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lesarcs1 27th Apr 2005 07:47

I am so excited I might s*** myself

beaucaire 27th Apr 2005 07:48


aaaaa 27th Apr 2005 08:03

Sky channel 528 Euro News has just started coverage of the event. Should be fantastic


Jordan D 27th Apr 2005 08:08

Live Video stream is available NOW on the BBC News ( http://news.bbc.co.uk ) front page ....

so far, aircraft sitting on the ground not doing much.


Airbus Girl 27th Apr 2005 08:08

BBC have said its going to be live on BBC 24 at 0900 UTC, 1000 BST

TyroPicard 27th Apr 2005 08:10

BBC Radio 4 News reports that "thousands of aviation enthusiasts are lining the runway at Toulouse" .. I wonder what the performance decrement is for that sort of contamination???


Rollingthunder 27th Apr 2005 08:12

BBC still not live. At least 22 minutes to anything. tick tick tick tick...oh no David Learmont being interviewed.....tick tick tick.

I remember being in a Boeing boardroom a few years ago for our B747-475 introduction and asking them when they were going to extend the upper deck all the way back.

Oh no, we can't do that.

Good luck to the test pilots.

Good luck to Boeing as well.

tick tick tick. Keep the damn ground vehicles the hell away.

P.S. From the helicopter shots as big as it is, it looks like it could be longer.

Hmm - taxiing.

oncemorealoft 27th Apr 2005 08:21

0821 GMT

A380 just positioned at end of runway.

brockenspectre 27th Apr 2005 08:27

Godspeed A380 - g'luck to flight crew :ok:

... my blasted company won't permit any video to puters so I am blind for this momentous event so please keep commentary coming!

Chocks Away 27th Apr 2005 08:27

Yeh, just saw it line up on the RWY end, on 6pm CH 7 News (Australia).
It looks ominous:ooh: , I wonder how it will handle?

PS ! Live feed on Cable TV : Fox News Channel

Have you heard this! 27th Apr 2005 08:28

It's live on sky news, ITN, and BBC 24 NOW - QUICK!

pumuckl 27th Apr 2005 08:29

I've just snuck out from work to the nearest internet cafe as my work won't allow videos either! Waiting with anticipation!!!! :ok:

BillHicksRules 27th Apr 2005 08:29

Dear all,

I would just like to post a good luck message to the test crew.

Make us proud.



oncemorealoft 27th Apr 2005 08:31


Rolling .......
and airborne to lots of cheers!

swh 27th Apr 2005 08:31

Well it airborne at LFBO/TLS now, congratulations


Rollingthunder 27th Apr 2005 08:31

Mr. Learmount , talking head, saying they've raised the gear. They haven't.

Airbus Girl 27th Apr 2005 08:32

Its airborne! Currently flying with gear down.

Chocks Away 27th Apr 2005 08:33

Yep, BBC is the go, with a running commentary.

Tolsti 27th Apr 2005 08:34

A piece of aviation history in the making!!

1261 27th Apr 2005 08:36

Anyone any idea of how many crew are onboard?

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