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Dihedral1 17th Sep 2014 19:10

Only correction
The only correction to Black and White's reply; VNA no longer imposes a 10% pay cut per say in the first year! However, you still aren't paid the full $10.8K as some is retained during the first 6 months and paid back at the end of the 5 year contract, if you resign before the 5 years you lose that money, so in effect you are bonded upon joining. His assessment of the flying and the fleet situation is pretty accurate.
This salary has been in effect since at least 2007, it sucks! And the flying is getting harder and harder. VNA/agencies are tinkering at the fringes with the T & Cs but in effect it's all illusory, as the overtime is almost impossible to get, they have reinterpreted sicks days and days off (so you have basically lost your sick days ) and the CAAV is in their pocket, so if you need to fly over 100hrs per month (as the local FOs are pushed to do) they will just change the Regs to allow more flying...
VNA is attempting.... An IPO:ugh: in the first half of 2014 they posted a $3MUSD before tax profit, on $1.3BUSD revenue, so basically the airline massaged the figures, to try and fool themselves/investors that they made a profit. We are talking a fraction of 1% even before TAX.
Yes wide bodies are coming, but even accounting for fuel efficiencies etc they are going to have to pay for the 32-36 wide bodies coming plus 321/ATR. The Government is strenuously pushing for the IPO because they are tired of subsidizing the airline...
VietJet has taken 25-30% of the domestic market in just over 2 years and the Gulf Carriers and Turkish are making major in roads both in pax and cargo.
So while VNA has great potential, without decisive, forward thinking management, it will be a bumpy ride...
VNA should have already offered its pilots a 25% pay increase , so they could stock up on the pilots they need in anticipation of the new aircraft arriving! instead they have once again been short sighted and are losing pilots to the ME and China and now local pilots to VietJet.
As alluded to before, if your not absolutely desperate, hold off! Crunch time is coming and the T & C will have to improve or planes will start to be parked..
As Luke highlighted before, Vietnam has a pollution problem as well, and China at least compensate you and offer 4/4 and 6/3 contracts. A survey of salaries to the north, highlight that you can earn more on 4/4 (6months of work) than a VNA321 Capt can on 6/2 (9 months of work). If you don't have a dodgy police record or kidney stones, head to China..
Of course 777 FO at VNA is still pretty decent...
Note FOs who upgrade still lose 10% the first year! as well as trg costs, bond and no salary during sim and wating for license (6-8 weeks on avg)
Same for Capts who transition to new A/c.
Only new hires get full salary (see above for explanation)

Dihedral1 18th Sep 2014 02:11

IPO news
Vietnam Airlines shoots for third in Southeast Asia | Business | Thanh Nien Daily

Luke SkyToddler 22nd Sep 2014 05:35

Dunno why you guys want to work for VNA ...

Saigoneer | Exploring Saigon and Beyond - Leaked Photos From Racy VietJet Photo Shoot Cause Online Firestorm

FRE 22nd Sep 2014 19:42

Does anyone have an update on the selection process at VNA these days?
They mention a technical and oral test on day 1 and if successful you can proceed to the simulator on day 2.

Greenlights 22nd Sep 2014 22:21

Dunno why you guys want to work for VNA ...

Saigoneer | Exploring Saigon and Beyond - Leaked Photos From Racy VietJet Photo Shoot Cause Online Firestorm
Luke, for information, those girls do not fly for VJC...they are just model and marketing, from the Venus Agency.
Same like VJ pretended to buy 90 planes or so...they have plane under leasing.
Actually according to a vietnamese article, they try to survive for doing this kind of marketing...they don't know how to attract with their reputation. (late etc).

To see sexy asian girls like that (long legs, thin body) no need to work for vj or vna, you just have to go to D1 in HCM in some bars or else. :)

The lfight attendants in VJ are cute (some soso) but have short legs most of the time, and normal appearance, especially if you remove the tons of make up they have lol!!

cherokee and bus 23rd Sep 2014 14:27

Can anyone describe the assessment day for Vietnam for a320 FOs ?

Smokie 23rd Sep 2014 16:04

Yes, I would also be interested in above info, re: assessments, sim etc .:ok:

Clown330 24th Sep 2014 04:58

A350 plans will be revised, I think so... A330NEO on approach :)

Kapitanleutnant 24th Sep 2014 09:36


Is the reasoning due to the price of the 350 vs the 330 NEO?

Luke, I think I just saw my future wife in that photo shoot!! :-)


Cak 26th Sep 2014 09:42

First day of the assesment there is short theoretical knowledge test (50 questions, 30 minutes, mostly A32f systems, limitations and memory items). After that, short interview.
Next day, sim check

airbus_indigo 28th Sep 2014 10:08

hello Luke I saw you online thought i should speak to you regarding the F/O in VNA A320 .....is it a good deal and to be honest how much is the take home pay after everything ...i mean in hand salary ...if you could answer me please.

Luke SkyToddler 28th Sep 2014 11:59

Re salary, ask the agencies, the info is freely available.

Re A320, read the thread.

cherokee and bus 28th Sep 2014 16:27

It seems that the interview process is really straight forward if the questioner is only airbus material

PappyJ 16th Oct 2014 10:07

IPO news
Vietnam Airlines shoots for third in Southeast Asia | Business | Thanh Nien Daily
Same story has been running in the news each year for nearly a decade! "...VNA rises to number 3 in SE Asia..."

But, at least they've finally stepped ahead of number 4 (Jetstar Pacific) and number 5 (Tiger Airways). :D

bigbird 19th Oct 2014 08:49

Thanks for all the previous posts about VNA, very useful. I have seen a typical A321 SGN roster but was wondering if HAN is much different in work pattern? Also are there likely to be any changes in the near future to terms and conditions being offered by the agencies for A321 fleet based HAN.

Clown330 19th Oct 2014 13:34

Where is sim check for a330 usually take place?

ZFT 19th Oct 2014 15:12

Currently KL or TPE

pezetaroi 19th Oct 2014 17:59


A320 screening:

For the written, go through Smart Cockpit's A320 database, 2 memory items, a couple of limitations, and general knowledge such as: define RVR, TEMPO, SIGMET, ASDA, TORA, V1, Circling Cat C speeds/protection area, etc...

Interview, be yourself...

SIM check, expect a NPA, go around and ILS raw data, with one engine out. After that a double sistem failure that will lead you to perform a raw data ils, with ATHR off. You can stick to your company's SOPs.

Good luck:ok:

Clown330 19th Oct 2014 20:43


Thank you.

Roti Canai 22nd Oct 2014 14:27

So anyone had the mail from CEO saying about financial problem's not being resolved may affect the Staff salary by end of year?
I am not surprised anyway,

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