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varigflier 10th Apr 2008 01:03

Rishworth and Parc for sure. I believe there is one more but I don't know the name.

AlohaG 10th Apr 2008 01:17

Thanks so much. Any advice on which airlines are the best and worst, in the contract field. Some I'm looking at are ANA group (though I'm not sure if Parc and Rishworth have that one) and Air Pacific. I'm just out on the street from Aloha and just didn't know much about this before. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

varigflier 10th Apr 2008 01:22

Sorry to hear about Aloha. I flew with you guys alot when I was living in Hawaii. Best time of my life so far. As to your question, I am also new at contract flying so I don't have an answer for you but I am sure people will answer your questions pretty soon. Good luck with the job hunt.

AlohaG 10th Apr 2008 01:29

Thanks, I really appreciate that.

Dream Land 11th Apr 2008 06:04

AlohaG, sorry to here about your situation, not good conditions to start looking for a job, Vietnam Airlines hires only current and qualified, mainly on the small bus, my suggestion is to contact the big agencies with your details, they only make money when you are working-so they will be happy to put you back to work ASAP, pilots working in Japan seem to be very happy, good for commuting to Hawaii if that's where your at, good luck.

777birdcage 11th Apr 2008 08:09

AlohaG: PARC, HACS (Hawaii) and IAC (Oz) hire for the ANA group. I use PARC and they have been fine for me. They sent a representative to Hawaii eariler in the week to meet with you guys at our request... They are also going to MDW to see the ATA guys.. Sad times for y'all.. Goodluck.

VA guys: ANY word on USA (or at least N. America) flying? I have read LAX via KIX a few months ago, and now nothing...


Dream Land 11th Apr 2008 09:10

I believe they are working out details like Sky Marshals etc., last word I heard was by the end of the year.

lubum 11th Apr 2008 20:32

on ATR
I am a french ATR Captain and expect to move to Vietnam (VN) on ATR via contract (parc or rishworth).My wife and my 2 sons will follow me.
I would like some informations about lifestyle,cost of life in Ho Chi Minh,rooster and atmosphere in VN.We know Thailand and Japan,not Vietnam.

Dream Land 12th Apr 2008 07:00

Similar to Thailand in some respects, housing, plan on $1500, tuition for intl. schools $800-1000 per kid. Food is great here, very healthy and safe cuisine, large western style grocery stores available. Lot's of historical sites, Vietnam is very beautiful, many areas completely untouched by tourists, people are very friendly and helpful to foreigners, even though Hochiminh is 8 million plus, safe to walk anywhere in the city at all hours.

On the negative, air pollution and traffic is bad in the city, infrastructure badly lacking, housing prices going off the chart, construction noise everywhere, driving conditions treacherous as law enforcement (and driver education) is non-existent.

On the line, aircraft are well maintained (IMO) and bad weather is very infrequent, mostly day flying on the small bus, standard Airbus SOP and friendly flight attendants.


kontur 12th Apr 2008 07:34

Agree with DL.But count twice as education fee for two kids(BIS,SSiS-around 1000$ per month,ABS-around 800$,)and decent 3 bedroom apartment around 1500$ can suck your pocket.Know some pilots(2+ kids)who has chosen airlines with an education support
PS. Heard that the French School is much cheaper(around 300$) but not sure

AlohaG 12th Apr 2008 20:53

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the advice and the condolences.

abudhabitaxidriver 20th Apr 2008 14:10

Vietnam Airlines A330
I would appreciate any infos regarding the A330 fleet... routes, salary, roster, etc.... and by the way do they get enough drivers ????

tknapp 20th Apr 2008 14:24

Does anybody know what the normal wait time is to get a call?

discus2 2nd May 2008 13:25

As an ATR Captain, I am considering a contract with VLA.
What are the chances to be upgraded on the Jet fleet ?
Thanks for any info.

Dream Land 2nd May 2008 14:59

Actually there are at least four pilots from the ATR upgrading to the A320 now, all expats. :E

Inspector Clueless 3rd May 2008 18:58

Dream Land,
Is there ANY scope for an expat A320 rated FO to join and then upgrade or is this a non starter?

I have a friend with 3 yrs A320,resigned for new job in India,offer cancelled last month due DGCA ruling against expat FOs.He needs a new job as hes already resigned from his old firm.

Thanks and good luck,good info,


legion319 3rd May 2008 19:19

vietnam airlines medical
Where do you take your FAA medical in Vietnam, do they make you take one when you join?

Dream Land 4th May 2008 18:02

It's seems to be totally up to the system Chief Pilot as to who upgrades, if you're doing a good job in his eyes and they need the captains, you will eventually have a shot, there is no seniority here, and up till now there is no mention of upgrade in the pilot contract.

Where do you take your FAA medical in Vietnam
Well I think you actually refer to the class 1 medical (FAA is a U.S. thing), it's given in a medical facility near the company headquarters in Hanoi, the certifying authority here is the CAAV, or Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam.

Lost in Saigon 5th May 2008 12:41

You need a Vietnamese Pilot's Licence in order to crew a Vietnamese aircraft.

When you arrive in Vietnam, you do a groundschool in HCMC, and a Vietnamese medical in Hanoi. They will then issue you a temporary Vietnamese pilot's licence based on your ICAO licence. It is valid for 6 months.

Before the 6 months are up, you must go back to Hanoi and write an "Air Law" exam. Once that is completed you will be issued a permanent Vietnamese Airline Transport Licence.

I am not sure if you need a valid medical when you go to Vietnam. You are supposed to have a current type rating, minimum 500 hours on type, and experience on type within the last 6 months.

I left Vietnam in 2006, so things may have changed, but I believe this is accurate.

olepilot 5th May 2008 15:36

the x-ray doctor!

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