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easyJet buys GB Airways

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easyJet buys GB Airways

Old 11th Nov 2007, 23:22
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I understand the MAN situation is somewhat more complex than easyJet would like. I am led to believe easyJet have an 'exclusivity' deal with LPL which basically guarantees they do not operate out of MAN. It is slightly uncertain at this juncture if that deal will still be enforced following easyJet's takeover of an airline which currently operates out of MAN. Watch this space.........
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Old 12th Nov 2007, 01:20
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It was heading for the courts long before the GB deal was constructed
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Old 12th Nov 2007, 12:03
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From what my understanding of the deal is. Easyjet signed a 'deal' with liverpool airport saying they will use the airport excusively for the next ten years from, I think, 1999 and not fly out of any other airport within a certain distance from liverpool. In return, I believe, liverpool airport 'agreed' exlcusive rights to easyjet only at the airport for their sole use for the duration of this contract. However, as we know, liverpool has a large Ryanair base & several other carriers that also use the airport frequently. This, I believe is the main sticking point. Liverpool Airport havn't fulfilled their part of the bargain & as an airline, easyJet has uptill now & until a deal is reached I believe there will be no further extensive expansion at liverpool. Looks like a no win situation until the courts decide! I'll be watching very closely.
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Old 12th Nov 2007, 18:08
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Lots of talk here on PPRuNe - various threads - with regards to the easyJet/Liverpool deal, and a possible court case.

Has anybody actually heard as to when this case may be heard - and where?
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Old 15th Nov 2007, 03:26
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Thumbs up

With reference to the LPL/MAN situation, easyJet signed a 20 year exclusivity deal with LPL that barred them from operating from any other North West airport. The deal was rushed through in order to be completed before the company was floated - it was actually signed on the night before the company was listed. By my calculation, the deal will be effective until around 2020! Easyjet's argument is that the contract is invalid as it is a restraint of trade and against EU law. The soundness of this argument is what is now in the hands of the lawyers.

I would love to see easyJet build on the GB Manchester operation and emulate their LGW success in the North West.
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Old 15th Nov 2007, 06:56
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The Liverpool situation is almost guaranteed to favour Easyjet. If I were them I'd just make sure locking wheelnuts were fitted to the aircraft before the resolution.

They could always operate GB as a "separate company" out of MAN. That seems to be a popular con trick. Amazing what a different paint job and a bit of paperwork can legally achieve, isn't it?

Though to be honest, the law needs changing.
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Old 15th Nov 2007, 09:21
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Im not an expert on these kind of contracts, or EU laws for that matter....But I think history has showed a contract, any contract, that goes against existing EU/trade laws is not even worth the papper it written on... This will be an "easy" winn for the orange suites!
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Old 20th Nov 2007, 12:46
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It wouldn't even need a paintjob. All it would need would be a formation of a new airline that operates as Easyjet. Remember, TEA operated as Easyjet before being totally absorbed.
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Old 20th Nov 2007, 19:42
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Someone's been doing their research
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Old 20th Nov 2007, 19:44
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I thought it was common knowledge.
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Old 22nd Nov 2007, 08:00
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...but the problem may be that GB will no longer hold an AOC and as a result will not be able to operate as a separate
Jet A1 is online now  
Old 22nd Nov 2007, 15:02
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For a guiding precedent, just consider bmi and the startup of bmibaby. A classic example of what sort of "fiddles", unbelievably, the law seems to allow, including, if I recall correctly, the sharing of AOC as a single company subject to the promise of so-caled separation eventually!

As an example

See post number 463 on http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthr...261214&page=24

What works for "contracts" with employees no doubt also works for "contracts" with airports such as Liverpool.
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Old 22nd Nov 2007, 15:14
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and now we do have our own forum again... http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=301266
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Old 29th Nov 2007, 17:54
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Today I learn that some easyJet management have been given access to GB BALPA website, so they can read our grumbles, concerns, queries, ideas and general vibe.

This is, in my opinion, an invasion of privacy. Whilst I understand and applaud their motives (trying to understand the GB pilots, and improve the situation), I think giving them access to the GB Balpa forum is not an ideal situation. For one, how can we negotiate ANYTHING when they already know what we would accept?

I am livid with my GB BALPA reps for:
a) not communicating with us (even after a couple of personal emails requesting them to do so)
b) allowing easyJet access to our forum (especially since there is a GB forum on which they could communicate with us).

Nuff said, see you at the Xmas party y'all

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Old 29th Nov 2007, 21:07
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Will Bored,

I think it's a BALPA access not management, so we can also ask them questions. I like to call a spade a shovel as much as the next person but it's too early to get yourself airborne over this!
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Old 11th Dec 2007, 10:17
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I assume that if the take-over does not occur by End March '08, we will all be awarded the "tracker" pay rise, as per our contracts??!

Something to watch out for maybe!??

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Old 11th Dec 2007, 20:43
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Big Lovely Orange Aircraft

More room for the sensible guys who want to keep a good airline wage/contract and become part of a company that rewards its staff all the time, through annual shares, bonus's etc and lets them speak their mind, whomever they may be! Ezyjet has changed over the last few years....Just speak to our clientelle! Who is sensible?!
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Old 11th Dec 2007, 20:48
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'DITTO' My thoughts exactly! People would rather bite their own legs off than realise a good thing!
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Old 11th Dec 2007, 20:57
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As an obviously intelligent person, I'm surprised that you think Ezy are going to try and carry on with turnaround times and services with 'some' of the GB routes the same as they do an hour flight to Cologne or Amsterdam!?????????? I'd watch this space and let the people do their jobs first and maybe judge afterwards? Regards.
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Old 11th Dec 2007, 21:06
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Hi Tiny Tim!

No, We aren't like that at all Tim! We welcome anyone that joins us! As a majority, we are all really happy at Ezy (My third Airline may it be said and two of those were business class flights for a higher class airline!) and anyone that isn't happy soon leaves to join..........??????? Thanks for being sensible and looking beyond stubborness and undue snobbery!
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