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Air Astana

Old 17th Nov 2010, 18:49
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T&Cs and living in almaty

I am considering accepting a posting with air astana. can anyone advise what it is like living in almaty. Nightlife, people etc and how far your money goes. Also whats the company like to work for - stable roster or lots of changes and standbys.

Any useful info would be gratefully received.
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Old 24th Nov 2010, 01:37
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Living in Almaty

I have done a lot of time in Almaty, tech stopping with various Cargo Airlines.
Almaty is a pleasant surprise! I have visited a number of my friends there and the appartments are fine....however the driving is an adventure.
To all of those that are saying the airline is so bad, I reckon 3 months paid leave per annum is really terrible! Come and try working at some of the other outfits, you don't get paid for your time off! So stop whining as to how bad you have it....I suppose the airline pays for your commuting as well....try paying your own way home! You still have one good deal out there.
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Those of you expats who complain, must have done zipdickall homework. You're expectations were for sunshine and pool parties. Its not Dubai or anywhere exotic for those EK/EY lifestyle hopefuls. It's a fantastic country with great people. Good nightlife if you stay out of the porn centres (no wonder you're money doesnt go far)

Sorry, these are very hard times and cuts have to be made. So what we've lost 3 days and LH business class (by the way that was an LH choice not ours) - there is a bonus, be grateful you have employment. You're paid a lot more than the local crews, so dont expect too many favours when you travel back from leave. Make an allowance and arrive a day or so earlier, there are 17 direct KC flights from the EU to kazland

You will be mistrusted if you mistreat the locals, we are a small company and a small family of crew, so if you pi%% in someones tea, then your coffee cream will be sour.

The T&Cs were very clear and abundantly updated, read them or walk. Stop whinging and do your job until you leave (which hopefully judging by your post shasliva will be as soon as possible) we want non-whinging crews, not minging moaning crying whining old wind bags, who couldnt cut it in their previous company..
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Every airline always has a "browned nose", that is happy drinking the "cool aid". And because he sees the world through pink glasses, he says "screw the rest, I am happy", it doesn't matter that the facts shows that most pilots including locals, are not happy, living a miserable schedule.
Most locals don't have choices, and they have learned through years of soviet mentality, "do not complaint, or you will loose your job". I guarantee you if you could poll the pilots anonymously, they would vote "many changes, that people with pink-glasses" wouldn't like, because their world is perfect, so they don't care about the rest!.
By the way, I like the way Shake rattle and roll writes, just states his opinions, let people make their mind, also shasliva, nothing but the truth of their experience, knowledge, not insulting, not lowering thenselves to some lower and unprofesional level. Never insult your colleagues, that would show how little an airman you are, how unprofessional.
Just state your opinion, without insulting, just the facts, your truth it's not the only truth. Be professional. (if You can....)

By the way, regarding Almaty, is awesome, great people, I love Kaz, maybe my job is not the best (because of schedule only), but it is a fun city. Astana a litle boring, but very nice and beautiful, too cold in winter (@-30 to -40*C), but good trips from there, mostly international.

It all depends on which equipment, position, and base, not all have it the same!, (locals or expat).I think for now, bottom of the food chain, are expat-airbus Capt. FO's r having a good time I hear, a lot of stby, maybe 30 hour a mo.

Boeing guys, some are happy, some are not. Long trips, with short layover. Airbus guys, mostly back to back trips, ex; out at say 1630 from Hotel, back next day to hotel around 0400, to be picked up the same day at about 1630. due it for 6 days on, 1 off (to do laundry)

All around, schedules suck, but the city rocks (if you have time). Money is low, it is expensive, time off is ok. People are great, mechanics, engineers, cabin crew, really awesome people.

If you don't have a job, or your current job sucks, then, by all means, come here!, if you want rest, time off, sightseeing, relax, enjoy, save money!, forget it, this is not the place.

Wish you all the best.

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Air Astana the truth for expat fo's

As an expat you are for all intents and purposes a second class person. very odd for you to get any kind of good flight in fact week after week month after month you get the dross because it is official that expats only get what locals don't want so you do the rubbish back and forth to AMS and FRA like this. Almaty-uralsk, uralst amsterdam, amsterdam GUW , no breakfast because you leave to early so they give you a bag with a warm tuna and mayo sandwich a yogurt and a apple. if you lucky you get the frankfurt flight which to be honest is as bad.
The rostering openly send out emails saying you will only get the flights the locals don't want. They roster the expats days off down route and only give you 3 to 4 days in Almaty a month so you have no life at all. When you do they are always surrounded by standbys so you can't even have a night out for a drink. The locals as I understand donít do standby just expats.
Pay yes you get paid on time but they expect you apply for visas on you contract off days and they donít issue with a work visa they get you a business visa so while itís a 12 month visa itís only good for 120 days after that you have to get another. Which most places takes 3 to 4 days off your days off.
Living in Almaty not really an issue because you arenít there a lot but be careful if you go out after dark all expats are targets for muggings by the locals and the police, stories of police robbing expats are common and the locals see you as an ATM machine.
If you are happy to be treated in this way and you just want the money and you donít mind being treated as inferior go and try it not many last long thatís why they always looking. The recruitment poster is nothing like the actual conditions ask your agency the truth see if they can tell you the real story because they know it they have had enough complaints. But I doubt they will.
air astana need pilots expats no news there but they will soon have to start altering there terms and conditions parc i understand maybe be the new recruiter. hope they represent the pilots this time.
pilots are leaving in droves 5 locals just left without notice the other day just rang up and finished rostering is in a whirl unfortunately led by a guy called russel that is the major cause of all this i am not sure ifit's hisdoing which i think it is or the higher management . T N is gone and i here F is not here either soon.
don't be fooled by all this they are still treating the expats like rubbish. there is talk of equal rosters but pigs will get there AOC first i think.
just be sure if you sign up what you are getting. crap under a different heading
also the unions went to government and wanted the locals made up to cmd not expats but some one should up and said from Astana as i understand and said they are to incompetent to be made up. but watch that won't stop them.

