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stardustcologne 22nd May 2008 14:37

Please, Dreamland or any other with some information:
What about changing the fleet after some time? Is a crossrating possible?
How many foreign pilots are there in ratio of Vietnamese (in A330 fleet)?

Dream Land 22nd May 2008 15:18

No foreign pilots on the A330, just Vietnamese Nationals that were CCQ'd from A320. Yes it is possible to change fleets, currently expats have transitioned from ATR to A320, 767 to 777, soon 777 to A320. Generally speaking, there must be a need by the fleet and you must be in good standing with the system chief pilot. Also, you will have to pay for the course.

varigflier 22nd May 2008 17:00

Are they hiring expats directly into the 777?

stardustcologne 22nd May 2008 18:36

No foreign pilots on A330? There is a job offer with Rishworth... and I assume that there would be an extention or even a permanent position later on, maybe.
The job description told about limited destinations for A330, short and medium range. To change to long-haul again would mean to change fleet...
Actually I like the A330, but changing to something new can be very interesting.
I would like to stay there for a longer period. I think I have to hurry up then.

Dream Land 23rd May 2008 02:28

We will take delivery soon on two new A330's, there are no foreigners now but I'm sure they will hire some eventually, yes I believe they are hiring into the 777.

mach 84 23rd May 2008 12:16

on the 777 they need F/O's, as they will be upgrading some of the local first officers soon.

travelwell72 23rd May 2008 13:32

Agencies for VAC
i've been reading a couple of comments on the agencies that handle the VAC contracts.

Parc and Rishworth are the two that i keep hearing , but i have yet to hear about Euro- pacific .

i'm going with Euro pacific and was wondering has anyone heard anything negative about this agency? as there is no mention of them on Pprune.

i'm very interested in the 4 wks on 4 wks off that they have to offer .. anyone on that current condition ? and how is it working out ?


moza 23rd May 2008 14:28

there is one portuguese captain on the A330 for more than one year already, he was flying the A/C before in another company.

Dream Land 23rd May 2008 15:29

Only foreigners in the 330 program are trainers to start the program to begin with, no line pilots I'm afraid. Euro-Pacific is one of the four agencies operating here, 4/4 is one of the brand new schedules that have just become available.


stardustcologne 23rd May 2008 17:05

Well, then they might be looking for the contract pilots (A330 Cpts and F/O) from abroad to fill the gap until they hired or trained enough own pilots? Hm. Thought there might be a renewable contract or even a permanent position after a while like I used to know it from other contracts.

travelwell72 24th May 2008 00:01

4 agencies ??? i thought only Parc , Rish and Euro had the VAC contracts ?? hm,

But D.L have you heard anything about euro pacific in particular ? what's this bunch like ? what's their rep with holding up deals etc ? coz seriously , there are just no posts about these fellas at all anywhere .

having said that , i guess they can't be that bad since i haven't heard anything about them ,, good or bad .

Dream Land 24th May 2008 04:15

Contracts are almost identical, there is one more agency that can be accessed via the Vietnam Airlines web site, this company has been supplying employees for the company for several years, now pilots too. Euro-Pacific employs several pilots here, they carry the Ace Insurance policy.

travelwell72 24th May 2008 04:27

thanks D.L

judging from the reply , i guess there aren't too many negative feedback about Euro ...

mach 84 24th May 2008 05:24

but also not so many positive feedbacks about euro pacific, they might have a good package for health insurance etc, but concerning salary they are always a bit behind, just a bit, but 200.- a month is finally 2400.- a yaer and 12000.- at the end of a 5 year contract.

travelwell72 24th May 2008 06:44

hm , interesting .. no so in this case , as i've compared all 3 agencies and euro pacific is slightly ahead in this partcular VAC contract.

they are about $100 per month more , not much as you said ..

more concerned about reputation towards pilots , and how euro pacific treats them .

mach 84 24th May 2008 08:58

maybe they are ahead now, but they have the minority of the contracts in vietnam, most of the people are with parc and rishworth. euro folks are the guys comimg from 767 to 777 about 3 years ago, if you ask some of them about their opinion, they sound not so happy at all. however this is with all contract companies here, every of them wants to have a slice of the cake, as more contract pilots they have placed here as bigger is their revenue. is about 15% of your salary!

stardustcologne 24th May 2008 11:05

You said it's with all contract companies there. I think it is with all contracts anywhere. And even when you have a permanent position without contract company between you and your salary you will allways find enough reasons to grumble around. This contract doesn't sound too bad. But you have to know what you are doing...

travelwell72 24th May 2008 11:42

hey Stardust,

whatya mean you have to know what you are doing ?? are there some tricks and traps that go along with these contracts ?

i thought that it was quite clear cut .. especially when i compare the VAC contracts with all 3 agencies .

they all seem quite similar in salary and health insurance etc .
all there is , is deciding on which agency is the best out ofthe 3 .

do share ....


olepilot 24th May 2008 12:50

I know that the BUPA u get from Parc is better than Rish. Especially if u r going to pay for the family.

I know that I have not had any problems with Parc for 3 contracts, on the contrary.

I heard some bad stories about another agency.

Take it 4 what it's worth.

stardustcologne 24th May 2008 13:26

oh no, I didn't think about tricks and traps like this now, I don't refuse sharing infos (I certainly don't have more than you do).
Just working for a company with a contract (in case it would be your first time) sometimes means that you have to think about so many details for your own. I am sure Park is one of the better contract companies. But most of you out here know this quite better than me.
As I am always used to have own ensurances I didn't care for these which a contract company might offer for you. Up to now I worked for a smaller one and I had to care for really everything myself - this made things sometimes annoying. And in the end it was not a very fulfilling job regarding the monetary benefits inspite working for this airline was fun. And I met young fellows who thought it is a quick and easy job, but some were worn out after a while because they didn't evaluate all the accompanying factors of such a job - especially when it is only for 6 or twelve months.
But as you say here in this thread: I think the job offer for VAC is a quite good one, for myself the Rishworth one would be fine for me - not because I think they are so much better than the others but they offer a job on the type which I am looking for. Thats all.

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