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varigflier 26th Mar 2008 01:06

Are the F/Os still being allowed to upgrade or did the upgrades stop?

jumpdrive 27th Mar 2008 07:24

still allowed
btw, i think 4 more are going up soon
c ya

tknapp 31st Mar 2008 01:29

I just got the package from Parc, they said to expect VNA to start flying to the states and also Europe, does anyone know when this might happen?

jumpdrive 31st Mar 2008 03:58

end of year to USA
& theyre flying to FRA & CDG long time ago, also Moscow

akistar1 31st Mar 2008 12:48

How years does a 777 expat FO need to be in the company to be upgraded?

THRidle 31st Mar 2008 17:11

This is a quote from the VN website re-777 F/O's

"To be upgraded / converted after working for VNA at least 3 years"

Hope that answers your question.

tknapp 31st Mar 2008 21:01

I saw on pprune new pay rates, is it still 10.6 for a captain or has it changed?

boeingbusbenn 1st Apr 2008 03:56

I'm currently an Airbus captain in the US for a good airline (!) but would like to make plans in case things get worse here. My wife and I are thinking about making a trip to SGN in a month or two to take a look. Can anyone can suggest how to most effectively check out what it would be like to live there, given about 3 days in country? We have two young kids, so any info on school costs would be appreciated too.

Thank you!

Dream Land 1st Apr 2008 08:36

boeingbusbenn, suggest you hook up with some of us in Vietnam, plan it well in advance so one of us can make plans to be free on that day, three days is not too long but plenty of opportunity to see rental prices, schools, general living conditions. We are working hard now and advance notice is prudent.

Straughanie 2nd Apr 2008 20:11

sorry to veer slightly off topic... I am moving to SGN in June, if there is anyone that would be willing to offer a few hints/tips on living out there I would really appreciate a PM...


Straughanie :ok:

A319rider 7th Apr 2008 16:00

Company interest
HI guys,

I'm an airbus F/O with around 1400 hours total time, 1200 on the airbus. I'm seriously considering applying for Vietnam airlines, and reading trough this post made me even more interested.
Can any of you working there tell me if my hours would be enough or are they really looking for the 2500 total time minimum?
Could you pass me some more information about the company, how the bases are, which planes are based where, what are the future growth plans for the company, etc.
My last question (for the moment :}) is: which is the best way to apply for the job, should I go through Parc aviation or Rishworth, or should I apply directly to the company?
Thanks for your time.

Dream Land 8th Apr 2008 09:54

Suggest you contact the contractors, they are the one ones with the latest contract information, which includes hiring minimums, pilots already hired receive very little information about contract changes unless it involves a salary increase. Contact both contractors and find out what they are offering, if there is something you don't like in the contract, DON'T accept it. Good luck. :ok:

spearomic 8th Apr 2008 10:25

Are they hiring fo on the ATR ? I applied few weeks ago without anyresult, anyone could give me some help please:ok:

kontur 8th Apr 2008 18:58

They are in the desperate need of Airbus pilots and recently have upgraded guys from ATR.So you chances are high.try to apply through different agencies:ugh:

wileydog3 8th Apr 2008 21:07

Max age to apply?

boeingbusbenn 9th Apr 2008 01:09

What kind of flexibility is there in the contract terms for Vietnam Airlines? For example, if you say you don't want to commit to any more than 2 years, will they work with you on that?

kontur 9th Apr 2008 01:50

BB!Just don`t say that.Though some agencies can apply the fine for the earlier termination of the contract.
Max age is 60 for active pilots,so 55-57 is still good to apply.
I suppose all these Questions could be discussed with agencies.
Good Luck!;)

Dream Land 9th Apr 2008 07:12

The paperwork for age 65 on the Airbus is being processed now. The term of the contract coincides with a re-evaluation of contract terms by the airline, not necessarily the period that services are required, you can stay here as long as you want.

BB, I believe the contract periods are non-negotiable, what you can negotiate is the length of time that the penalty for leaving early clause will remain in force, I think only six months for PARC, please check.


AlohaG 9th Apr 2008 17:42

Hi, I am new to contract and considering my options. I wanted to get an opinion of the different agencies and places to go before I decide which direction to go. So far I've talked to Parc, Rishworth, WASINC, CrewResources, and IAC. Does anyone have any opinions, advice?

spearomic 9th Apr 2008 20:50

What are the agencies in charge of the recruitment for vietnam airlines ? (at least one)

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