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slingsby 3rd Nov 2005 06:13

I know a long lens may give the optical illusion, but still that couldn't have cleared the fence by much.

BB check yr PM

Dream Land 3rd Nov 2005 09:43

Link not working for me.:confused:

Otterman 3rd Nov 2005 10:29

Hello Slingsby,
Having flown 747's into there on many occassions I can tell you that precision is the name of the game. There is no ILS installed, so it is basically a visual approach. There is a VOR/DME approach if there are some low clouds in the area. There are some interesting pictures out there. The attached link is on the topic of st. maarten on a previous thread.

One detail I would like to share is that the road behind the runway is so close to the fence that it actually has traffic lights, and a barrier when large aircraft are on the approach. We had to get the all clear first to make sure none of the tourists or locals were standing near the fence before we applied take-off thrust. There is a very neat video of this not being adhered to and people getting blown from the fence all the way into the sea.
Greetings O.

Seaton Approach 3rd Nov 2005 23:46

"Skipper, look at the tits on that......!"

Doors to Automatic 4th Nov 2005 01:48

1. It's not a fake

2. It's not particularly low for the location

To see more search airliners.net or click on to "most popular pictures of all time" on the same website. You will see a lot worse than this!!!

Runway 31 4th Nov 2005 08:43

One of the highlights of my last time over there was sitting in the Sunset Beach bar taking pics, eating a burger and drinking a beer while my wife snorkled off the beach. Heaven

Farrell 4th Nov 2005 13:34

1. It is a fake (albeit just lowered slightly for greater effect)

2. Put it into Photoshop and bring it up to 400% zoom. Check the nosewheels and main gear. The white rings around the tires are the giveaway....still trying to get around that telltale.

GOLF-INDIA BRAVO 4th Nov 2005 14:29

Certainly not fake
I have seen my friends photos
with B757 leaving at vortex trail accross the water
They are nearly as low when they come in over the lagoon at Corfu and you can sit on the resaurant balcony and look down on the planes


con-pilot 4th Nov 2005 18:15

Farrell I really donít believe it is a fake, could be, but I really doubt it.

I have spent too many evenings and nights sitting at the Sun Set Beach bar (see www.sunsetbeachbar.com.) consuming numerous beers and munching on really good food watching some folks come in really low.

There is a picture floating around the internet of an Air France 74 coming across the road lower, a lot lower, than the picture of the KLM 74. The Air France picture was taken years ago before the advent of photo-shop software. There were some reports that the Air France 74 took out the fence by the road. However, I have no idea if the fence story is true.

Farrell 4th Nov 2005 18:30

Maybe you're right, sir .....just goes to show you though doesn't it, that in this age of photo editing packages we never really know for sure what's real anymore.

Kestrel_909 4th Nov 2005 18:40

Are you for real Farrell?

Well, it had to be asked:E

Farrell 4th Nov 2005 18:41

Ok folks; I take it back! It's not fake.

I have had a look at the photographer's only post on airliners.net of this aircraft.


Same date and time, but different angle, and it looks like it could have gotten that low.

Head bowed in humility - I am at your mercy

(and while I'm here....
in this shot, is that a nasty crease in the paintwork?)

El Grifo 4th Nov 2005 19:24

The point relating to distortion due to the use of a telephoto lense is a crock also.

This phenomenon happens when you are shooting directly at a subject. Only the perspective is fore-shortened. It would not and could not affect the apparent distance between the aircraft and the ground.

Sorry guys :8 :ok: :8

Byrna 6th Nov 2005 20:22

I have videos of planes taking off and landing from Princess Juliana airport in Sint-Maarten (SXM/TNCM) and this is one crazy landing spot!

A LITTLE STORY TO TELL which I lived through (*phew*):

I am not experienced being so close to jets and I was standing RIGHT BEHIND a Continental Airlines 737NG (-700 or -800 I believe) on the beach right behind the runway when it started its take-off thrust...

... ummmm... not a good idea folks! I got my towel blown into the sea (about 100 feet), sand came at me like a sand storm in the Sahara and I rushed immediately to the side. No injuries. That's a "jet blast" I think :))


NO DELAY EXPECTED 19th Jul 2006 13:44

pass the threshold at 50ft?
Is this how KLM fly into St Maarten all the time ?
I think they will end up taking the fence with them one day !

Anybody who operates in there want to comment , do you really not fly the PAPIS in a widebody ?

WindSheer 19th Jul 2006 13:47

Nothing wrong with a slightly early touchdown to maximise your decision and stopping time.....even if you do clip the fence!!:eek:

preset 19th Jul 2006 13:51

Are you sure it's not a really short takeoff, you know, really light weight, strong HWC :}

Beanbag 19th Jul 2006 13:53

I wouldn't mind betting that parallax / depth compression from a long lens are making this look worse than it was.

11Fan 19th Jul 2006 13:55

At Virgin, you get a massage. With KLM, you get a haircut.

Groundloop 19th Jul 2006 15:52

Originally Posted by WindSheer
Nothing wrong with a slightly early touchdown to maximise your decision and stopping time.....even if you do clip the fence!!:eek:

Except landing short of the threshold is technically illegal!

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