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jetairways b737 job

Old 30th Apr 2015, 12:27
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jetairways b737 job

Hi! I am thinking of joining them for 737 CPT position! Did anybody have an experience with them, pros and cons? Appreciate all replies!
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Old 4th May 2015, 05:30
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You'll be lucky if this position still exists at all. They are selling off their long haul aircraft. The locals will revert back to B737. Any expats will be disgarded in short order.
I was there in 2012 when they offloaded 72 expats on the same day to avoid paying the annual bonus in an attempt to balance the books. (Their normal practice when facing yet another accounting problem). Only weeks later they were asking us to return as they were now short of 60 Captains!
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Old 4th May 2015, 12:59
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Undeniable, there has been some oversight with foreign crews in the past, but the major problem is the Indian DGCA, it takes forever to be certified, and they are fascinated asking for all kind of stamps, and notarized letters, apart from having your former employer emailing them directly or else, a never ending game.

The present admin at 9W is perhaps one of the best with foreign pilots treatment, they honor every clause of your contract, and I personally recommend you work with, one of the most reputable for landing jobs in India.
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Old 4th May 2015, 15:32
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I too an am an alumni of 9W. I received my furlough notice June of 2012 with my last day being 19th September, 2012. 9W honored the 3 month termination commitment to a "T". I was disappointed when I received my final remuneration slip minus the "Loyalty Bonus". I expressed my disappointment to 9W indicating the date of termination was premeditated to avoid paying the bonus. Two days alter I received an email regarding the evaluation of the number of pilots laid off. 9W asked me to return. I countered their offer with a proviso that they pay me the bonus owed me. They stated that it would appear in my next remuneration slip. I returned to 9W the beginning of October of 2012, and yes... the bonus was paid in full.

I left 9W in 2013 and was paid all of my sick leave and unused vacation to the Rupee.

Would I return to 9W? Yes I would provided Mr. Menon is still running the Expat Cell. Great person. A hand shake is all that is required. Mr. Menon's word is as good as gold.
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Old 4th May 2015, 16:09
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Before screening it was said about 3-year contract, but actually deadline for foreign pilots hite is Dec 2016, so it's th end date and nothing is said about the possibility to renew! Pay is good, especially if you fly more than 100 a month, travel benefits, in Mumbai, is it only a life between 4 walls of a hotel room? What about their training, DGCA medical (as they put candidates through Jaslok and Candy Breach hospital), rosters and FO's?
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Old 8th May 2015, 12:46
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Contracts can be amended to suit the company. The FATA issue has been going on for the longest time and if they really need you, it will be extended. Having said that, don't go to India thinking it's a long term proposition, even though it might turn out that way. Don't believe everything you read in the papers about the deadline for foreign pilots. Captains are still needed because of growth. 9W generally has a very good reputation compared to others. I haven't heard any horror stories about training etc but you will find that your check-rides may not be as predictable as what you may have been used to. If you generally have a good attitude, you will have no issues. It's the guys who come on board trying to challenge and question everything because they did it better at brand X, get shown the door. My experience in India with another brand X was overall a positive experience. You can opt for housing allowance and get your own place instead of staying in a hotel. Also I don't think Mumbai is the only base of 9W. You can request others if they are available and the cost elsewhere will be much cheaper.
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Old 9th May 2015, 18:20
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I second what Captjns says about Menon. Shame there are not more of his ilk in the 9W hierarchy.
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Old 4th Jun 2015, 02:13
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I like Mr. Mennon too. And I believe his heart is truly in the right place. But I have seen him back out of previous agreements, owing to a higher authority making the call.

Point is, just because he promises you something doesn't mean you'll get it.

All Indian carriers break the T&Cs, 9W just does so the least out of the bunch.
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Old 4th Jun 2015, 12:34
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Didn't 9W just terminate 50 expat contract prematurely?
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Old 5th Jun 2015, 04:48
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Jet Airways sacks 50 expat pilots - The Hindu

,,according to another post looks that way.
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Old 5th Jun 2015, 10:14
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Hardly a " sudden termination" though is it, spread over a year !! Probably just pilots they wanted to get rid of, or due to parking planes...doesnt seem to be much growth in the Jet fleet these days, in fact a reduction isnt there with all the 777's going aways

We have prematurely terminated the service contracts of 50 expatriate pilots between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015,
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