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Aurora Project

Old 29th Sep 2008, 12:06
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Well here is my two penneth.....we live in an age where most mobile phones have a camera on them, most households have a camera and i am sure that quiet a few have digital capability, we have lenses that can photograph a fly on a cows backside from a mile away. But nobody has ever taken a picture that proves without doubt that UFO's/Secret aircraft actually exist, i have read with great interest this thread but every picture is slightly blurred/distorted ???

There are groups of people who sit outside the likes of area 51 on the lookiout for goverment cover-ups, but not one of them has ever taken a picture to prove without doubt they exsist ???
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 12:11
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Very strange, I've just clicked on this thread, and a black helicopter has landed in the car park. There's a couple of burly chaps getting out of it and they appear to be
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Old 29th Sep 2008, 18:51
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The image posted reminded me of the "theory" surrounding a two stage launch vehicle (a-la space ship one and white knight) using a derivative of the XB-70 Valkyrie as the carrier.

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Old 16th Jul 2009, 00:14
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Smile Evidence

Hey Sharksandwich...

I have talked to a few people whom have seen and viewed the Aurora Project up close. Two from one of the planes subcontractors, another from a Base official and another individual, whom was a ranger stationed at Groom Lake AFB who viewed the plane. So there is ample evidence that the plane still exists.

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Old 16th Jul 2009, 05:50
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<<I have talked to a few people whom have seen and viewed the Aurora Project up close. >>

More hearsay. Just about every book on UFOs is based on 2nd, 3rd, 4th hand stuff but there is no conclusive evidence (and I'm a "believer"!). Let's have some pictures.......
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The film of the contrail shows a perfecty normal contrail, whilst the remark in the 'RAF Macrihanish' link says 'brown structure function unknown' - it's the station water tower fer chrissakes!!
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Old 17th Jul 2009, 09:46
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Whilst governments still build stuff and people take an interest there will be UFO reports. Just take a look at the 'X' designations and see how many there are. Was the SR-71 'normal' for it's time? If you saw it today would you not think 'What the hell is that?' My brother once saw it at (as I understand it) one of its very limited UK appearences and it was still glowing orange/red on approach.

An AV enthusiast or pilot/crew might look at a B2 and see the general evolution involved, but what about joe average? I was stunned by it and I've been a spotter since I was knee high to the family dog.

I generally disregard anything that involves LGM or the various 'abduction' scenarios as complete tosh. Anything that's accompanied by half the worlds special forces and a fleet of helicopters is, er, not exactly discreet.

But in many cases I think there is a grain of truth at the core of many UFO sightings. I just don't happen to think that the truth is 'out there', it's far more likely to be sitting in a wildly expensive shed somewhere with boffins crawling all over it.
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Old 19th Jul 2009, 14:17
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Skyfan said in part
"My brother once saw it at (as I understand it) one of its very limited UK appearences and it was still glowing orange/red on approach."

Aviate 1138 doubts the veracity of that statement.
What was your brother smoking? SR 71's don't glow red hot approaching any airfield!!!!!
Was it near sunset? SR71's made a number of flights from the UK. Upper Heyford, Macrihanish, Mildenhall, Sculthorpe even afaik. For many years.

If the human race is cursed, it is cursed with having a brain that must find a solution to every problem. Hence religion, chemtrails, Area 51, ghosts, global warming etc.

Glad to see the pics back from the moon showing various Apollo leftovers. Better res pics due to hopefully shut up the fake moon landing conspiracy theorists once and for all/ever.
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Old 19th Jul 2009, 14:51
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<<it was still glowing orange/red on approach>>

Well, that has to be the funniest thing yet on here!!

However, let's keep the pot boiling... An ex-RAF controller who, sadly, is no long with us, was talking to an RAF Nimrod one night over western Scotland. The crew asked if there was any other known traffic as they believed they had something close underneath them. Nothing was known to ATC..... until the target of the Nimrod "split" and the second one shot off out to sea at incredible speed. The controller who told me this was a reliable, decent person who was as curious as the Nimrod crew. Think what you like....
Old 20th Jul 2009, 21:32
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Do you not have anything better to do than criticise every detail of everyone elses posts (and PM them into the bargain, just to make sure they get the point - HEATHROW DIRECTOR)

Did I claim to have seen it myself - please read it again. Do I claim to be an expert in any form of aviation - er, no because I'm not.

