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Kapitanleutnant 11th Nov 2014 09:41

FYI.... Maybe old news but:
Just reading that the first 787 at VNA is scheduled for July next year and will do both SGN and HAN to London Gatwick as its first rotation with VNA.


fullforward 12th Nov 2014 12:21

Old news?
Just heard they stopped accepting applications for B777 Capt from a couple of weeks ago.
Any thoughts?:confused:

Kapitanleutnant 12th Nov 2014 13:28

If they are, I'd think it's only temporary. My sources tell me they'll be looking for pilots for quite a while….

Also just checked A few contract websites and Flightglobal, all of which still show new adverts from within the week.


Cak 13th Nov 2014 07:18

They need little bit more then 300 pilots for the next year and presently they are in a lack of 32 whole crews

BlackandWhite2000 13th Nov 2014 08:41

The training cost for 350/787....40-50K USD is too much, as I understand.

I will say, you can expect a total cost of "18-30K USD".
The total cost includes your type rating training, and also, you dont get any salary since the date the training begin until your first flight on the new aircraft. Things happen slowly in Vietnam. Yes, maybe the training itself is not so expensive and takes only 2 weeks including ground school. But then, you have to wait for the written test, wait for the CAAV license, and wait for something you can not imagine....
You will be very lucky if you get all things done in 6 weeks, during which you have no salary at all. So....expect a total cost of 18-30K USD for the training.

BTW, it is confirmed:"Someone is making money out of this" XD

Dropp the Pilot 13th Nov 2014 14:15

Where did you see the job ads?

Dihedral1 14th Nov 2014 04:25

BW2000 a ?
If a pilot were to buy a Ford Fiesta (MSRP of $25K USD) and you asked him how much he paid. He might tell you 22K to demonstrate his negotiating prowess, while omitting to tell you he actually paid 27K.
Secondly, he won't add up the cost of fuel, Maintainence, insurance, tires, depreciation and the cost of the bank loan. To actually figure out that the car cost him 35K in the first year.
So when estimating the cost of a VN type rating, make sure you add in all the components. Loss of salary during training, type rating cost, upfront cost of bond (refundable after 3yrs) and 10% reduced salary when upgrading or transitioning to a new type, then throw in a compounding future value calculation for the money spent. That is the true cost.

Dihedral1 14th Nov 2014 04:40

Kap, $51M may not go far
Perhaps, the temporary 777 hiring freeze is to assess, how far $51M will get them when they have over $3.3B worth of aircraft back ordered. Company plans to sell 20% to strategic investor at a company valuation of $1.5B or $300M for the 20% stake.
Company would have to sell itself more than twice to raise all the funds needed for WB aircraft orders.. :ugh:

Vietnam Airlines IPO fails to lure foreigners after 6-year wait | Business | Thanh Nien Daily

Interesting...State owned airline bought by State owned Bank..

A source of Thoi Bao Kinh Te Saigon newspaper told the newspaper that the two local institutions registering to buy almost all shares offered by VNA in the IPO, around 48.32 million shares, include a privatized commercial joint stock bank and a state-run commercial joint stock bank in which VNA has once been a shareholder.

Kapitanleutnant 14th Nov 2014 09:18


According to the two contracts I have read, the "no pay" in the beginning is for a maximum of 28 days or completion of ground courses whichever occurs first. So… worst case you're not paid for "only" 28 days. I still believe someone is making BIG money from this arrangement though.

Also having been in the airlines for as long as I have (27 plus years), it has always amazed me how long an airline can last when it's considered "financially troubled". I recall Pan Am, TWA and Eastern all in the US, lasting well over a decade with having absolutely no net profit whatsoever, yet continuing to operate somehow for years and years.

The fact that VNA is The National Airline, I still believe that the government there will not let them falter. If it's local VN banks that invest, so be it. It is probably just a round about way for making the necessary infusion of cash to maintain the status quo of VNA so the government can appear to have made the artificial IPO as well as saving face that they indeed were able to find "investors" in their National Airline.

Just my two cents


Dihedral1 14th Nov 2014 10:56

No your right Kap, 28 days no pay (people accept that, who are type rated??) is for new hires. I thought the discussion was about the costs of a new type rating IE 330 to 350 etc. My apologies if I read the discussion black&white had posted wrong.:oh:
Yes indeed airlines that are insolvent can linger, as well as unravel rather quickly. My aim was just to highlight (to fellow pilots) that all is not a bed of roses, financially speaking..

