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Hainan interview


I have a DEC interview (737) coming up with Hainan. Would appreciate if anyone who has been through the selection process or has worked/is working for Hainan could shed some light on the interview/life in general working for the company, thanks!
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I also have an interview coming up and would appreciate any information
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Hiring and the month on/off roster
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The contract choices seem very appealing. Those HR idiots in the middle east and India and most of the western hemisphere for that matter could learn something about pilot productivity when they are content.

I have no idea if the contracts are being honoured or not ?

My question is, are the salary's offered after Chinese tax has been paid ? and if so, will they supply a formal cerficate saying so?
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Yes, they pay the taxes in China for you, not out of your salary.

The contracts are honored....for the most part.

There have been some notable exceptions depending on the particular equipment. Read the fine print carefully. If it looks like a loophole for them it certainly is. The Chinese will push everything to the limit.
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I am interested as well dec 737 ,the contract offered by flight dec recruitment looks good specially with a famiily ,but before applying ,I'd like to have feedback from someone already inside the company,any infos are welcome
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Hi there,

Still in the training phase with HNA. Here is the flowchart for the training process.

I'm at the "Emergency Training" part.

So far so good, a couple of issues here and there, Right now it's getting that infamous tax paid certificate.

For the interview itself, not much longer than 15 minutes
, much of the decision to employ you or not seems to be based on the "company simulator check".

The paperwork is what takes the longest and the medical check is very thorough (as in MRI, EEG, ECG etc...).

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Has anyone managed to obtain information on Interview process, possible questions and Simulator assessment?

Anyone with information would be much appreciated. If you COULD Pm me with details.. DEC on B737NG.

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How was the written test? Best study material?
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My interview question:
Who are you and what's your background.

The rest was a discussion in Chinese between them and my rep from GPS.

That was it...

Simulator session was challenging: wind shear, V1 cut, TCAS, fire, medical, loss of all automation (no flight director, auto thrust, autopilot) so you fly manual raw data approaches.

I'm on the 330 by the way, not sure for the 737.

For the CAAC written exam, they give you a question/answer databank of about 1000 questions of which 100 will be on the exam. Tried to get the source material instead to study from there, but the CCARs don't exist in English, or at least I couldn't find any. Some guys bought a book which is a loose translation into English of an old version of the CCARs. In the exam I found about 70 questions or so from the databank if questions. The rest were weight and balance, reading different charts, instrument displays and figure out the airplane's position etc...Some were plain wtf questions I had no idea what they were asking.

Then you have to go back to the simulator to do the official CAAC checkride to endorse the 330 on the license. Another tough, but a lot more relaxed, simulator session.

After that you can "report to the fleet" to begin the classroom stuff, getting paid at 60% salary while on training, process passport visa, foreign medical certificate, etc...

Here is their new website for direct hiring (no agency) for HNA:

or if you prefer an agency, mine is GPS:
GPS - Global Pilot Service
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"We remind you, that we do not accept any applications for any NTR (non type-rated), CCQ or fleet transfer programs, meaning you have to join a fleet, you are type-rated for and have real flying experience on."

Included in email reply from HNA

Therefore I assume as I am flying the B777 although rated on B787 I will not be eligible for 787 fleet.
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Interviews and Jobs at HNA

Hi there,

nice to see that some life is getting into this thread, especially after it has been linked directly on the website (www.HNA-OVERSEAS.com/index/Community.aspx).

The idea is to have a transparent post, where we all can openly discuss and where the negative reported points can be taken up for improvements.

I have here an example of the JUNE Recruitment planning, which some applicants received:

Candidates arrive in PEK - 2014-06-07 / 2014-06-08:
Depending on flight availability candidates will arrive in PEK and picked up at the airport by the CROWN PLAZA Hotel Shuttle and receiving an information evenlope.
NOTE: Arrival time cannot be after 20:00 LT PEK to allow 48 hours body recovery for CAAC Medical check on Day 2.

Welcome & Introduction (PEK) - 2014-06-09 / 2014-06-09:
HNA Company Presentation, Contract & Selection Process explanation, Uniform measurments, Photo shooting for official picture use (CAAC, Immigration,)

CAAC Medical Check (PEK) - 2014-06-10 / 2014-06-11:
CAAC Medical Check incl. 1 additional day in case of delays and required rechecks

Assessment Centre Tests (PEK) "Phase 1 - HR" 2014-06-12 / 2014-06-13:
DAY 1: Assessment Test (Psycometric, Verbal Reasoning, English, ATPL) DAY 2: Group Games, Interview
NOTE: ONLY successful candidates continue flight to "Phase 2" in HAK.

Tour: "Living in China" (PEK) - 2014-06-14 / 2014-06-14:
Visit of Accomodations in PEK to show living conditions and will be as exemple what to expect also at other bases, visit of International School, visit of International Hospital, visit of PEK Downtown (Sanlitun) from where candidates have possibility to explore PEK alone.

