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EI896 25th Jul 2006 08:52

hmmm, I don't see any lights there on the approach to the one near the beach, so does this mean a/c are restricted to the day only?

But the KLM B744 I think is real because the sky looks to be overcast and there is a slight sahdow of a widebody a/c underneath so??? But I think it's real, not a fake for me.

seacue 25th Jul 2006 12:04

What has not been recently mentioned is that the SXM runway is not the longest in the world - about 2km. There is water at both ends. And there is a 300-metre-high hill about 2km straight off the east end.

EGLF_base 25th Jul 2006 12:07


Originally Posted by EGLF_base
true enough... all to much about the pictures of the landings...

how about this video of a take off...

Edit: That link locked up my computer! :ouch:

who changed my post to remove the link??

it doesnt lock my machine - for those who want to try again...

T'other mod did that, but I've done it again as the link is to a web site which might entice PPRune Pop (and others) to click on some links of which PPRune does not approve. Please find another suitable link or do not post that one again.


PS: Found a slightly better link http://ebaumsworld.com/2006/07/planeblow.html

PPS This site is LOADED with cookies - beware!

GK430 25th Jul 2006 12:46

There is no App Ltg on the 09 end - and only puddle jumpers approach on 27.
09 has fairly standard runway lighting and from memory PAPI's on both sides. There is a VOR DME just to the right of the 09 Thr. - which is presumably calibrated to read 0 at the TDZ.
The airfield closes at 23:00L and re-opens at 07:00L (I think)

It's a fun place:ok: But you can't hire anything from SXM, although it may be possible from the airfield on the french side.

misd-agin 26th Jul 2006 03:36

[quote=GK430]There is no ILS on Rwy 09 (nor 27).
I will try and post another pic later today, (see some on the sticky thread) but west of the airfield boundary fence there is a small twin track road, a thin low concrete buffer to keep the sand off the road and then the beach. The sand on the extended rwy c/l is lower than the remaining level of the beach left & right of centre - it gets blown away and even behind 75 deps the sea ripples for a good 100+ metres.

The "heavies" backtrack full length and the power starts being applied on the turn - and despite the brainless hanging on to the fence.....it is wise to take serious cover away from the jetblast.
Warning signs abound!

Flew into SXM last month with a female FO that had never flown there before. She got the landing. Mentioned that her husband, Continental FO, had taken a video of planes departing from there. Said he filmed the sign "caution - jet blast" and then started filming the departure. Image starts shaking...boom, over he goes. "I thought I was clear of the jet blast...":ouch:

GK430 26th Jul 2006 08:13

Hi misd-agin - glad you're surviving!!

A few self explanatory pics. The BN-2 guy was real entertainment:= :D



I just had to get under a low level 74.
And no doubt a few pilots who themselves need to learn more about the hazards of RB211's etc.


sixmilehighclub 27th Jul 2006 21:41

Another one.....


PAXboy 28th Jul 2006 17:31

In this case, it will be deemed as safe because - warning signs around the area and ... it's the only airport on the island!

If an a/c were to belly flop on arrival or departure - would you lose more or less people on the ground/in the water, than if you had a similar accident at Heathrow/Paris/New York? You would lose fewer people and so it is safer than any major city.

LRdriver II 29th Jul 2006 21:55

All these pics are real. I used to fly a Lear 24 out of there and as such spent many a day sitting at the Sunset beach bar.
Yes its a buzz sitting in the sand watching a 747 bearing down on you (Lie down behind road/beach barrier as the residual thrust will still sand blast the hell out of you.

No ILS, all V/D on to a short field with water at both ends and a mountain off one end.

misd-agin 30th Jul 2006 02:26

Originally Posted by DHC6tropics
Considering that KLM's skid marks are now the first set of tire marks on the runway and are well before the threshold (I will take a pic if ppl want when I get back to work)...This was an EXTREMELY early touchdown. I wouldn't dare land that short and I fly a plane a fraction of the size.

This pic actually shows the exact point where the left main touches the ground (and the other mains shortly after). It corresponds with the exact place that the tire marks start. http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1078774/M/

Photos are taken from a hotel. Actually the roof of the second hotel!!!

Check out this photo - one guy on the beach is starting to run north and the two guys by the fence have chickened out and are ducking.

I've stood on the beach while the a/c are landing. Makes you feel vulnerable.

EGLD 20th Oct 2006 17:34

I asked unanswered before, and will again. Do people seriously think this airport is safe?

Kak Klaxon 20th Oct 2006 18:35

Before the advent of buying type ratings young pilots used to have to wonder the earth in search of twin time,I last landed a whacked out BN 2a here in 1992 and of all the destinations in the Windes this is just about as safe as it gets,the photos are real and the beach is a lot of fun.

St Barts was so bad that only a select few were alowed in there, the night procedure into Montserrat made me go grey at 22,fly at a 2000 foot cliff then turn hard left(90 deg) when you saw the tiny runway,OK at 65 kts but LIAT did it in the Dash 8,respect.

No radar,planes older than you,earthquakes,mad expats, red stripe, mountgay rum,Islands that expode,giant frogs,giant spiders,land crabs,snakes,red ants in your pants at 3000 feet,snow birds,200 usd to clear customs(cash in hand),every letter from home been opened,6 usd for 200 State Express 555s,goat water,Jumbie and Soca,welcome to the third world.

Also the nicest people in the world.

EGLD 21st Oct 2006 12:53

I don't understand that comment BOAC? I embedded a picture in my message, you've said "No links to the site unless there is a picture?"

Here's the pic I was referring to....am I not allowed to embed it?


BOAC 21st Oct 2006 14:07

Not quite - you actually linked to the banner ad for airliners.net which is at the top of the every page - that's why. This one is fine.

EGLD 21st Oct 2006 16:02

Ok thanks, not sure what went wrong, but on my PC the picture I was linking to appeared as an image in my post


GK430 23rd Oct 2006 10:02

I'm back on Maho Beach next month and I sure hope Falcon 1DT is going to make another App like that one:=
Never saw one quite so low last time I was there. Have to be sure not to go for the wide angle belly shot though:{

GK430 3rd Jan 2007 08:32

Another from Maho Beach

Georgeablelovehowindia 3rd Jan 2007 18:35

That last one's perfectly OK and is going to touch down safely beyond the threshold.

On simulator training for the widebody that I flew - the DC-10 - they stopped it at the 'One Hundred' radio altimeter call and pointed out that the threshold was just vanishing from view i.e. correct. If the threshold was still in sight, you were too low, and should immediately go-around. If it had already disappeared, you were too high, and should again go-around - and you certainly would at this place! It wouldn't surprise me if the 747 has some similar sort of 'radalt check-height' to judge by.

I wonder if the first thing that the KLM captain did on shut-down was to go and make sure that there were no extraneous bits of wire in amongst the wheels? :uhoh:

Ah the lovely Caribbean ... give me gentle old Barbados Grantley Adams any time! :ok:

GK430 3rd Jan 2007 22:26

About to risk life and limb any second. When on the ramp I would never go underneath anything, well not after one nasty incident, so why do I do this:confused:

:{ Oh no, more sand in the sensor

treadigraph 4th Jan 2007 00:03

First time I'd seen the pics of Falcon 20 N911DT. Can I assume that there was a fair amount of power on to avoid any futher sink prior to the threshold... otherwise...

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