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Kapitanleutnant 25th Jan 2015 06:13

Dihedral and Blackandwhite

Thanks for the good information! I always appreciate an insiders take and perspective on the airline and conditions and you two guys tell it very well.

Thanks for that!

DIHEDRAL… I just sent you a PM


Tatarin 27th Jan 2015 23:15

Can you guys tell me about interview for A-320 capt.positon. What they usually ask?
Thank you!

pezetaroi 28th Jan 2015 00:55



A320 screening:

For the written, go through Smart Cockpit's A320 database, 2 memory items, a couple of limitations, and general knowledge such as: define RVR, TEMPO, SIGMET, ASDA, TORA, V1, Circling Cat C speeds/protection area, etc...

Interview, be yourself...

SIM check, expect a NPA, go around and ILS raw data, with one engine out. After that a double sistem failure that will lead you to perform a raw data ils, with ATHR off. You can stick to your company's SOPs.

Good luck! ;-)

Tatarin 28th Jan 2015 03:54

Thanks a lot for the quick answer!
Pezetaroi are you at VNA?

pezetaroi 28th Jan 2015 13:34


I atended a screening last year, although succesful I declined the offer, basically due to family matters. I'm still considering reapplying but in a commuting option. My friends flying there (HCM and Hanoi) are having a good time, so that says alot. The only thing I really didn't like about HCM was the motorcycles, way too many, lots of noise... Other than that, people were friendly, food was great and you can find a nice place to live in with less than 1,000 usd, so that means more cash at the end of the month on your wallet...

There is no perfect job out there, much less as an expat, I still think VNA is a fair option ;-)

Tatarin 28th Jan 2015 17:01

What about medical exam? Does it same as in China?

pezetaroi 28th Jan 2015 18:15

I've been told it's very basic...

Dihedral1 30th Jan 2015 20:06

Basic.. But
Blood work, Chest X Ray, Ultrasound, ECG, Eyes, E.N.T., Internal/Surgery Exam,

Maybe no brain scan or treadmill, like China, but they have still caught a few guys who held 1st class Medicals from US, Australia and Mexico (to my personal knowledge) with issues.. In fairness, they will try to work with you and local or your specialist, if it is not an outright medical fail.
Always pays to do your own medical check beforehand. At VNA/Vietjet the medical is not part of the screening, so once in a while, prior to line training someone gets a call..sucks if you resigned from elsewhere..

Tatarin 31st Jan 2015 01:49

What kind of call? Put you down on medical check?

Dihedral1 31st Jan 2015 02:08

Erh... call that you failed medical or have an issue.

Kapitanleutnant 31st Jan 2015 08:38


What Dihedral is saying is this:

You interview at VNA

You are hired with a start date at VNA

You then resign from you current airline

You start ground school for a few weeks and some point during that time, you are scheduled to take your "official interview medical exam"

You fail it for whatever reason… but you now have no options as you've already resigned your position with your previous airline and you're basically left out in the cold.

I honestly don't know why they do it this way as it can seriously ruin the life of some pilots who had otherwise counted on VNA to be their new employer for a number of years.

Wonder why they do it this way…. anyone there know?


Tatarin 31st Jan 2015 17:15

Ok i understood. Thanks for made its clear.

Dihedral1 31st Jan 2015 23:35

Why- I am no expert. But IMHO.
All simulators (ATR, 330, 777) and until a couple of years ago (320) are located outside Vietnam, so it would increase the cost and logistics of screening.
As it is the local 320 sim whilst quite new, seems to have reliability issues, so I think even some 320 screening is ending up outside of Vietnam.. That might be the reason, then again I could be completely off base, might be some CAAV issue..

fatbus 1st Feb 2015 00:18

If you have a job and you are concerned about medicals at any expat outfit, stay where you are! Out of job different story.

Tatarin 1st Feb 2015 05:30

Fortunately i dont have any problem with medical yet. I just wondered because in Russia we have almost the same medical as in China.

Tatarin 5th Feb 2015 12:55

How much block hours per month you guys fly on A-320 in VNA?

Dihedral1 5th Feb 2015 13:33

Hours vary, pretty much on the high side, some guys right at 100hrs, some at 80hrs. Then on month of vacation maybe 50-60hrs in 14 days.
Think Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi vary a bit, maybe a bit better in Hanoi (Japan/Korean flights). I stand to be corrected..:=
So on 6 weeks on, 2 weeks off you could hit close to 160hrs and still not earn overtime :mad:
Regardless of Base, think majority of pilots would agree, we are working a lot, with no end insight:ugh:
And so far no pay increase since 2008:}

Kossack 9th Feb 2015 12:06

Flight hours
Hi guys.
What about roster on A330?
Deadhead flights etc. ?
I heard that it's getting worse.

flying headbutt 9th Feb 2015 15:14

Hi, apologies if this has been answered before but, if you are dual rated, is there any mixed fleet flying in VNA between A320 and A330 or are you confined to one fleet? Thanks


mach 84 9th Feb 2015 18:45

confined to one fleet. 330 is a bit better as on the 320 you have a lot of days with 4 sectors.

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