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lomapaseo 21st Apr 2005 13:54

Video here


HotDog 21st Apr 2005 13:56

Definitely not to-day. Following three hour old article from China: Airbus test flight within 15 days

www.chinaview.cn 2005-04-21 16:38:18

BEIJING, April 21 -- The world's largest commercial airliner, the A380, will make its first test flight within the next 15 days.

Airbus vice-president Philippe Delmas, who is in China accompanying French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, told reporters that only the pilots would decide what day they want to fly.

The inaugural flight of the new super jumbo airliner developed by the European consortium has been postponed several times. Airbus had initially wanted the flight to take place at the end of March or early April.

Earlier this month, the European aircraft maker said that the flight would come in "the second half of April."

The twin-deck aircraft, capable of carrying between 555 and 800 people, was unveiled January 18 and is scheduled to go into service next year.

emmathestar 21st Apr 2005 17:15

where did my post go?!!
it disappeared! was about the new airbuss thing and its evac.

Avman 21st Apr 2005 17:24

Well, if you can't spell Airbus it deserved to go! Perhaps it was moved to a more appropriate forum?

barit1 21st Apr 2005 17:31

QAR SAR sez:

"If it doesn't look right it shouldn't be flying"
I believe this should be attributed to one Benny Howard, racer designer & pilot of the 1930's. (He walked off with ALL the big money in 1935 with his "Mister Mulligan".)

And IIRC the 737-200 might have preceded the -100, but not by much.

WindSheer 21st Apr 2005 18:04

Mine went aswell.
I started one on when will the 380 fly.
Its now gone - I didn't realise it was a sensitive issue!!

spekesoftly 21st Apr 2005 18:28

where did my post go?!!

Mine went aswell.
Click on your profiles, and then 'Search for all posts by this user', and you'll find where they went.

Vee One...Rotate 21st Apr 2005 18:30

I think there's been quite a few threads asking "When will the A380...?" so I'd imagine the mods got a bit bored with the repeated questions and leaned the forums a bit!

V1R :ok:

catchup 21st Apr 2005 18:31

It happened to me as well.

O.K. deleting a post, for what ever reaseon, so what?
Merging a post, for what ever reason, so what?

BUT, a little notice to the author would be NICE.


mafibacon 21st Apr 2005 18:40

It looks as though what I saw was a Mirage then.

Although it was a very big 4 engined mirage! Also it was white and not too high.

Possible too many glasses of the red stuff before lunch.

If it was not the A380 and it was not a Beluga, as suggested, anyone any ideas what it was?.

Bokkenrijder 21st Apr 2005 18:45

Maybe your posts went because there is already a topic running about the A380s first flight...
When are some people gonna learn to LOOK before posting/asking? :rolleyes:

Here you go! Eight pages so far! Enjoy! :)

catchup 21st Apr 2005 18:52



Definetly not.


wsherif1 22nd Apr 2005 05:46


Your comment,

"I wonder if others would agree that the A380's currently perceived "unloveliness" is actually because it is TOO SHORT?!"

The shorter the fuselage the higher the resultant nose high attitude of the aircraft, in a pitchup from a strong vertical updraft.

e.g., The Northwest Airlines Flight 705, a Boeing 720B (8 feet shorter than a Boeing 707) was pitched up to a nose high attitude in a strong vertical updraft. The crew used forward pitch control with little effect on the nose attitude, due to the vertical relative wind. Full nose down stabilizer trim was then used in an attempt to lower the nose. the aircraft then exited the updraft into normal relative wind conditions and with the full nose down stabilizer trim setting, the aircraft pitched over into a vertical dive and came apart in the air.

This accident occurred February 12, 1963 over Miami, Florida. The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) determined that the probable cause of this accident was the unfavorable interaction of severe vertical air drafts and large longitudinal control dieplacements, resulting in a longitudinal upset from which a successful recovery was not made.

Beauty, or the lack thereof, is not a primary concern in aircraft design, but it may be a hint!

Sensible Garage 22nd Apr 2005 08:04

mafibacon, the mighty Vulcan I suppose?

Toulouse 22nd Apr 2005 08:04

Desk Jockey and Mafibacon,

I popped down to Toulouse Blagnac Airport yesterday to check out your claims. I'd say a couple of hundred people already there, police, and 4 fire-brigades... and I thought, wow, she has taken off. And I couldn't see here anywhere, while she'd been clearlyvisible the past few days. Anyway, apparently she was in one of the hangars, and there were rumours that first flight would be on Friday at 10 am (I imagine next Friday)... this was only a rumour amongst the spotters there... not official.

But, she definitely didn't take off yesterday.

IFTB 22nd Apr 2005 08:54

I detect a common theme here. :}

Miles Hi 22nd Apr 2005 15:11

A380 Pic
Hi guys,

I'm trying to attach that pic of the fake/genuine nose up of the A380. How can I attach on to this?

IFTB 22nd Apr 2005 15:17

Right click.
Copy (completely) the URL shown.
PPRuNe message.
Above the text window use 'IMG'
Paste URL in box shown.
and Mike O'Leary is yer uncle.

Miles Hi 22nd Apr 2005 15:20

Thanks IFTB
What do I do if it's on my desktop? No URL there. Booooo!

VnV2178B 22nd Apr 2005 16:26

The current best guess is Wednesday, today was doing high speed runs and aborts in preparation.

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