now!!!
With nearly 20,000 hours who cares if I can't divide 16&2/7ths by 3&1/8th!!
Already had this conversation with parc over quite a few contracts. But at the end of the day everyone wins but the pilot! Management make the rules and we either play the management game or we are out the door. End of story!!
Rant over!!
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Old 5th Feb 2013, 15:09
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Does anyone out there know what the plans are going forward at Jet2 for the next 12-24 months in terms of crew recruitment?
Zenon are as of yesterday advertising for summer only B737 Capt, FO and B757 FO for start dates in early April 2013, UK based. 500 hours on type and ideally will have flown the a/c within last 2 years.
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Old 5th Feb 2013, 20:50
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It would appear that Eithad & Norwegian were the main beneficiaries of the demise of bmibaby in terms of pilots recruitment

"500 hours on type and ideally will have flown the a/c within last 2 years"

Roxy B]With nearly 20,000 hours who cares if I can't divide 16&2/7ths by 3&1/8th!![/B]

It seems that Jet2 are a good company spoilt by an HR department that rules the roost
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Old 5th Feb 2013, 22:56
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Anyone been called/given a start date from the December assessment(s)?
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Old 6th Feb 2013, 09:51
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LNIDA Spot on with your opinion of Jet2. I worked for them for nearly four years so I can obviously do the job, but failed at the recent interviews because I couldn't do the maths and fly their stupid computer game!
HR make me sick as many great operators are being turned down for jobs.
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Old 6th Feb 2013, 14:35
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I think some miss the point of an HR department, its got nothing at all to do with a pilot or indeed any employee's ability to do the job, its more about keeping the company clear of discrimination be it race, colour, gender, sexual inclination and these days ageism.

The changes to crew composition means that two pilots over 60 can not fly together, thats reduces crewing flexibility and whilst pilots who are older and don't have snotty nosed kids at home generally have better attendance records, there is never the less a perception that older = more sick leave

So an HR department can create a set of hoops that keeps anyone they choose out, but protects the company, HR is not a skill set as demonstrated by the ability or lack there of in Jet2 HR department.

I had a call from a guy who was called by Jet2 HR last week following an assessment he failed two months ago asking if he could still start in a couple of weeks?? when he told him he had failed the interview he was told oh that doesn't matter??, Another mate was offered a direct contract permanent confirmed by e mail and received a contract from Zenon??

I gather they are now bonding contracts, that is to say when you sign a contract to start months ahead, you're entering into a legally binding contract for 7k if you decide you've got a better offer and go else where??

How true all of these are i have now idea, but i know lots of people in Jet2 and they are very happy with the company and pilot management, HR is another matter.

They are not alone mind you I hear "Mad dog" Murphy at Air Contractors went ape when two ex baby guys changed their mind having accepted an offer from him, I'm told you now have to show proof of confirmed ticket to Dublin before even the interview is confirmed.

I think the good news is that it show movement in the pilot work place, at least for experienced type rated pilots
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Old 16th Feb 2013, 09:15
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there is any one is going to attend the interviews in thei month?
Is the compass tes difficult? i have done the DLR test for lufthansa is the same difficult?
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