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ia1166 19th Jun 2008 23:28

If you're entitled to a day off then it will be 36 hour so it covers both requirements.

The 2 FOM rules are as i said.7 days a month minimum, 36 hours in a 7 day period, or if not then a 60 hour break in 10 days.

so if you come back from leave on the 3rd say, then you only get 4 more days off that month. Each of them will involve more than 36 hours but will include a day, which is midnight to midnight..

The worst things are taking all your leave in the middle of the month, which results in no more days off that month, or splitting your leave 1 week in one month and 1 week in the next.

It wasn't always like this. Most of us were here when the 7 days off was given pro rata. but it ain't like that now.

rockandroll1 19th Jun 2008 23:59

And why do you guys accept this? 7 days off, unbeleivable!

ia1166 20th Jun 2008 00:52

Erm, why? Almost everyone i know is looking at somewhere else to go. there is a high turnover here. The only way around it is to take the salary cut and go 5/3 or 4/4. To pre answer the next question, it's 17% for 5/3 and 33%for 4/4.
I think life is better in pacific though.

As i said, it wasn't always like this. there are guys who have been here 4years or more and are hoping it may go back to how it was, but begining to realise it won't, and the FNGs who think it's great for the first 6 months then bail out after a year.
The new carrot is to offer upgrades to anyone who will pay and sign a bond for 3 years to make them stay, instead of asking why quality guys are leaving.

It's the 20th and i've only had 3 days off this month so far. And i've been here all month. Go figure.

And the facts of staff travel. You get a free ecomomy upgradable ticket home 6 times a year, and a total of 6 id90s for immeadiate family. That's it. The guys get business maybe 70% of the time to Paris. not 99.99% as someone mentioned earlier. Sometimes you get bumped off completely. Then the fun really starts because they try to blame you for this and take more leave off you because you were late back.

Look it's not a bad place, but not that great either. What i've said is the truth.

In answer to the cost of living, where are you from? A small quality western style apartment will cost 1500+. A semblence of a western lifestyle 1000 a month on top. If you have kids, then don't expect to save much at all.

Hook Down 20th Jun 2008 01:10


Thanks for the details about the schedule. I will have to seriously rethink whether I want to do this. I am not working nowhere near as hard right now as what I would be with Vietnam. Two benefits I do see are the take home pay and sleeping in your own bed pretty much every night.

How do most guys hold up with this workload? Are they pretty tired all the time or is the time off adequate? I am not planning on commuting, thankfully.

Also, is it possible to get a 3 on 1 off rotation?

ia1166 20th Jun 2008 02:11

ok. your situation is exactly why i'm telling you how it is. you don't want to leave a good company to find yourself a lot worse off. For those with no job then it's no risk at all.

On the line expect to spend 3 days a week in hanoi. It's ok but its 1 hour from the airport. not a problem unless you are on minimum rest (11 hours) which will equate to 9 hours in the hotel. And no free breakfast. So you won't be home in bed every night. put this with being away on leave then your expensive apartment will be empty 50% of the time.

If you don't want to commute and just spend your time seeing asia on your time off then it is a great deal for you. life in HCMC can be fun. it is much cheaper than the west. but when you're working, you work hard. If you're after an upgade and then stay for 3 years then yes it is a good deal. After 3 years you'll have a bunch of command hours and can look at your options then.

But be prepared for a 1 week roster that comes out at 1800 on thursday for the friday. it then changes every 2 or 3 days, you only get 1 day a week off which you may not know about until the evening before. And a constant battle with rostering just to get the bare minimum that you are entitled to.

As an example. I've had 3 days off this month so far. When it all comes to a head end of next week when i tell them they owe me 4 days off in the last week, the day i did on standby earlier in the month will curiously change to a day off and i will have to bring in my printed roster to show them that it was a standby day. It just gets tedious after a while. I didn't have to keep every roster for the last year in my last company. i do now.

3/1 is possible but you still only get 6 free tickets a year. And i wouldn't recommend it because you will not get any days off at all.

I'm also curious as to who told you you'd be in your own bed every night. Thats' a complete lie.

RemoveB4Flght 20th Jun 2008 16:01

ia... thanks for the "no bull" insight....

ironically enough, It looks like I won't be offered the position. I have a PIC bus type, with about 200 hours in the right seat, but PARC is hard and fast on the 1000 in type. I am on reserve right now and it would take me over a year to make up the difference.

it's ironic becuase I have zero ties or commitments here, would love to relocate overseas, am not afriad of flying... a lot.

there is a huge disparity between guys with magic numbers in their log books who can pick and choose jobs anywhere, and guys like me with the type ratings, but not the right amount of time. I have to BEG for flying here.

