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Hainan Airlines

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Originally Posted by ONEWORLD_86 View Post
Hi all, quick question regarding NTR 330 positions in Hainan, what are these like? I would look to bring my family over with (a young son/wife etc) so thoughts on expat community and schools would be greatly appreciated. Is getting Hainan as a base unrealistic? Thought of sunshine is at the moment is more than tempting....��

So far, HNA has no foreign pilots based anywhere else than Beijing, so Iím pretty sure you wonít be based in Hainan itself.

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@One world 86
i would seriously keep myself away from Hainan and all its subsidiaries ,a very popular recruitment agency a while ago stopped accepting application for Hainan NTR captain due to the high failure rate during training but it is up to you.

If you go to China make sure to reduce to the minimum the chance to have any problem during training and applying for a type you are not familiar with to me is not the best option.

I know that money is good but trust me that's for a reason.

Try other airlines, maybe less money but better working environments
Again it is just a suggestion.

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Actually I'm on 737 based in Haikou more than one year now. As 330 you can be based both Beijing and Shenzhen but Shenzhen is almost impossible for you as new. On 737 you can be also in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, again Shenzhen very hard to get.
Spend with your family few days in Beijing and then decide between resident and commuting contract. My choice is commuting but depends on many variables
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Looks like all Hainan recruitment halted. Makes sense with the financial mess they're in.
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According to my friend who is working in HNA recruitment , HNA will keep recruiting expat just not through agents, but directly hire. Some agents are providing wrong information to make people choice other company since they are not able to make commission from HNA.
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The first step then would be to provide for a way to apply directly; and to advertise such positions.
If this is going to be like the Hainan Overseas project they attempted to run couple of years back, we can already consider it failed.
Oh and I've been flying as a captain in China, and no way I'd attempt that without an agency in between.
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Fake or not?? Is HNA in real trouble now.... Apparently they have also cnx 10 330 neo

Received this yesterday from a colleague

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I think you will find that is a directive from CAAC.
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Originally Posted by NoN1 View Post
I think you will find that is a directive from CAAC.
Why would CAAC ban Hainan from recruiting expats ? Do other Chinese airlines have a similar ban ?
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Not banning at all. Changing to ‘direct employment’.
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This is all very shady. Hainan are not saying anything other than the orders came from on-high withing the company, perhaps it is from the CAAC. What about the other airlines, they appear to be still using agencies? I'm confused by all of this carry on, I know they can save on agency fees but there must be more to it.
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Hello all,

Do expats drive? Can you convert driving license or how it works?
Is the pollution getting better or worse over the years?
How easy is to get european living base for the commuters?
How long is from the application until a pilot is checked to line(average time assuming everything goes normal)? How is the salary during all the process?
Until what position can an expat pilot go? TRE? Mngt?
How do contacts work? Do a expat pilot even become under permanent contract or is always renewed term contracts?
Working environment? Communication issues? Cockpit crew, cabin crew, ground staff? Relationship between pilots and management?

Do you guys working for HNA feel cozy and welcomed and are relaxed at work, or not really?

Thank you for the info/feedback
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Originally Posted by Mof View Post
Usually the pattern is 4 days ON/ 1-2 days OFF (at least 36 hrs). What it means on a 11 days OFF contract is 11+5-6 days off per month. Also when choose the resident option is the same than commuting. nothing change
So I understand the 36 hours off after 4 days on are always spent at your base city? Even in commuting contract?

About the 8 and 11 consecutive days off per month that is only a commuting roster benefit. I asked at Hainan.
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Hi guys,

Hopefully there's somebody here already flying 737 at Hainan that can answer this question:

I recently heard that 11 days off per month schedule pilot should get 20 Vacation days by contract but in reality this is not given by the company?

I woud be really interested in 17-13(19-11 +2 vacation days = 17-13 schedule but if vacation not given the company I currently work for in China is still better.....

Thanks for info!!!
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There has been very little recent feedback on the current situation in Hainan.

I applied recently for the 11 days off roster on the 787 and would be interested in hearing from anyone already on the fleet.

What is it like on the inside? Is it one of the better jobs in China? Do the reverse rostered foreign bases work as advertised?

Many Thanks
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Hey guys, I'm looking for a transition

Hello ladies and gentlemans.

I'm currently looking for a widebody transition in China. I've came across "CSA wannabes" and there was some questions that I hope to have an answer.

1/ How long is training from typing to full CAPT? (A330 NTR)

2/ Do new comers have to spend time as Relief Captain before designated as PIC? (Approx how long?)

3/ What aee the current bases available for new comers.

Thanks alot for taking time with my questions.

Fly safe
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Originally Posted by SilverFearn View Post
There has been very little recent feedback on the current situation in Hainan.

I applied recently for the 11 days off roster on the 787 and would be interested in hearing from anyone already on the fleet.

What is it like on the inside? Is it one of the better jobs in China? Do the reverse rostered foreign bases work as advertised?

Many Thanks
The RSP option isn't very clear from the recruitment website. Can anyone give any feedback on a B787 RSP roster to NZ or Aussie, maybe provide a roster copy?

Thanks in advance.
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As far Iím aware again on donít do RSP, I was told they try and roster you out of your home base at the beginning and end of your block which can be of course anywhere on the Hainan network. How is this working out for people? Are they true to their word and is this where your based from the start of your contract? As I see on one agencyís small print, one can only qualify for the nominated base after 2 years! Obviously now the only agency is Hainan.

Last edited by Captain Spam Can; 12th Jul 2019 at 18:19. Reason: No more agencyís to choose from
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the show must go on
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Originally Posted by g109 View Post
Anyone has more info regarding the terms and conditions at HAINAN? Do they have commuting contracts?
HNA is in trouble. All HNA group airlines are in trouble.
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