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panda-k-bear 27th Apr 2005 10:03

Just seen it go (from the end of the runway in TLS). Impressive.

Well done Airbus, well done Rolls.

WindSheer 27th Apr 2005 10:04

What time is it due down???

Stan Sted 27th Apr 2005 10:08

Great coverage on a dedicated Sky News Active channel. They showed non-stop views of the aircraft, nice shots from a chopper and NO commentary, with only a few localised mikes picking up chit chat from watching workers.
Be great if they do the same for the flypast and landing later.

afterdark 27th Apr 2005 10:09

Superb .... look forward to first flight on it or even seeing it

Start1 27th Apr 2005 10:10

Awesome! It looked like an effortless take-off and I love the geometry of those wings.

Well done Airbus. Can't wait to see it land.


panda-k-bear 27th Apr 2005 10:12

Rumour control predicting landing at 14.00 local.

WindSheer 27th Apr 2005 10:12

Just looked at the comparison to the 747 on the CNN site.

It makes the 'jumbo's' wingspan look like a sparrow.

Well done airbus!! Those test pilots must have been wearing huge nappies!:D

Stan Sted 27th Apr 2005 10:13

A French TV channel has apparently given out the following information. (Times are local)

Flight time is 4h to 5h depending on success (could be much shorter if
problems). Hence following timings subject to change but

- 14h00 low pass over runway with go-around (if weather and aircraft
condition permits)

- 14h15 landing then taxi up and down the runway and taxiways on the
Airbus side of the airfield

- 14h45 press ceremony

- 16h15 aircraft towed back to the Abreuvoir .

Jordan D 27th Apr 2005 10:13

First photo already up on Airliners.net

Available at :



afterdark 27th Apr 2005 10:16

Tim Clark President of Emirates looks elated at the first flight of the A380 said they will be getting aircraft in November 2006 and passengers wont have to pay a premium to fly on it being so fuel efficient it will probably lower air fares on long haul routes.

hanx 27th Apr 2005 10:16

Two more pics:




(Sorry, text in german only)

Congratulations to all involved!


(Edited by Heliport)

panda-k-bear 27th Apr 2005 10:16

Gear's now up according to local media.

Sid Departure 27th Apr 2005 10:17

You can watch the first flight live on this web link

Algy 27th Apr 2005 10:21

Yup, gear's up. Telemetry/chase aircraft report no snags so far.
Landing 12:30-14:30 local (GMT+2)

Kalium Chloride 27th Apr 2005 10:22

Ummm, Airbus "nationality" seems to change with target markets in my limited experience. Sometimes it British, sometimes French and sometimes its the second cousin to a Mercedes Benz.

In keeping with the philosophy of sports commentators, if it flies it's British, if it doesn't it's French.

panda-k-bear 27th Apr 2005 10:24

A German friend of mine once told me that it was the French who made Concorde look beautiful, but it was the British that made it fly...

JimmyTAP 27th Apr 2005 10:26

I knew we wouldn't have wait long.

A380 first flight photo

A380 first flight photo

Nice photos


slice 27th Apr 2005 10:26

Well if the gear is up I was talking a load of crap then!!!:\

lasernigel 27th Apr 2005 10:26

Well done to all involved.:ok: Shame the BBC could only credit the UK for making the wings.Maybe someone should have told them it had Rolls Royce engines on it.:ok:

panda-k-bear 27th Apr 2005 10:30

All being well, fly-by 14.00 followed by landing at 14.15.

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