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FlyBe to acquire BA Connect (Crew thread - no spotters)

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FlyBe to acquire BA Connect (Crew thread - no spotters)

Old 3rd Nov 2006, 06:48
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FlyBe to acquire BA Connect (Crew thread - no spotters)

I understand that this is being announced to the crews arriving at work as I type. More news when it eventally gets put on the intranet.

Assuming that it will be a TUPE trannsfer, but does this cover the FS pension? There is plan in place to fix this but will Flybe take it on? Obviously, we will all try and put this to the back of our minds as we fly around serving the BACON product today.

Shame for one or two good managers who are likely to loose their positions. One bit of good news though, no more DE and BE, golden parachutes deployed and back into the mothership or early retirement with share options exercised.

Well done BA, a perfectly viable regional airline destroyed in four years.
Very convenient vheicle for using to remove BAR from the equation.
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 07:28
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I can imagine the jobs in the 100-job region would be from BA Connect's head offices in Manchester and on the Isle of Man, potentially also flybe would have to decide whether they want to maintain ground handling inhouse, or whether they'll move everything to a handling agent. On the other hand, I think most flight deck and cabin crew would be maintained to service flybe's aggressive expansion programme. Nice to see that there will now be a focused & expansive regional operator, though it will be a shame to see the BA livery disappear from the regions, and potentially some of the benefits of flying BA Connect like Executive Club benefits which is a major selling point for the airline.
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 07:47
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There are around 300 jobs in MAN and the IOM. And we can say goodbye to them by this time next year. This will have a direct impact on the IOM and will cause immense disruption to a lot of people.

And it's a shame the rest of the world found out before we got into work!!

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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 08:11
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Angry Disgraceful act of BA!

And I expected nothing less from BA, an inept and arrogant company that fully deserves to go to the wall. And one day soon, probably will, though through death by a thousand cuts, I suspect.

Good luck to the BA Connect people, who tried hard, and were never given a chance.
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 08:12
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Quote from FlyBe web site "Flybe plans to accelerate its current fleet renewal programme and will phase out all of the existing BA Connect fleet as soon as possible." So they get all the routes and all the crews and don't have to keep the planes. Another stunning BA Connect / BACX deal.
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 08:13
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Are GB who run BA Connect Services out of Manchester affected by this?
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 08:14
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Originally Posted by biddedout View Post

Assuming that it will be a TUPE trannsfer
Hello Biddedout,

whats a TUPE transfer?


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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 08:16
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Transfer Of Undertakings, Protection of Employment.

Try Googling it.
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 08:18
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This announcement was as predictable as the sun rising tomorrow morning. Congratulatins must (not) go to Buffoon Airways for managing the destruction of what was, only 5 years ago, the major airlines in UK domestic operations namely BRAL/manx and Brymon to which the new owners could hardly manage to play 4th fiddle. The BA Connect venture wasn't necessary in the first place and was a litany of lies, charades and gross mismanagement during its short life. The greatest fool of them all, Evans, - well, I don't know how he will dare to show his face outside the confines of Didsbury.

Those who have stuck with Connect - good luck for the future but I fear you have all been living with heads firmly buried in the sand - the writing was on the wall many years ago. Walsh eradicated Aer Lingus's domestic system and it was almost a cert that he would do the same with BA - and he has.

Looks as though the RJ will live to fight another day but only because the dullards at Waterworld finally realised that a high yield operation out of LCY was feasible and did compliment their Londoncentric view of the universe.

All in all a sad day for the ex employees of Manx, BRAL and Brymon - but it was all so predictable.
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 08:21
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With the greatest of respect, perhaps a study of the shipping and rail industries might be informative? Consolidation and embuggeration of operating staff have been a feature of the transport industry for what? 200 years?
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 08:24
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i love the way WW calls it a disposal.that man needs a slap
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 08:45
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Sounds like interesting times ahead for BACon and FlyBE crews, with hopefully a level of security for both. I do feel for the BACon crews, sounds like you really have been p!ssed about over the last while.