Kapitanleutnant 14th Nov 2014 11:01

No worries Dihedral… Maybe I misread as well. You may be right on the cost to current VNA pilots re the transition cost over to the new equipment… but I sure hope you're wrong!! :-)


thatwasclose 19th Nov 2014 07:20

Does anyone have an idea what the current rosters are like on the 777?

fullforward 19th Nov 2014 12:14

B777 Capt
Interesting: this position is closed with PARC but it's open with Rishworth!:confused:
What it takes? VNA is client of both agencies.
It doesn't make sense at all.

Kapitanleutnant 19th Nov 2014 20:00

DPI still showing the openings as well…

I do think if it has stopped/slowed down, its just temporary.

As to the roster, I've heard that it's quite a full month during your 6 weeks on… 90 plus hours for the 4 weeks and about 50 plus for the 2 weeks. No rest for the weary!!


addendum: Forgot to add only 7 days off per month as well.

Dihedral1 19th Nov 2014 21:16

Some Agencies advertise, even when hiring has stopped. They get you to sign up with them, as some gullible pilots convince themselves, that "their" agency has the inside track.
Once you submit the paperwork via a particular agency, they basically own you, in terms of a job with the relevant airline.
Also they use this a a negotiating tactic with the airline, they show the airline how full their "book" is with potential candidates..
Then said pilot is left wondering what's happened as the weeks turn into to months.
A cursory exam of flight global jobs would have shown some agencies actively Advertising for A380 Capts even after that deal fell through at Skymark (Japan) with Airbus, obviously some agencies pay in advance for ads, but reputable (hmm?) agencies usually update the ads "On Hold" etc or withdraw.
Pays to do a little homework...:sad:

Dihedral1 24th Nov 2014 12:53

321 Capt
The Assignment Period will be 5 (five) years from the commencement date as outlined below with potential extensions thereafter in compliance with the Age Limitations of the CAAV.

The Assignment Period is the period commencing from the date you are issued CAAV’s license, or from the 28th day counted from the date of participation on the ground course, whichever is earlier. However NO fees:mad: (basic payment nor Per Diems or accommodation allowances) are payable to you for this period.
 Months 1-4 of paid Service US$7,103 is payable.
 Months 5 onwards of paid Service the rate increases to US$10,800.
 All amounts above inclusive of Basic Payment, Monthly
Accommodation Allowance and Monthly Per Diems.
Overtime | Every Hour in excess of 160 Block Hours in any 2 Consecutive months is payable at a rate of US$120 per Block Hour.

Upon successful completion of the full contract term a Completion Bonus of US$11,100 will be payable. (Actually just a return of money from months 1-4 of paid service):ugh:

JetABro 25th Nov 2014 06:29

From what I've seen, Rishworth and DPI have the same bonding payment system in the first year. Only Parc seems to not require a bond. When I asked why they were different, they simply said that the airline does not require it.
This is the A321 contract at least.

Kapitanleutnant 25th Nov 2014 08:05

If you do the math, they're quite the same actually, the only difference is that with Rishworth for example, they take the approx $9,300 in the beginning over a 3 month period and when you finish the 5 year contract (or more) you then receive it all back.

With the Parc contract, you're paid less each month but they don't take anything out initially and you don't receive the lump sum at the end of the 5 years.

So, at the end of the 5 year term, it's a complete wash… both are equal.


BlackandWhite2000 3rd Dec 2014 09:13


Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: Australia
Posts: 7
What is HCM like to live in ?

Well.....it really depands.

If you like music, art, live performance....etc, you will find there is not too much to do in HCM.
But...if you like cheap bia, pub and love affair, you will enjoy HCM a lot.

Especially, if you are from Euro,US,AUS, you are only second to a really KING in HCM, actually in any place in Vietnam.
Nothing personal, this is a FACT in Vietnam, even its 2014 now.

vivek67 18th Dec 2014 08:59

330 captain vacancies in VNA
The ad for captains A330 has been out for more than 1 yr while the fleet strength remains the same. Is nobody joining & if so why....OR are people leaving & again if so,,,WHY.

Also is it true that VNA is owned by the PM?

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