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British Airways Hold Pool News

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British Airways Hold Pool News

Old 16th Mar 2009, 18:13
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If there is any recruitment in 2009, I will feel utterley conned!

Sorry but there it is.
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Old 31st Mar 2009, 13:23
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looks like we have to keep our fingers crossed for another extension of the holding pool or re-apply...

Not the best news but not a surprise either.
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Old 31st Mar 2009, 22:27
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Well, with this latest email from JM I guess this will be a very quiet thread for the next 6 months.

keep the faith

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Old 1st Apr 2009, 11:29
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To those of you who passed the sim last year have you been given an update by JM ? There are a few of us swimming for a sim assessment until Autumn and it would be appreciated if you've had any info since Xmas.


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Old 1st Apr 2009, 18:48
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See my post number 5 on this thread for the email we recieved in Jan. We all got another yesterday that said no recruitment this summer and unlikely for the autumn but will update in late summer.

All the best
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Old 2nd Apr 2009, 07:08
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Is there a logical reason why those in the hold pool, who have passed BA's strict vetting and interview procedures, have to re-apply after a time limit? Surely a simple email or letter to enquire whether a successful candidate is still available should further extend their stay in the pool. I don't understand the reason for binning them and getting them to go through the whole process again. Is it a test of resolve?
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Old 2nd Apr 2009, 08:29
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The simple truth is that historically BA have always been able to offer positions to those in the hold pool within 12 months and so that became the cut off.
As someone who was booted out of the pool many years back, (then failed the selection the second time round - go figure!?), I can assure you, that is not correct.
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Old 2nd Apr 2009, 09:15
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Have any SSPs waiting in the holdpool received an email from JM within the last few days or is it just DEPs?

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Old 2nd Apr 2009, 15:25
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I recieved an email a couple of days ago from him.
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Old 3rd Apr 2009, 15:01
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Those interviewed before Sept 11 were not required to re apply so lets see
eh sorry to correct you, but those swimming in the pool post Sept 11th, who were not offered a course did have to reapply when recruitment re-opened almost 3 years later.
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Old 3rd Apr 2009, 22:43
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SSP's in the hold pool were told a couple of days ago that they would not be starting a TR in 2009. Not sure if it was all or just some of them.
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Old 4th Apr 2009, 13:30
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not received anything

I haven't received an email about this (SSP Pre JOC) so probably not everyone was informed. However I understand from the replies it is not good news at all. Hopefully another extension will be considered.
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Old 4th Apr 2009, 16:39
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(SSP post JOC). I received the email a few days ago and it's not good news at all.

My hold pool is valid until February 2009 and following a conversation with JM after receiving the email, a decision on any extension will not be made until much closer to that time. Recruitment in 2009 is 'highly unlikely' unless the economy takes an unprecedented u-turn.
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Old 4th Apr 2009, 18:55
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recent confirmed sale of all remaining 757s we are likely to be fully crewed, if not overcrewed for quite some time to come
I don't think BA are 'overcrewed' in the slightest looking at monthly CAP figures. Even taking in to account the drop in pax.

Also, the 757's have always been 'earmarked' for Robin Glovers little escapade over in CDG and AMS, the sale to freighter conversion just nets BA a bit of cash. The plan has always been to replace them with the new A320's seen around and those that have come back from GB. Hence the requirement to fill in a forced bid last year.

Things are static at the moment I'll grant you but I don't think it is going to remain static for too long with the fully financed aircraft orders BA has planned plus the possibility of early (already funded) A380's that neither AF or Qantas can afford. Add to that the 777 orders that start arriving next month plus the 777-300er and I think you will see how quick things turn around.
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Old 4th Apr 2009, 20:20
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I'm still not holding my breath, but if the various bits of news over the last 6 months has taught us anything about this economic crisis, it is that it is completely unpredictable and very surprising. An economic u-turn in the near future? Can't really see it, but if it happened I wouldn't be at all surprised.

However, I think that if and when a recovery does occur it will probably be fairly quick and fairly surprising - i.e not really signalled in advance. I suspect that BA may want to keep at least some people treading water so they can crew up quickly if they need to, and not get caught on the hop.
History shows that economic recoveries after recessions tend to cause significant undercapacity in many business who have cut too deep, or cut in the wrong areas and have no contingency for the recovery. And those who can pick up capacity quickly can do very well indeed during the early parts of an economic recovery. I'm sure there are wiser and better paid people than I, who work for BA and also know this! So i'd be very surprised if we all got hoofed out.
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Old 4th Apr 2009, 21:44
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Wake up look around,there are a lot better deals elsewhere than BA,
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Old 5th Apr 2009, 03:31
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Tom Booze, Location: Abu Dhabi.

Thanks, but no thanks!
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Old 5th Apr 2009, 11:00
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LIFO is a thing of the past, irrespective of what any company or its employees have agreed. I am led to believe that it is no longer classed as a legitimate way of selecting those for redundancy. Touchwood - this will never happen though.

As for:
Tom Booze, Location: Abu Dhabi.

Thanks, but no thanks!
Beats sitting on the motorway driving to work in the bucketing rain!
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Old 5th Apr 2009, 12:54
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LIFO is a thing of the past
I guess you're not familiar with last years test case, involving an employee of
Rolls-Royce, which means that LIFO is still going to be normal practice?
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Old 5th Apr 2009, 13:16
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Why don't you ask the 'baby' guys about LIFO?
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