I canít quite get why FlyBE would go for such a deal, other than the business sector, but it reads like good business sense for BA. 15% of £600M is a nice profit for not a lot of work!

Also, how will this effect the floatation of FlyBE? Will it still happen?

Good luck folks, hope it works out.

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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 08:51
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I understand that this is a hot and sensitive subject to a lot of you, and that this effects many people, and their families....
However, is this not a good thing, compared to the last 5(?) years or so, that has happend?? BA has been cutting, promising, selling and lying (?) for many years now. They have obviously never had a plan, not a good one anyway, for running regional operations. Looking back it is quite clear that this would happen sooner or later...only sad thing is that it did not happen earlier...
Why? Is it not better to work for a company that is dedicated to the business that they are involved in? BA never was.... Working under the BA parashute you never knew if you would have a job the coming year, under FlyBe it seems, with aviation "standard" anyway, like a stable and secure alternative..right?
I know that there are huge issues in FlyBe when it comes to, for example, the relationship between the company and the union (the staff). Im sure there are many other things that could be improved, but then again show me a company where this is not true...
I think that the people being affected by this could bring in a lot of experience in to Flybe and help building a better company, improving the t&c's etc.

At the end of the day it's money that rules aviation, and any business for that matter. Maybe its easy for an "outsider" to give the advice to look at the good/positive things in this matter...but at the end of the day, being negative will only make things worse for you as an individual, right?

Good luck to all of you!

Standing by for incoming!

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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 09:02
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If BA ever needed reminding that having all your eggs in one basket was a dangerous policy then surely this summer's chaos that costed BA £100 million is surely that lesson. It is interesting to note that whilst LHR, LGW & STN all suffered, most regional airports were able to 'manage' the disruption without the mass flight cancellations.

BAs withdrawl from the regions seems to have missed this point.

Good luck to everyone at BAcon!
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 09:05
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BA is not a charity

This, first & foremost, is the most important point. BA, or any other company for that matter, is not a charity. The sale of BACon to FlyBe should be seen by the employees as a good thing (in the medium-long term) as you'll at least be working for a company that is committed to regional ops. BA will, one day, be an exclusive business/first class operator of point to point long-haul flights.
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 09:06
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This really did come out of no where. Did not see it coming. BA did not give Connect a chance its not even a year old yet and there offloading it to BE. Mind you there going to keep a stake in the enlarged airline so they may well make more money that way than owning connect outright.
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 09:13
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Ex sou crews

And how about all those faithful BAcon crews chucked out of the base at sou just last week. Re-locating their lives in EDI or MAN or BHX, none exactly close by. Hindsight being a wonderous thing what will they do now? be offered jobs back at sou? Put their lives on hold until they know whats going on?????????????????
Mare to say the least.
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 09:18
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BA expects BAConnect to be sold by Christmas.

BAConnect currently have 10 RJ100s. However, there isn't enough work for all 10 aircraft on the LCY routes so some aircraft will be returned to the lessors early whilst the remaining RJ100s will be based in EDI. British Airways will then set up a new subsidiary to operate the LCY routes.
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 09:31
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Originally Posted by biddedout View Post
Transfer Of Undertakings, Protection of Employment.
Thank you

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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 09:33
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Good News for some and bad fo others

What a suprise to a lot of people, how many BA Connect staff will they keep on must be a big question.

Is it the Dash Fleet and the Emb fleet that will go? if so that is a large amount to sell of in one large chunk

I do agree with the takeover that Bristol will not be part of Flybes plan as Exeter is just down the road and Exeter has a much better WX record although with the more modern aircraft it has not been as bad Wx wise problems at Bristol.

It will take a least six months or more before the true picure will come out but good luck to all concerned.

There will be some competion loss in some areas no doubt but what will be next on the card.

On a crewing issue this would be good news for the Dash crews as an upgrade to a Dash 400 will be cost effective for the company without having to train new recruits.

I understand there has been some crew loses as always at this time of year with the younger ones wanting to fly a 737 or A320.
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