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BOAC 10th Dec 2002 19:48

Oh No! Its St Maarten time again
This is where all those sandblasting pictures live.

WhoNeedsEngines 6th Feb 2005 13:16

Oh No! Its St Maarten time again
Any of you professional pilots got any comments about this photograph, taken on the beach on the approach to Princess Juliana Airport of Saint Maarten in the Carribean? Looks a bit adjacent to me.

Apologies for the rather poor quality of the photo - it was scanned in from a page torn from a magazine.

The Greaser 6th Feb 2005 13:25

Not sure a windbreaker would be much good on that beach! Seriously though, nowadays you can make really convincing fakes, keep working on it.

cortilla 6th Feb 2005 13:36

I don't think it's a fake actually. seen many piccies of st maarten and they all land pretty low over the beach. just look on some websites that post piccies and look for st maarten, and you'll se many of them.

Otterman 6th Feb 2005 13:40

True a guy with photoshop and too much spare time can do amazing things. This picture is of an approach into St. Maarten. Having flown into there at least a couple of times a year for the last fifteen, on a Boeing 747-300, it is an approach that lends itself to sneaking in a bit lower than normal. The runway is a shade over 2000 meters long. The approach is a VORD which gives good guidance, but the last bit is of course visual. The fence has been knocked down at the beginning of the runway on two occasions the last ten years. There are some amazing videos on the internet of widebodies leaving from there and blowing some of the locals into the sea, who were trying to hang onto the fence for fun. I am sure you can find them in other threads just search St. Maarten. Regards O.

wasdale 6th Feb 2005 13:51

Not necessarily a fake. It is quite easy to get such an effect simply by using a telephoto lens.

surely not 6th Feb 2005 13:54

it's real............

PPRuNe Radar 6th Feb 2005 13:55

Already been covered ad nauseum on PPRuNe. Another 'recent' discussion in the latter part of this thread.

St Maarten

Or have a look at the bar from where you can take such pics, they have a few photos in their gallery ;)

Sunset Beach Bar

c130jbloke 11th Jul 2005 11:15

pass the threshold at 50ft?
Have a look at this !!!!!!!!!!


Captions please.


Art Field 11th Jul 2005 11:24

I know you are keen to get down for a swim, Co, but ---!!!!!.

Wycombe 11th Jul 2005 11:38

That's St. Maarten (SXM) in the Carribean.

Simply hundreds of photos like this of the place on airliners.net.

The threshold is literally the other side of the fence. There is high ground at the other end IIRC, just to add to the fun.

Anorak off, it's a bit warm today!

Edited to add caption "Heard there's some really top totty, we'll have a look on the way in"

mbga9pgf 11th Jul 2005 20:23

Sorry to spoil the fun, but think its a fake. Check the port main gear, looks as if its being retracted or extended...

Fox3snapshot 11th Jul 2005 21:40

Having landed at that airfield on two occassions after our BVI frenzies and peered out the window at that very bar, it looks pretty possible to me!

But not sure what it has to do with the military forum.....:confused:

Kestrel_909 11th Jul 2005 22:55

I doubt it is fake, even if it was, there isn't anything particularly special to make it stand out against the other SXM photos.

Interesting point about the gear, I have seen that before somewhere.

Captain Airclues 11th Jul 2005 23:44


The gear is not being retracted or extended. That is the normal 'tilt' which, as well as allowing the gear to fit into the bay, also puts the aircraft into ground mode when it untilts on landing. Ground mode, amongst other things, allows full spoiler extension rather than the limited extension in flight. The aircraft has flap 30 set, so gear retraction in this configuration would cause a loud horn to sound on the flight deck.
Having seen many photos of this airfield, and flown with people who have operated there, I have no reason to believe that it is a fake.


seacue 12th Jul 2005 00:59

Surely real, though somewhat lower than typical. I think it's with a telephoto lens which distorts the distance. The usually-shown low approach is an AF 747 taken from the other side.

One of my favorites at SXM on A...... is looking down on a shiny American Airlines 757 from a top floor of the hotel beside the end of the strip. Transparent blue water, ahhh......

Tigs2 12th Jul 2005 12:42

If it was me stood underneath, i would have hit the deck or been running at this stage.

flipster 12th Jul 2005 23:22

50' RA over the threshold? I doubt it!
Impressive, nonetheless.

slingsby 3rd Nov 2005 05:34

St Maarten Airport

I have just watched this video, does anyone else think the bizjet was a bit low !! Stunning departures though.

I think there is a car roof or two going to be attached to someones gear soon, if not worse.

BANANASBANANAS 3rd Nov 2005 05:42

I operated into/out of SXM regularly a few years ago and it is a spectacular airport to fly into and out of. I think that a long lens has dramatised the effects a little ........ but only a little.

Hows the constabulary Slingsby?

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