NEDude 20th Jun 2008 18:13

Anyone know which agencies are doing contracts for Jetstar Pacific or if it is better to contact them directly?

varigflier 20th Jun 2008 18:36

Anyone knows how long before they let you upgrade? Do you have to finish one contract or can you upgrade before that?

iflysky 20th Jun 2008 18:41

So will they still bond you for an upgrade if you already have an A320 command type. I can see if you do not have a command type, but if you do it doesn't really make sense.
Secondly, why does Rish require 500 hrs on type and Parc 1000. The contracts are almost identical and obviously you land up at the same airline.

RemoveB4Flght 20th Jun 2008 18:50

Haven't been able to find a lot on JetStar hiring or compensation... I found an e-mail address on the website, but have heard nothing back

Lost in Saigon 20th Jun 2008 19:09


I was in Vietnam from 2003-2006 on the B767 and it was much better than what you describe. Back then the A320 fleet worked considerably harder than either the B767 or B777 fleet.

It sounds like you are on the A320.

How is it on the B777 now?

ia1166 20th Jun 2008 22:45

B777. Totally happy as far as i know. I do know you LIS. well i'm pretty sure anyway and it ain't anything like when you and the canadians were here. The A320 is a constant battle. I used to recommend this place to my mates. Pretty much every skipper i know has been looking at somewhere else

Hook Down 21st Jun 2008 04:42


This was posted earlier on this thread:

A normal week has one or two days OFF(recently), so assuming five days of work:

Day 2. SGN-PNH-VTE-HAN Layover in Hanoi (5 star hotel)
Day 6. OFF
Day 7. OFF

Generally all day flights, home at night.
The above was what I used to formulate what I thought conditions would be like with Vietnam on the 320. If this is a truly typical weekly schedule than I can handle it, even though it is definitely more work than where I am at right now.

I wouldn't be thinking of going to SGN but the large carrier I am working for is in deep financial crisis and is announcing big cuts in the coming year.

ia1166 21st Jun 2008 08:20

Well that's not a typical roster i assure you. maybe a 1 week special but you don't get more than 7 days a month so how can you get 2 off a week? Someone is talking it up.

You rarly get 2 together, unless you take in choclates/presents/money. And those that do don't care that by doing so they are making their work collegues pick up their slackness.

They know who they are.

And home at night.???? all day flights???????is that person here???? What's his nickname and i'll find out who it is. He's pulling your chain. Or he's paying for a roster like that.

Most of us pull 20 sectors a week . One of the captains i know usually does 70 sectors/90 hours a month. Whoever is getting this roster is definately not pulling his weight.

Anyway i can't be bothered to look up whoever is spouting that drivel. Whoever it is they've been remarkably quiet to my tirade on here. Proves the point.

cpt.parrot 21st Jun 2008 15:52

Hey Hook... I'm in the same boat as you, it sounds like even with the same company. My plan is to rack up as much 320 time as possible until the furlough comes. Rishworth has this contract with 500 hours in type, and I figure that should be doable by November. Just keep flying as much as possible and hope for the best.

Dream Land 22nd Jun 2008 02:51

Anyway i can't be bothered to look up whoever is spouting that drivel. Whoever it is they've been remarkably quiet to my tirade on here. Proves the point.
Right. :ugh:

Dream Land 22nd Jun 2008 03:07

ia1166, in addition, pilots are looking at this thread for information, not squabbling, you are entitled to your opinion, but don't make any wild ass assumptions because I don't get involved in your baiting. People are smart enough to see through the bs.

ia1166 22nd Jun 2008 03:48

right. and how is the happy chocolates for Lan doing for you. I've stood next to you as have many of us and watched you do it. Lan is getting fat Don't use your roster as an example for everyone else.

in case it's escaped your attention, most of us are rostered 2 to 3 nights a week in hanoi, so we're not home every night. And 2 days off a week? You're passing out incorrect information. If someone was to resign from his present company on the strength of your comments it wouldn't be very fair would it.

tknapp 22nd Jun 2008 04:05

Thats one of the first rules you learn in the aviation industry, do what you can for scheduling and they will help make your life a lot better in this industry most of the time. Look at SWA airlines they give pizza and drinks to ATC, and look at the treatment they get, everybody has to wait for them to taxi by. You cant fault someone for being smarter than you!

ia1166 22nd Jun 2008 05:03

for a company to do it for the better of the company is one thing. to do it out of your own pocket so you get more time off or just cushy day flights than your collegues which results in everyone working harder than you is not. If we all did that where would it stop. Should we all start paying the airline for the better flights? Maybe a bid line should be published and we can buy our roster every week.

The first thing you learn in life is that if everyone works together life is good for everyone.

Or are you really that selfish.

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