The incident in question occured at an airshow ( I BELIEVE sometime in the early to mid 70's just after I was born, sadly I didn't make a note of the details) when the aircraft in question was not due to appear but in fact diverted from other business to give people a bit of a show.

It had APPARENTLY come from some distance at one hell of a rate of knots en-route and passed over the airfield, thus the 'approach' I refer to was not an approach to the airfield but an approach to the show, before exiting very soon after (very convenient, yes, but also true). I ommited absolute specifics as it was purely an illustration of some of the stranger aspects of aviation and the potential for 'mythology' therein, NOT a claim to have witnessed the event.
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Old 20th Jul 2009, 22:16
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Skyfan.. What on earth are you talking about? I looked at my PMs OUT box and it reveals, in recent weeks, one PM to you about scanners, one to someone about their medical query, one in response to someone who thanked me for some input, one about FISO work and 2 to a friend who had offered me a ride in his aeroplane. I also offered in-forum what I thought was a helpful response to you about aircraft possibly doing crew-training.

As for the red-hot SR-71.... it was a joke, right? Aviate1138 seems to agree with me. Did I say anything suggesting that YOU had seen it? Please read my post again.... and who said anything about you being or not being an expert?
Old 20th Jul 2009, 23:06
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Yes, the PM I refered to is the one about scanners and not related to this thread. Perhaps I misread your intent and if so I apologise, but as my first post on these forums I felt the PM was a little heavy handed. This may have led me to overreact to the above comment re 'the funniest thing yet' - I was simply recounting part of a tale that I was once told.

I'm a born sceptic when it comes to unidentifed craft and all the mubo jumbo often associated with them, perhaps I should apply the same rigour to unverified reports
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Old 23rd Jul 2009, 11:58
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There's an old chestnut which is attributed to someone who was very senior at the Skunk Works, which goes that whatever is in the public domain is actually fifty years or so behind what they are actually doing in their highest security research facilities.

The US military budget is so vast that money can easily be shunted into corners for this stuff. I'm sort of excited that there are amazing things out there in the "black" that represent the sort of advances that will keep aviation progressing, rather than the boring tube-and-two stuff the civil airframers are cranking out.
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Old 23rd Jul 2009, 13:05
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I think that there is little doubt that the US have been building something but there is a lot of mis-information about exactly what.

From what I've read, the best evidence was that collected by the USGS which showed something creating massive sonic booms across the US.

Apparently the only known thing which could create booms like them was the space shuttle after re-entry and it wasn't flying on those occasions...
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Old 25th Jul 2009, 01:49
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UFOs The truth

Hi all,

If you want all the MOD info on UFOs you will find it here;

Fascinating reading !

Ministry of Defence | Freedom of Information | Publication Scheme | Search Publication Scheme | Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) in the UK Air Defence Region - Result of Internal Review

Here is the summary of the report, note the MOD says UFOs (UAPs) definately exist.

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The second page and no mention of the 'Boscombe Down Incident' yet!
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Oh yes.... what really happened at Boscombe?
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Newly Newly signed up to PPRuNe and just noticed this conversation as I spend most of my time on the military and private flying forums. Anyways it jogged my memory of a photo ive got taken by someone else granted, but it is interesting, and still got the file. I used to frequent this other military aviation forum (cant remember now, but i think its a deadlink now) and a newly signed up guy with supposedly no interest or background in aviation, posted a photo he took on his digital camera that he wanted identifying. Taken in the states somewhere, cant remember exactly now but on the western side. This inevitably led to some saying it could be Aurora and wot not. Not sure if im convinced something like that exists but it is an interesting looking thing. Anyway will attach a scaled down photo as the original file is far too big to even send via email, dont know if this will work as you need to zoom in and its the first time ive uploaded images so bear with me. The original is better quality. If anyone wonts a better version pm me.
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Old 27th Jul 2009, 17:35
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Looks like an A330, or similar, with the sun glinting off it's engines!
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Could be but the tail configuration is hard to explain. I thought maybe a mig 25, I hear theyve been flown out of test ranges in America.
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