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Hi guys,
I'm considering joining AA on the 75/767 and was just looking for some info.
Is the Ä4300 salary after tax?
Is the Ä1200 housing allowance being offered enough for a decent 2 B/R apartment in Almaty?
What are the boeing schedules like?
Are there any upgrade opportunities for expat f/o's?

Thanks in advance for any help/info and happy landings.
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@ Leo:

Read Baggins report, its spot on!
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Thumbs down

Is getting interesting the punitive philosofy that is enforced lately in Air Astana.
Even more disappointing, is the desire of management to punish pilots based on sources which are not made for this reason,reports(also anonymous),FDM etc and without any back thoughts(is it fair? what really happened? conditions? etc etc)..... . I think they need pilots .....
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Thx aca,
Looks like I should give the place a miss and wait for something better. Not worth the money living that kind of lifestyle.
Happy landings
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Emb 190 in Air Astana

Hi guys,
Whats going on with EMB 190 in Astana,
I was on assesment in march and they talled me that everything is posponed...
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Old 27th Jun 2011, 16:00
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Hi, i answered in your other topic,they look only TRI's now
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to leo 79

salary is net, housing is decent and well enough for 2 B/R. All who complained above were just spoilt. Boeing schedule - not many hours as plenty long layovers. upgrade is possible after 1 year on non-commuting contract. suggest apply parc, they favour them more as also posted earlier by someone.

good luck
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Conditions at Air Astana

@ Jasmin:

I am a little surprised at your statement that previous posts which contain warnings about this airline are "spoiled". Either you are so new to Air Astana that you really don't know or, you are a local pilot, in which your statement would be even more surprising as most locals, given the chance, would have nothing good to say about the airline, in fact, most of the ethnic Russian pilots are just waiting to get their Russian citizenship ( the first 2 have now left) and many of the others are working on JAR licenses so they have the option to try elsewhere. If you are an ab initio, well, then its understandable.

As for the punitive atmosphere which now pervades the airline, that is absolutely true. One unstable approach means one week, NO PAY, two and you're fired! Stabilized at 1500 IMC and 1000 VMC. The number of go- arounds has risen steeply. Every single flight is evaluated in Almaty so you will be caught.
The interesting thing about this is and other shenanigans (the list is too to long to post here) is that none of this is mentioned in the contract.
So, as I have said before, do your homework before deciding to come to Air Astana, if you have all the facts and you can live with them, then that is OK.
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I heard that Air Astana to start flight operation to Colombo in Sri Lanka ... does anybody know when this will happen ?

Thanks in Advance.
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Anyone flying on the F-50??
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Air Astana

@ Jasmin;;
I have read and re-read your post and have come to the inevitable conclusion that you are in management and, if I am not mistaken, your are in HR. If so, then I know who you are and your post then makes sense.

Be aware that the pilot network is very strong and that everything that happens eventually makes it around the pilot world, literally.
Air Astana used to be a very good place to work, one of the best contracts in the industry and I really liked it there. Then, things started to go badly awry and the contract went downhill, rapidly. One of the main points of contention for me was communication or rather lack of it and, when there was any kind of interaction, it was marked by a sad lack of manners as well as total inflexibility on the part of Air Astana to the point of being insulting. The odd thing is that the management team ( of any airline) expect us to be the final responsibility for the multi million dollar airplanes as well as the safety of all of those on them which implies a certain degree of intelligence and ability and yet, you treat us like a bunch of imbeciles which in and of itself is a contradiction in terms.
I was lucky in that I came through 3 years of flying for Air Astana without a blemish on my record but the change in atmosphere from "normal" to "punitive" and the knowledge that there is a a scheduling "blacklist" on which my name could be found and you know what for ( in total contradiction to my contract). making it, in my mind, just a question of time before I would get my marching orders.
It was because of all this, that I left and I did not do so lightly as my relationship with ALL of my colleagues in TSE was excellent and I really enjoyed working with them as I think they did too with me.
I am sure you now know who I am.
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Arrow Well done!

ACA98 for president!!

Not everyone can be so direct.......well done!

Nice flights to u!
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Thanks very much, its just a crying shame it had to come to this!!
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Hi guys,

Interested to hear about interview process at AA. Sim ride tech/personal interview etc...
would anybody know if this info is available from your agent...first time Im dealing with an agent...
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The agents offer 4300eur+1500 perdiem for days you are not on leave.
This pay is before tax as far as i know,how do you deal with this to send it home?
And any info about the interview process?

Heard also that once you finish the 1yr contract,they donīt renew you(FO),how true is that?
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