A BREAK CAN BE MADE HERE, AS THERE ARE TWO OPTIONS FOR THE SELECTION PROCESS... all in 1 shot or in 2 separate visits for HR and TECH part, depending on the time a candidate can make available to attend the process.

Immigration Medical Check (HAK) - 2014-07-14 / 2014-07-14:
Morning: Immigration Medical Check, lunch and visit at HNA Group HDQ (Dasha)

CAAC ATPL Test (HAK) "Phase 2 - TECH" - 2014-07-14 / 2014-07-14:
Afternoon: CAAC ATPL Test (ONLY passed candidates continue to SYX)
NOTE: 1 resit possible during next selection (were candidate will join directly at this event)

SIM Training & Preparation (SYX) - 2014-07-15 / 2014-07-16:
4 hours ground school to prepare for CAAC check and explain procedure application
4 hours company SIM training (4 candidates, 1 hr PF, 1 hr PM, 2 hrs OBS)
NOTE: This is a fully evaluated part of the selection program focusing on TRAINING & ADAPTATION, where we can see how new information are processed, learned and recalled, as well how CRM and actual flying skills of the candidate are. (ONLY successful candidates continue to the CAAC SIM Check)

CAAC SIM Check (SYX) - 2014-7-17 / 2014-07-19:
Candidates at this stage will attend the license validation CAAC SIM Check (4 hour SIM)

Returning HOME via PEK / CAN / HKG / PVG - 2014-06-21 / 2014-06-22:
Depending on flight connection candidate will be returning HOME
NOTE: The process can be split into 2 parts according to the candidates availability and travel and accommodation cost will be paid by the airline in any of both cases.

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Hainan Interview

Hallo there,

im in the recruitment process as well. Have done the Telephone interview so far, by the way quite easy:"your application arrived, see you next month in China."

I am looking for any informations available concerning the written ATPL test. Can anybody give an advice which preparation material will cover the written test.
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Has anyone got any notes on Sim and CAAC ATPL. I would appreciate it if someone could maybe PM me. I can't work out the HSI & RDMI questions. Anyone got info or a book I can buy to explain it so I can understand.
Thanks D
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ATP material

Anyone can share ATPL test material?

I'm heading to the PEK screening by the end of the month.

Any tips besides "not going".
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I too will be there in early June, also looking for some material on the ATPL exam. Cheers guys
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go there with an open mind, prepare your poker face at home under duress( wife children?!?). Keep your temper when faced with endless/ senseless/ stupid timeconsuming questions/procedures...
Take something else to do with you for the endless waiting periods( learn Mandarin/play scrabble, enlist in an Online University course of your choosing).
Join the club( expats, future colleagues).
Don't really know the present situation as I have only loose contact with some of my former mates but had a nice time with friendly,funny people during my stint in 2009/2012.
Good luck
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ATPL notes / A330 Sim test

Hi Fellow Skymasters,

Does anyone happen to have the CAAC ATPL notes? If so can you please DM me directly and we can facilitate a way of me getting them....PLEEEASE!!

Also I am rated on the A320 and doing the CCQ to the A330. Does anyone know if the Sim test will be on the A320 sim or A330 sim? They say there's no such thing as a stupid question.

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I would urge everyone here to check in on the thread "Working as a Pilot in China" here at PPRuNe or AirlinePilotCentral if you haven't already and read the book "Flying Upside Down" to gain some insights on the important stuff. The sim check... written test... interview... it's participate graduate IF you dare. Read, enjoy, let it sink in. If it's still for you, then be armed with foreknowledge of all the things Hainan and China at large has in store for you.

God speed!

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For those considering the NTR 787 program I would advise some caution. On paper it looks good but Hainan is notoriously untrustworthy. The off days offered on the commuting contract may or may not be consecutive. One contract choice is 8 days off and another is 11 days off. The recruiters and agents will tell you the Lies you want to hear but don't trust them. The Off days will most likely be non-consecutive. This will most likely be a Cruise Captain job for at least 3 years. You will be paid as a Captain but never be the PIC listed on the flight dispatch (flight assignment). This makes using this flight time almost useless for follow on jobs outside of China. Almost every job application will specifically state only list the PIC as flight time when you signed for the aircraft and were listed on the flight release as the PIC. Parc and Rishworth and Korean airlines are well aware of Chinese PIC flight times. Another issue is not being able to land the aircraft unless the PIC is an Instructor. Normally the Captain (PIC) or FO will do all the takeoffs and landings unless the PIC is an Instructor so you will have lots of Cruise captain time. Hainan is notorious for 1+ year training programs so you will only receive 70% of salary for the 1st year. When flying many of the chinese pilots smoke profusely so expect the PIC and the FO to smoke non stop while you are their crusie captain getting them coffee. Things to consider. For those wanting more info. on the Chinese atp written test there is a thread explaining it in detail with links to other information sources. It may be a bit dated but not much has changed here.
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